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Unto the Anvil of War

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Jun 28, 2017.

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    High above the world of Morai Sigma floated the Salamander Strike Cruiser Forgehammer, with its frigate escorts, carrying Elements of the chapter's 3rd and 4th companies. A relatively new Hive world, it had come into an abundance of resources and food after a strange natural phenomenon upheaved part of the crust and revitalized the planet - albeit at the cost of a number of citizens. Rather than call for aid, however, the planetary governor decided to instead secede from the imperium, making a sovereign and quite sustainable planet. Nocturne was the closest chapter planet to such a heretical movement and was as such dispatched to bring the planet back into the fold of the Imperium, and make sure that they understood the cost of turning their backs upon the Emperor.

    It was only days into the rebellion and defection of the planet's inhabitants against the Imperium when the Forgehammer arrived in the system, quickly and efficiently dispatching the orbital defenses. Then came the ground assault, drop pods raining from the sky carrying Marines like the angels of death that they were. Days more passed and the grounds and city near the palace were the final bastions of the defenders, though the assault had stalled as they hit now the majority of the PDF as well as the next regiment that had been raised to fight in the Imperial Guard. As such the commander of the Salamanders, Captain Arax As’jahn, decided that it was now time for him to join into the fight. He gathered his wargear - a self crafted combi-flamer as well as his Powersword Fury - and those closest to him. His command squad.

    Those who joined him in the drop pod were those whom would fight in the thickest of battles with him. The Apothecary Rinu, Veteran Brother Ahkan. Ancient Standard Bearer Keram, a survivor of the betrayal that had shattered their chapter. Champion Jun, perhaps a slight young for his station but a fierce warrior and defender without peer in the company. And finally his second, Dra'Khan. The one who he was closest to. They would join him in the mission to breach the palace and bring sense to the governor - or remove him as head. Countdown finished, the pod launched from the Forgehammer, streaking through the air and becoming like a fireball in the sky, plowing down to the streets of Morai. As befit the Captain and his command squad, it landed in the midst of the fighting, a kilometre away from the palace. Captain striding out without issue and glancing around to assess the situation.

    Behind him were a squad of his tactical marines in cover, looking out to fire a volley as a quad of heavy bolter emplacements that the pod was as yet shielded from by a ruined building. An Assault squad was on it's way to take them out, but time would be needed. And the most immidiate threat was the squad of guardsman that came up on their flank, and three armored and armed working suits. The defectors had taken gear designed to build and refit them into suits of war. Ingenious in a way that made the Captain growl.

    One of the men shouted a warning to the rest and turned his gun on the captain, just to be quickly shot down by the automatic stormbolter that was equipped on the pod. “Brothers, we will march and destroy the enemy, and cause an end to this madness.” Growled the captain over the squad vox. “Defend our brothers until the Assault squad can destroy the barricade!’

    And with that, Captain Arax held his sword aloft and charged, Rinu and Ahkan laying down covering fire with their bolters.

    [19 Guardsman, 3 Exosuit]​
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    Keram had taken time to think and reflect as they had come down hurdling down from orbit. The Aged son of Vulkan had always hated drop pods and the war against the Arch Traitor had not eased that , the thought of that fateful day made his wound ache with a burning fury. He shook his head or more accurately was shaken as the pod collided with the ground "Unto the Anvil" Keram half spoke to his brothers and half apoke to himself as he stepped forth from the drop pod the company banner waving in the air.

    Surveying the battlefield infront of them he sighed , why did it have be guardsmen " Show these lost fools the light" he said as he fired his inferno pistol into one of the weaponized war suits the intense heat surging towards it
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    As the drop pod plummeted, Jun A'Sun's thirst for battle grew the closer they got to the surface. He laughed a little when he sensed the impact was near. When he stepped forth from the drop pod, he swung Clemency to life in a downward arc across, holding it pointing downwards to his side. Simultaneously he had activated the power field of his beloved weapon, making it cut the air with a crackle and hum.
    Seeing his captain charge filled him with pride and adrenaline, to smite down the enemy once again beside such brethren brought him joy unbound.
    "Death or flee! Those are your only options! Unto the Anvil of war!"
    Jun threatened his enemies and followed his captain's charge with his own, straight into the thick of it.
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    "The command squad shall take the attention on themselves, so the Assault Marines may attack at full efficiency." Dra'khan mused with tactical explanation of what in fact their agenda was. The Sergeant was just like his father always planning to make sure that not only his squadmates but all of his brothers would be as safe as possible. Or at least suffer as little casualties as possible.

    "May they be engulfed in the flames of Nocturn. Unto the Anvil of War!" He roared with his kin of the volcano world, flamer held ready, moving on the flank of his gene-father, opposite of Jun. The Champion was the single most fired-up Astartes of their squad, being a drake truly in soul. While their standard bearer has hardened over time, having seen true terrors of the arch-nemesis first hand. It was a good balance, and it was his and his captain's duty to draw on those strengths when required.

    And now, the fire of a drake was needed. "Jun. Let us focus on the suit with the Autocannon. Once we reach it, it will no longer be dangerous and will ensure that Rinu and Ahkan can shoot unhindered." Dra'khan suggested, moving in a slight zig-zag pattern to get close enough to use his flamer.
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    The reaction of the guardsmen to the roaring and charging of the command squad was quick, but not nearly as quick as those Astartes would have. Bolter rounds flew from Rinu and Ahkan, as well as the stormbolter that was attached to the pod that had deposited them onto the battlefield. Before the guard could finish a maneuver, four men found their sides torn open or chests blown apart by the rocket-propelled explosive rounds. The rest detonated on the exosuits, two of which turned to face the incoming loyalists.

    The Exosuit that carried the autocannon was the first, which trained it's weapon on the ridge that the drop pod had landed upon - and thus where the two marines were firing from. The first shot that ripped out of the gun slammed into the drop pod, dislodging one of the struts while the second tore off the storm bolter. Quickly the duo of Astartes slid down the small rise and ushered themselves into the nearby ruined building, which became besieged with autocannon fire. Meanwhile, approximately half the soldiers set up a position in front of that exosuit, training lasguns on the approaching astartes - though the las weaponry as well as scattered autoguns weren't anything to do more than mar the paint on the marine's armor.

    Jun would have a small window to respond to the Sergeant's words before the second suited man was in front of him, holding what looked to be a large metal hammer. A swing downwards would be dodged, and then led into a sideways swing which Jun could block - but would realize too late the hammer as well had a power field - the impact sending him skidding along the ground a few meteres. Then it turned its attention to the Captain, who ducked under another hammer swing and then stowed his bolter, getting into his dueling stance while facing down the loader.

    Keram's infernus pistol had shot true, sending a stream of molten gasses towards the nearest exosuit. Sadly, in the chaos of battle a singular guardsman had gotten in the way of the rather short-ranged weapon, and got reduced to mere molten ashes. Soon enough the autocannon's fire began to zero in on the banner carrier, leading him to either charge or fall back into cover.

    Meanwhile, Dra'khan would be the target of ire of most of the guardsman which positioned in front of the cannon-wielding suit, though his armor protected him from getting more than scorch marks on his suit - only a small number of those thanks to the way that he was running. He soon enough got into range of his flamer, though seeing a target so close finally made the suit-driver realize that he was in danger. As the sergeant would loose his wrath upon the guard, he would find himself targeted by the auto-cannon at near point-blank range. Thus he had to decide quickly if he wanted to dodge or press forwards before the next shot came.

    And at the same time, half the guard advanced on the suppressed tactical squad, las-weapons firing as well as the heavy stubber that was mounted on the final Exosuit. Of course the ranged weapons were more than likely not going to do anything, but what was more fearsome was the forked 'claws' of the arms. One of the Salamanders leveled their flamer and scorched half that guardsman force, and would pay for it. Before he could get back, the exosuit was upon him and grabbed his waist, the claws beginning to close horizontally, aiming to cut him in half.

    The others in his squad were not going to let that go unpunished, however, and poured their fire into the legs of the defector, the bolts beginning to dismantle the mechanized legs. The rocket launcher, however, could not fire without causing harm to his brother, which the defector took advantage of. A throw send him flying into the heavy weapon, pinning him under the wounded Astartes as it began to slam it's claws into others. This gave the guardsmen time to prime some grenades...

    and all the while, heavy bolters chewed at their cover...

    [10 Guardsman, 3 Exosuits [Hammer, Cannon, Lifter]]​
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    Dra'khan gritted his teeth. But he was not stubborn like Rogal's kin, he instead rolled to the side, trying to the very guardsmen between him and the exo-suit, making his enemy choose to still shoot at him at the sacrifice of friendly fire, or to change his target. Either way, he trusted the rest of the command squad to pick the walker apart.

    "Get him, while he is distracted. And shall he divert his attention away from me, he shall feel the flames of Nocturne upon his flesh!" The younger As'jahn spoke over squad-wide vox channel, going down to a knee to use the guardsmen as actual cover, while using his flamethrower to incinerate them one way or another, trusting the smoke of burning flak armor would give him enough cover if need be against the walker.
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    A'Sun registered his sergeant's orders a few seconds after he had started to yet another attack, halting at the beginning steps. Jun's sight darted toward Dra'khan, following his sergeant's indicator on his helmet display.
    He started to a charge at the exosuit wielding the autocannon, aiming to kill fast and with optimal efficiency as always.
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    "Understood brothers !" Keram said as he stood as auto cannon shots flew at him and the banner he carried fluttering in the wind and near misses. Realizing he would be forced into cover or a charge he quickly made up his mind, to go ground or cover and hide the banner ? The relic he carried ? He chuckled at the mere thought. Using the point of the banner's haft as a spear and draping the relic over his paildron and packhe charged "Remember A'sun ! To go alone is to invite a trap" the ancient dispatched a word of wisdow as he charged the Auto-cannon carrying exosuit hoping to use himself as a distraction for his more close combat oriented Champion
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    Dra'khan's plan seemed to work quite well, as though the guardsmen he took cover inside of slammed bayonets and knives into his armor, nary a dent would be made. Once someone got the idea to jam their weapon into one of the more exposed and vulnerable joints, but they were incinerated before they could make goo on the plan. As one would expect from a Veteran of Vulkan, he was a blur in the blaze of fire, unafraid of it while the men began to back away with fear in their eyes at the sight and the number of their allies already killed.

    And indeed the exosuit driver was reluctant to fire upon his friends, instead trying to step back and aim his weapon at the two approaching Astartes. One shot blasted out and brought the ground out from under Jun, sending the Champion into a small stumble. Before another could leave the barrel, Dra'khan sprung into action. He bathed the weapon itself in lit promethium. The stream of burning liquid made its way into the ammunition reserve and set it off, making the backpack explode in a ball of flame and gore from the driver's back, and just to make sure that he was dead, Keram impaled the man with the pike of the banner. The surrounding guardsman rose their weapons but were shaking heavily and their eyes no longer carried fire.

    At the same time, the hammer-carrying exosuit slammed his hammer down right in front of Jun - who had stumbled short from the ground beneath him being blown out - and cursed at having missed. Capitalizing on that error, the Captain stomped on the ground and gave an upwards slash with Fury before turning on his heel and swapping out for his own combi-bolter. "I leave this opponent to you, Brother A'Sun." he sent to the Champion before dashing off towards the Squad.

    They weren't doing too bad themselves, one marine had been knocked on the ground with a wound caused from a close-ranged Krak grenade, but no casualties were had yet. And the Exosuit had slowly been dismantled by bolter shell after bolter shell, and the Captain's appearance made all the difference. He shoulder-charged one man to the ground and opened up a full barrage right into the back of the suit, eating away at the metal and then the flesh. His chest exploded and the suit fell to the ground.

    In the air, the familiar roar of Assault Packs would reach their ears, and a few moments later another, different rumble would begin to come, even with the shaking of the ground slightly. The men began to back away and try to flee, leaving Jun with the hammer-wielding suit and the rest of them time to regroup and prepare..

    [5 Fleeing Guardsmen, Hammer Exosuit]​
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Jun was getting angry now, he had yet drawn any blood and his enemies were stubborn.
    "Hardly alone, brother, keep that banner high!" He bellowed back at the banner carrier.

    When the exosuit's hammer was raised once more he surprised the user with a sudden rushing sprint and dropkicked it straight in the chest, pushing the limits of his own power armor as its servos and gears whined.
    While the suit stumbled and near fell on its ass Jun got up and slashed it on the hammer arm, hydraulic fluids spilling forth in arcs following his blade's swing.
    The suit reached to grab Jun with its other arm, which the champion ducked and slapped away with the flat of his blade. He delivered a savage shin kick to the back of the suits knee causing it to stumble even inside an exosuit.

    As the suit struggled to regain footing and lift its mangled weapon arm the Champion cleaved its leg off, spun to a better position and in one fluid motion stabbed it through the chest. Jun didn't let the man inside suffer but pulled out his bolt pistol and shot him in the face.

    Clemency was pulled out, blood and oil was swung off it. The Champion was in search for more enemies.
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