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United in Blood (OOC/Interest Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Maensith, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Maensith Subordinate

    Characters' sheets thread -

    In-Game Thread -

    Having observed several current and planned RPs I came up with an idea of my own one. I really wanted to see Vigil Corbec's "Denizens of the Dark City" and Vlanden's "Tempting Fate" come to pass, but that seems unlikely to happen (still hope for Vlanden's RP).

    So, this would be my first massive RP and hence first-time experience as a GM - that's why this RP will give all of you great amount of freedom for your characters and, what's more important, interests/goals which the supposed forces will have greatly depend on what characters you will bring on - that is I establish only meta narrative, global goals for each faction but specifics come only from your characters (say, Imperium wants to get some artefact, but depending on WHO will play for that faction - space marines, tech-priests, inquisitors or someone else - its eventual usage varies greatly - space marines may have been simply sent to destroy it, tech-priests to capture and so on, think you got it). That's why I impose no restrictions upon your characters, they can be literally anyone (but no god-modding, of course).

    The list of factions is next: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Imperium of Mankind, Necrons (yes, there will be a necron exclusively for Zcee Nook, we need his proficient writing skills :D!), Chaos (only Alpha Legion though, due to specifics of the meta narrative). Within these factions your characters can be anyone, depending on who they will be I establish their specific agendas. Yes, I like such strange alliances, that's why we even have Necrons and Eldar - they can be brought together, really, I have ideas in mind, just need to see your characters.

    There will be five locations within which our RP will take place, one location per one faction so that we could immerse ourselves completely into each of conflict's sides one by one: forgotten and barren craftworld (Eldar), Commorragh (Dark Eldar), hive world or a forge world (Imperium), tomb world (Necrons), Eye of Terror (Chaos), order of visit may be changed, but the Eye of Terror is the end of the line. There will be one artefact in each location to retrieve and only one faction will have a "key" to retrieve it - so the others will be forced to actually help them if only in hope to get this item for themselves afterwards, no matter how deadly rivals they are - that's why this RP is called "United in Blood". For example, Necrons try to extract an artefact from a craftworld but they dont have access to psychic powers and hence only Eldar themselves can do it. All artefacts will be stored in a neutral place so that no one will be able to claim them for their own.

    I'll take mantle of a GM playing for two characters, they will be the "leaders" of our conjoint missions (I put leaders in quotes because none of them have actual authority over other factions - they just possess more information than their rivals do and hence their "authority" need to be taken into account).

    The story begins as follows: after achieving bloody victory over Talos's First Claw on Tsagualsa at the cost of her own life, Jain Zar is reborn in a new physical shell (this is the first leader) and is summoned by farseers of Ulthwe again for a new task to exterminate one of Abaddon's mighty champions in the Eye of Terror who is preparing to reinforce Despoler's forces besieging the Cadian's Gates. However, due to proximity of Rhana Dandra, Jain Zar is instructed to find allies amongst dark kin, mon-keigh and Eldar's greatest after Chaos enemy (Necrons) to symbolize their unity against the Arch-Enemy for it's been foretold that in the Last Battle every sentient race of the galaxy will fight Chaos, standing back to back even with their enemies. Later Storm of Silence is contacted by captain Tandreus of the Alpha Legion's 1st Company (the second leader), who claims that the Cabal (those who dont know - Cabal), mainly eldar autarch Slau Dha, wishes to help Jain Zar in her quest and thus proposes the Cabal's assistance on behalf of the Alpha Legion. Thus two of them unwillingly combine forces and seek the remaining allies (how exactly your characters are brought together with Jain Zar and Tandreus will be clear later when and if you submit your characters).

    Global purposes for each faction:

    1. Eldar and Alpha Legion ("Chaos", though no one knows who Alpharius truly serves - Chaos or the Emperor - that's why I chose his Legion) - exterminate Abaddon's champion and close an immense opening warp-portal;

    2. Imperium of Mankind - retrieve an ancient device which is claimed to be able to repair the Golden Throne;

    3. Necrons - find a cure against the Flayer Curse ravaging the dynasty's tomb world;

    4. Dark Eldar - retrieve an artefact for Asdrubael Vect to seal the dangerously destabilised Khaine's Gates shut.

    You can post your characters' sheets right here if you wish to join, if at least 5 people (one per each faction, Jain Zar and Tandreus are not counted) will be playing I create a separate thread for your characters, the character sheet's format is as follows:


    Primary weapon:

    Secondary Weapon:



    There will be no dices when characters are engaged in combats, no systems of exp earned, damage taken/inflicted etc. - only vivid combat descriptions in words, nothing more.

    I dont know yet how long and "grandiose" this RP is gonna be, depends on many factors - how many of you are interested, what characters we get and so on. Also I live in Russia and hence my timezone differs from yours greatly - when I work, many of you enjoy sweet dreams and vice versa :D so there will be small discrepancies in postings and responding from my side.

    @Jorimel @High_Adept_Zeth @Uriel1339 @Avenging-Angel @kanila @Maleth @ZceeNook @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Virgil_Corbec @Wata @TechCaptain @Safreadis @Casavay @Vulpas @BuriasDempsey @matt23 @Vlayden @Keidivh @Draconion don know who else to tag, you are so many :D
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I got too much on my hands I am not gonna join, sorryz - I reserve my RP powers for @Casavay 's upcoming Inquisitor RP - thanks for the tag tho!
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  3. kanila kanila Subordinate

    I'll throw a character up for the Imperium, Commisar Rackham will make a comeback! Give me a little bit to come up with the sheet.


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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Necrons always interest me.

    Meaning I'm in the consideration phase.
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  5. I'm interested but not sure which faction to pick.

    Edit: Choosing either necrons or Chaos (?).
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  6. Maensith Subordinate

    Pick up any you wish, there is no limit for players per each faction (for now, at least), I just need to see who is interested
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the invitation, it sounds epic in scale but I am having trouble meeting all my RP commitments as it is, so I must decline :)
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  8. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    I am going to see if Frank can fit or need to make a new Skitarii Character.
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  9. This seems pretty cool, I'll pass it out to my buds, and we'll see about getting involved.

    As a side note, Imperial Wise, would you rather Astartes, or Imperial Guardsmen?
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  10. kanila kanila Subordinate

    With the combat, you wanting us to describe our actions and you dictate the results? Or are you going to leave an OOC telling us what we are allowed to do and leave the description of how it went down up to us?

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