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Unto the Anvil of War

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Jun 28, 2017.

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    "Well done team. Together, no foe can stand before us." Dra'khan said to everyone, noticing the effectiveness of their command squad as the enemy dissipated into nothingness, having already stripped them off their heavy support in nigh entirety. It made him proud to see them function so well together, and have one another's back. That is what brotherhood was about. Then he saw the guardsmen drop their fight and run, considering Jun already picked the good enemy, Dra'khan decided to take care of the stragglers. He quickly lowered his Flamer in his left hand, his right pulling his bolt pistol out in a fashion that would make any Commissar proud.

    "There is no escape from treason! So fight to your death, or surrender to live!" He bellowed after them, starting to fire in the back of their heads. There was no running away from the purging flames the Nocturnians have brought with them. Unless of course they were to surrender in entirety and subjugate themselves to re-integration to the Imperium of Mankind.
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    After the first soldier was downed from a headshot, the remaining hid their heads and kept running, except for one that fell to his knees after turning around. Captain As'jahn laid a hand on Dra'khan's shoulder once the remaining two were out of range, and nodded his plumed helmet before stepping forwards to speak with the soldier. Meanwhile, the tactical squad had regrouped behind the cover, Apothecary Rinu leaving the building and rushing over to look them over for wounds and apply some of his medicae to the brother that had been nearly crushed by the exosuit.

    All this time, the heavy bolters continued to take potshots whenever they could, but given their position there was little they could do. And then, triumph as the roar of assault packs came through the air, grenades raining from above and taking out one of the emplacements before they landed, a quick and bloody melee ensuing before the end of it. With that being done, and the traitor-guardsman being taken by Ahkan to one side, the tactical squad picked themselves up and began moving closer towards the palace.

    That is when the rumbling got much too loud, and then an explosion rocked the building to their north. From the newly-created hold drove out a Leman Russ, with a man inside an exosuit 'surfing' atop it. It had itself a large power sword, and he signaled a charge while the tank drove directly into the captain. Yet their plan did not pan out - Arax simply grunted and began to crawl up onto the tank. The man was obviously the lieutenant of the forces that followed - three basic sentinels and a number of Exosuits with repurposed working gear.

    Quietly, even as the tank turret rotated to draw a bead on the banner-carrier, Arax leveled his sword in a silent challenge to the lieutenant. And thus began the clashing of sword on sword while the command squad had to fight their way out of this...

    [1 Leman Russ (Battle Cannon) ; 3 Sentinels (Multilasers) ; 3 Melee Exosuits ; 2 Autocanon Exosuits]​
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    A'Sun put his skill into where it was best in use. In glorious bloody melee combat. He charged the melee exosuits, locking at least one of them into a duel with one of the Salamander's fiercest warriors.
    "Die! No one will mourn you! Salamanders are upon you!" He declared and wielded Clemency with expert skill, to destroy his enemy fast and hard.
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    Keram didnt shift as the Tank's turret started to slowly trundle as it rotated towards him, its range soon to be its own undoing "A Tank ? They think a tank can stop the sons of Vulkan ? This is honestly just tragic" he said over squad vox and laughed as he drew his inferno pistol and fired at the barrel of the battle tanks cannon in an attempt to neuter its combat capabilities. He ripped the banner from the exosuit and held it aloft as the tide of super heated energy flew towards the tank
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    Dra'khan nodded back to his captain, he felt good about the initial victory and their plan working out. They were nowhere near total victory, but once the flames were started, to keep them ignited would be easier. The Leman Russ tank was a dampener to his battle spirit, even if it was only because it meant he could not snag this kill, his flamer being rather ineffective. But that didn't mean he had no part to play.

    "They must be scared of us. Let us show them our true flames and let us engulf them in our fury." Dra'khan challenged his Salamander-brethren to engage the foe, as he himself charged forwards, far over the left flank. He would try to sprint as fast as he could, to get into range with his flamer against the Exosuit atop the tank. They used Imperial tactics still, which meant he was their leader - to dispose him would maybe not crush these insurgents against his beloved Imperium. But it would be yet another dent in their morale.
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    The roared-out challenge from the company champion brought the attention of two of the melee-wielding exosuits, Clemency clashing against a large sword and bringing the Salamander face-to-face to the driver, who sneered into the champion's face. "No one will mourn you, imperial dog. Soulless beasts you are." he grouled before stepping back,. another hammer swinging around to slam against Jun's powerpack. He got thrown to the ground paces away from them, and the two enemies stalked forwards to finish him off.

    Captain Arax stared at his opponent and growled. This was one of their higher-up leaders as it seemed, and these soilders would be some of the most opposed to the imperium. Destroying them would be a blow to morale, and a boon to their efforts to induce the planet to once more surrender to imperial fold. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his gene-son charging forwards and gave the slightest shake of his head. There should be no interference in this duel - not that he was upset at his 'son's' zeal.

    Meanwhile, two of the sentinels turned and fired their multi-lasers directly at the running Veteran sergeant, though his feet stayed true until an autocannon shell slammed into the ground right in front of him and would cause him to stumble. This landed him right in front of the second autocannon holder which rose it's gun and attempted to jam the barrel right up against his chest.

    Keram's shot flew true and sealed the main barrel of the Lemun Russ shut, which caused the driver inside to snarl and slam on the pedals. It began to speed right towards the banner holder, who was able to step to the side just in time - and then get kicked by a Sentinel, stumbling back towards the forklift-exosuit which grabbed at his waist in an attempt to lift and crush him between the prongs.

    "Dra'khan, I give you command for now." Came the captain's voice over vox. If the Salamanders looked they would see the tank - with main barrel now sealed shut and sponsoons inactive from an earlier fight - began to drive away with the dueling leaders atop it. There was still the nearby assault and tactical squads if he wished to redirect either or both of them back into this fight.​
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    The Company Champion picked himself up and twirled Clemency into a defensive stance. Salamanders were known for their tenacity and close combat prowess, Jun was about to demonstrate just why that was.
    "Degenerate filth, this day you breathe your last. Come for your Clemency that I offer."
    Jun had a savage smile under his drake helm, all the punishment the enemy doled out he was to give back and show how he had earned his place as a Champion.
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    "Command? But, sir!" Dra'khan attempted to protest but the Captain already charged. With a growl of spite he did as ordered and expected from him, switching his vox to deployment-wide vox.

    "Assault Squad, stay at standby for a fiery drop into the enemy ranks. Tactical Squad, concentrate fire on the Sentinels and other walker-like vehicles."

    It was a short but effective order, or so he hoped. He couldn't just throw them into combat like he was about himself or even how their champion demonstrated. Yet while he wanted to continue being close up, he sadly had other responsibilities now and started to maneuver himself to make sure he was capable of stopping any enemy that got the idea of advancing or shooting at the tactical squad. He relied on them to do their part, and he would ensure they could. It felt a bit like abandoning the rest of the command squad. But deep in his passionate hart he knew, it was for the greater success of their company and mission.

    His flamethrower at the ready, he would attempt to engulf any enemy that he managed to get close enough or would be stupid enough to get too close to him.
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    As the captain was dragged away atop the enemy tank, so did the Salamander's brethren take position with bolters and guns at the ready, while the Assault squad rushed over behind the nearby ruined building so as to be in position for such a strike as called for.

    As bolts fired passed Dra'khan, some coming within inches but never hitting him, always their mark, the reaction was quick. The pair of sentinels turned and began rushing towards the tactical squad even as the armor ate quite a few rounds to the body and legs. The second autocannon exosuit turned its gun on them as well, opening up with a barrage that started off rather inaccurate. And finally, the fork-armed melee suit dashed with the sentinels, charging at the sergeant in an attempt to knock in out of the way, heedless of the flames that would soon consume him

    At the same time, Jun found himself flanked by both the sword and hammer Exosuits. Both drivers had a sneer, as there was no way that only one soldier, not even an astartes, could beat them both. So as hammer swung down to crush the champion's head, so too did the sword come sideways to bisect him and give him no room to escape. Or so they would think.

    [Near Jun - Hammer Exosuit ; Sword Exosuit]
    [Claw Exosuit Charging Dra'Khan]
    [2 Autocannon Exosuits]
    [3 (Multilaser) Sentinels Charging Tactical Squad]​
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    Jun dodged the hammer blow by dashing into the sword exosuit, parrying the sword blow with Clemency. Hoping to unbalance the sword wielding one with the dashing tackle to deliver a sword strike of his own.
    Jun maneuvered so he'd have to deal with one exosuit at a time, holding one in front of the other.
    The Champion knew help wouldn't be unwelcome at this point. A'Sun's pride stood in the way of requesting assistance. This was something he'd triumph over on his own, as he had always done and always will.
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