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Unique Gameplay Elements

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DAG, May 23, 2014.


Do you want founders to have access to unique gameplay elements? (Read post for info!)

Poll closed Jun 6, 2014.
  1. Yes

  2. Ok, but be careful...

  3. No way

  1. David Ghozland DAG Creative Director

    Please take the time to read before to vote!

    This thread is about unique gameplay elements for founders.

    There are 3 main categories: heroes, vehicles and weapons. Following our philosophy of value, it is important for us to give to our founders more than just skins. The idea is that, as a founder, you get something similar to a limited time offer classic MMORPG expansion pack.

    The founders will be able to unlock 3 types of vehicles:

    • Unique pattern vehicles (Like Horus heresy patterns in limited quantity)
    • Unique skins
    • Unique 2 man vehicle (like the Space marine attack bike)

    The unique pattern vehicles are variations on the theme of the basic vehicles you will get in the game. Weapons might be different and your special tank might be more anti-infantry then anti-tank. Unique Pattern Vehicles have different strengths and weaknesses to their in-game counterparts, but are balanced at the same level of power.

    The unique skins will really be just special cosmetic-only skins for founders.

    The Unique 2 man vehicles, like the attack bike, are reserved for the founders (at least for the first 6 months to 1 year and anyway the skin will be unique). Since everyone will be able to get a bike in game the attack bike is more a fun toy than a real weapon. We believe that, at max upgrade, an attack bike with a multi-melta is roughly equivalent to 2 bikes with plasma guns. It will be less manoeuvrable and slower but will also be a really fun experience to share with a friend.


    Following the same path, weapons will offer statistical and visual variations on what you will be able to get in-game. Their look will be more unique than their stats. Like vehicles, these weapons will have different strengths and weaknesses from in-game weapons, but they are balanced at the same power level. Founders still need to unlock the certification for the weapons before to be able to use them.


    Heroes and Elites are separate from your normal character. These are special classes you can deploy of the field for a RP cost and they will have an average to long cool down. Founder’s unique heroes and elites will be static and cannot be modified (you cannot change accessories and weapons, for example). Also, Founders will have to unlock these just like any other elite or hero in game through progression.

    They will offer a different gameplay flavor and they are balanced to be equivalent to the heroes and elites accessible in game.

    This is our current direction but we want to have your input. Please give us your opinion on these elements.
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  2. I choose Ok and let me explain why. When things are offered that are cosmetic that are done either for a limited time or for founders this is something that makes peoples characters feel unique and allow the player to later off down the road show it off with pride. The issue comes in with things that aren't just cosmetic like when someone say would be given access to a special version of a Terminator that might have more health or something like that, in that case the other players feel that something like that is unfair later on down the line and will complain. The real thing here is starting out strong with the game and having everyone on a level playing field where things like player skill will be what makes the true difference between the guys who just want to run and gun or the guys who really understand how to play the game. So in my vote / opinion I would say cosmetically I'm all for it. Maybe something down the road you could let people do something like buy the option to color their armor according to how they would like it such as in my case to represent my Exodite world. But I don't think a founder should get anything more powerful just because they helped at the start of the game. And yes I understand that they would be a balance to it but like I said when people feel someone has an advantage due to something like a founders program they had no chance to get they will have an issue down the line and this can lead to issues later on.
  3. Vox de Vacuo Vox-de-Vacuo Active Member

    I am perfectly okay with vehicles and skins concepts (just be careful about balance), but could not get the idea behind static look for Founders' heroes. Why should they all look identically? Why not give an option for slight visual differentiation? I want to have unique hero (class/whatever) and ready to pay for it, but I don't like the idea to run amongst thousands of identical heroes.
    Please correct me if I got something wrong, I asked with all honesty as your future Founder.
  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    The static argument was nicely explained in the OP. It means the heroes will be static in loadout terms, as in they cannot change their actual loadout, ergo static.
    The Founders hero skins will be unique just like everything else.
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  5. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    That's all most of us are ever concerned about. Fairness in the long run.

    'Pay 2 experience' is perfect, it's unique but not excelling.

    Yes > "Okay, but be careful" because I seriously doubt answering either way is really any different, more an indication of implied trust. Just don't go giving us a free Dreadnought in every Founder's pack and I have no problem with the philosophy of 'fairness' you folks have been working towards. Of course mechanics can be varied without being OP.
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  6. Jericho Jericho Forum Beta Tester

    I say go for it but I am biased as I will be clicking refresh like a madman on June 10th
  7. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    This is exactly the same thing as pre-order bonuses like exclusive items, characters or quest and honestly this is kind of bullshit and something that the industry should get rid off. Punishing people that want to buy a finished product is wrong, right now the founders pack is buy 40-100$ of cosmetics in advance and you will get the game and early access for free and for me is more than enough to buy it, anything gameplay related should be taken out of the founders pack.
  8. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    i'm ok with only skin.
    I feel that my money is well invested in a skin(a nice looking skin), i don't want to have extra benefit.
    I think is unfair to have something 6 month 1 year before, other player.
    If i have something that other no founder player can use i feel like i'm cheating.
    I don't like to be "THAT GUY" that throw money for have a tank that is better vs infantry.
    My personal opinion is: when something touch a gameplay mechanic is P2W.

    you voted OK but your explanation say no way.
    the poll ask for "unique gameplay element".
    if you vote "no way" you still want founder bonus, unique skin: but not unique gameplay (so your weapon/vehicles/hero are identical to the no founder ones)
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  9. Catowar Catowar Subordinate

    This was hard for me but I had to say no in the end. I would LOVE to see cool skins for founders packs, Cool icons, Killing animations, what have you. But I feel like having a in game effect might be a bit much, I know you guys plan to balance it, and as far as balance goes I really like what I hear, but to many people will look at it, even a year before it's out and think "oh its p2w" without a second thought. That being said I'm going to buy it no matter what lol
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  10. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    I'm totally open to changing my opinion (good way to be) but I fail to see any reason that Founder's gameplay breaks ECs game and marketing mission at this stage. Different does not = Better/Worse.

    "Punishing people" is a loaded sentiment but anyway it doesn't differ from selling faction and unit unlocks post-release. Especially as with in the Assault Bike idea that is clearly not P2W and actually limiting in it's own right. I don't see a problem if you can accept that full equality of access is not how the game is being proposed/developed even away from the Founder's options. Which btw will be highly advertised after E3.
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