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Unplayable because of lag.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Promethium, Sep 18, 2016.


If you have similar lag problems, where are you from?

  1. USA/Canada

  2. UK

  3. Germany/France

  4. Netherlands/Belgium

  5. Spain/Italy

  6. Russia/Poland

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  1. Promethium Promethium Subordinate

    I try to play this game since the the Sergant Package was out for Founders and have now 53h in Steam. I invested 80€ to support them.
    But i have serious problems with the connection. The latenzy tells me it should only be 40-60 but it feels like 1000. I ask people ingame if they also have such problems with the lag but mostly they tell me: no or just a bit, but most of them are from the USA or UK.

    Look at my gameplay and tell my you dont see a problem. I also play other FPS, 3rdPS and RTS and have no problems at all, it is just THIS game. I live in the north of germany and use VDSL 32000. I uploaded this video in the time it took me to write this post.

  2. Roaming Wolf Roaming-Wolf Steam Early Access

    I'm on the U.S. east coast and I hover around 30-40 pretty consistently but I still teleport around, pop out of cover, get shot while in cover, and on occasion die instantly from bullets. Melee is absolutely unplayable particularly JPA where there's a 50 - 50 chance of actually landing where I intend. On some rare occasions I'll ground pound on the other side of the map which is as close to a swooping hawk as I'll ever get. I hope this is fixed pre-launch because it's unacceptable.
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  3. Mornek Mornek Well-Known Member

    Confirming this issue, server part in the current state is horrible.
    I lag. Still waiting for normal EU servers on launch.
    Steam shows acceptable FPS, but freezes come permanently with lags and fps drop. It seems that you are watching a filmstrip.
  4. Crioxus Arigulius Crioxus Arkhona Vanguard

    EU. 30 /50 ping, but sometimes lag / teleportations.
  5. Pool is broken, im from neither country listed.

    Im from south EU, still lag, massive rubberbanding when lots of people join
  6. Kallidus Kallidus Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm in the UK and I'm constantly getting D/C'd.. When ever I do manage to get into a game the lag is insane. I'm iceskating/teleporting everywhere.. I'll shoot at somebody and the next minute they've just disappeared.. Or I'll be running along and the next second I'm stuck against a wall 50 meters away.. It's making the game un-playable at the moment and it needs fixed asap..

    I've got a super high end rig and super fast internet and none of my other games are having issues. So I know this isn't a problem at my end..

    I play loads of other games that are more graphically demanding than this game and I play on Ultra Huigh settings with around 100fps minimum, even online in shooters or online on WoW or what ever else I'm playing.. and games like MGS:V, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Witcher 3, which don't really use any online features, are all fine. No issues.

    It's just this game since the Unreal patch..
  7. MungFuSensei MungFuSensei Steam Early Access

    Nathan has stated that the lag is due to them running too many matches per server. It has nothing to do with ping or UE4.
  8. Mornek Mornek Well-Known Member

    I just worry that this situation will not be repeated on the release.
  9. MungFuSensei MungFuSensei Steam Early Access

    He has repeatedly stated that spinning up more servers is trivial for them, as they use amazon. It takes them 10 minutes to deploy new servers. My guess is that the current lag situation (which they are aware of) is mainly due to testing, seeing if they can squeeze more out of the servers to keep overhead down before launch.

    So suffering through the lag sucks now, but it allows them to find better ways to streamline. If they can't, then a solution is available.
  10. Promethium Promethium Subordinate

    I dont speak about a problem the last days or weeks, i have this since alpha for months. It was for my always like that. Since alpha I have also changed hardware and made a clean install of my OS, and this problem is still there.
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