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Unit Sizes In Warhammer 40k Universe

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Wobbley, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Wobbley Wobbley Curator

    Thanks for all the help so far guys! I have posted version 0.1, and updated my first posts!
    Link to image

    I know warlord needs to get sized up, or cut down the banner, I could not find a good image of the warlord though. I will probably cut away the banner.
  2. Appledrink Appledrink First Blood!

    Holy dickens is that dreadnought huge and yeah, that warlord is barely taller than a regular ork boy.
  3. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    Everything looks good except warlord you made him to small he is 3m without stick with skull behind him. I always thought dreadnought is smaller. And warboss is bigger than terminator. Good work!
  4. "Normal Human 6-7 ft"


    I guess I am less than normal.
  5. Wobbley Wobbley Curator

    This is a normal human in the 40k universe! We have grown as a species in the last thousand years, we will probably grow a bit more in the next 35 thousand. ;)

  6. Assuming Terran standard gravity, increasing overall health, and good nutrition. None of those things are given when we start talking about the 41st Millennium and the history leading up to it.
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  7. Wobbley Wobbley Curator

    I made the height estimate of 6 - 7 according to what GW Warhammer 40k lore has mentioned on the matter. That is the size of a "normal" adult human that has not received gene-seed implants. Personally I am surprised humans aren't taller by that point :(

    EDIT: I wrote "before" receiving the gene seed, I ment to say that never receive implants, and do not live a life as an Adeptus Astartes.

  8. *shrugs* Apologies for being argumentative on it, I just can't resist the "we've gotten taller so far, so it only makes sense that we'd continue getting taller" argument whenever I see it.

    Although I have to say, if that's the size of a "normal" human before implantation of gene-seed, we're talking about teenagers which implies that mature humans are even a bit taller still. Color me skeptical on that count.
  9. Wobbley Wobbley Curator

    Good catch, that is a mistake with how I worded myself. It is of course not before the implants, it's an adult human if they never received the gene-seed implants. Edited post to fix it.

  10. In any case, I've always been inclined to think that the average humans of 40K are probably right around our size: closer to the 5-6 feet tall mark, rather than 6-7.

    Edit: not counting the freakishly huge kids of recent years. My graduating class seemed of mostly average height, with some kinda tall folks; the guys in the year immediately behind us were mostly 6+ feet tall. DAFUQ?

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