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Under the Misty Mountains (Lotr rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    Azdun followed Longshanks and Kalrimas but stopped several paces behind them when Longshanks started prodding the object.

    "Don't!" he warned. "No one leaves bones on'a throne like dat! It'z obviously a trap!"
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  2. Alastar rubbed his head in thought and looked at Boendal, thinking. "Usually finding paths is something I enjoy, but I would have to agree with you.." he said in thought. "If we know the map leads us deeper and closer to our goal, then perhaps it best we follow it." he finalized his opinon, keeping watch at the walls to make sure nothing snuck upon them.
  3. @BadDo9 @Grall_Stonefist @Keidivh
    Choosing to go down the group would find themselves at the main floor of the former inn. Stone furniture laid around put into various positions around the room. The stone walls were scratched, deep gashes in several spots like something was sharpening its claws on it. As light entered the room something stirred, dozens of bright beady eyes opened and a screech sounded. The group had stumbled upon a goblin nest and its inhabitants were scrambling to get away from the light. They grabbed various rusted cruel looking blades as they scrambled to their feet screeching at the newcomers.

    The Gondorians panicked in a similar fashion and moved in front of the group forming a shield wall at the end of the stairs. But as soon as they got into position heavy footsteps and the jingling of metal came from the top of the stair case. The men almost panicked into moving again until a bald red bearded dwarf in chainmail walked into the light. The Goblins on the other hand didn’t seem to care and charged into the light screeching in their foul language.

    Enemies: 29 Feral Goblins

    @Kalle @Wincent @Vlayden @Azathoth
    Moving up close to the skeleton and making a good effort to not actually touch anything the Witch could see that the Skeleton was grasping a gem. It was radiating the light on its own, looking closer she would find the gem itself resembled an eye. With a fiery orange iris and a reptilian pupil one could mistake it for a dragon’s eye. The skeleton’s fingers were clutching the jew tightly despite any muscles having long since rotted away. Whoever this forgotten lord once was has been lost to history but the gem they were holding clearly had some magical properties. Perhaps it was what they were sent down there to retrieve?

    Though before they were able to ask these questions Longshanks decided to prod it out of the dwarf’s hand. The tightly gripped fingers not giving way to his poking but the skeleton’s head did turn towards them. Its jaw opening and a quiet groaning escaping a body that had no lungs, suddenly a ghostly hand reach out of the skeleton and gripped Longshank’s sword by the blade. The ghostly face of the long dead dwarven king then came out from the head of the skeleton. Staring at the orc with white faded eyes before a cold wind crawled down the blade to Longshank’s hand making him drop the blade by reflex. The ghost seemed rather unhappy that orcs were in his throne room.
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  4. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    "Told ya, Gob'len!"

    Azdun backed away quickly from the ghost and drew his own sword. A undead Dwarf was certainly a sight to see.

    But he was unafraid. Even if it was a Dwarf's throne room, it was a room without torches. It was Dark. And so, his God was with him.
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  5. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The goblin had cared very little for the fact that the skeleton held some sort of gem - the crown was what Khagath had interest in! After making sure Shulix had entered well enough, he jumped onto his perch and without wasting time picked up his halberd, now leading his mount onwards and aiming to chop down upon the skeleton. Even a simple mind of a goblin, someone with his experience knew that skeletons were hard things to hit; his arrows were small and meant for piercing flesh. Bones had many places something could slip through. A mighty halberd like his would do the trick!

    A high pitched growl was all he let off now as he swung, the goblin mercenary having bigger things to fear, like failure; if they were to get treasures for the Dark Lord, he must do it - and damn the foes that he faces. Coming back empty-handed is a worse punishment!
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  6. Alastar looked back at the Gondorians which had come down behind him and scoffed a little, backing away a little towards the combined light they made, to force the goblins to come to them. He didn't yet make a move but drew his bow, readying an arrow for the first to charge them while Dulerath took position nearby, growling and snarling at the goblins.
  7. Boendal moved down the stays with the gondorians, he dident have a ranged or even throwing weapons, and he wasent gonna start trying to whip his chain over the head of the humans, when both goblins where alot shorter and its was the declining a stairway.
    So instead he readied himself, sure the humans could hold this *wall* for a bit, but the number of goblins ahead was not small, and as soon as they tried forcing their way through, they would get axes.
    "Finally a fight, lets kill these scittering basteds.
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  8. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    "Durin's Beard, how far could these bastards have gotten by now?" Belegor grumbled to himself as he made his way deeper into the deathly silent halls of Moria. It had been decades since he had been here last, since he and his kin had attempted to cleanse the halls of the Goblin filth that infected it's splendor like a disease. But obviously their quest had failed, and here he was, the last surviving Dwarf from that expedition. Countless Dwarfen lives snuffed out, for nothing.

    At least now he had a chance to right this, by crushing as many Goblin skulls as he could. The relic they sought held little importance for the aged Dwarf. He only sought blood. Eventually he reached a crossroads, pausing a moment to discern where the group may have gone. He received an answer when he heard screeching from the doorway that led downwards. "Hmph, least they ran into something interesting."

    Moving as fast as his legs could carry him, his ancient war hammer Ezam in hand. Reaching the bottom of the stairwell, he finally laid eyes upon his group some Gondorian types, a strange looking manling, and a single Dwarf. And charging at them like ravenous beasts, the Goblins. Not even bothering to announce himself, Belegor rushed to the front line, preparing to crush the enemy in a massive sweep of his maul.

    "Baruk Khazad!"

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @BadDo9 @Grall_Stonefist
  9. Kalrimas hissed. Reminding herself to cut the hand of the god damn moron, as she took her axe, aiming it towards the undead dwarf. She was not a fan of fighting a spirit, especially since that made them incredibly difficult to get rid of.
    "Spirit. Why are you remaining in halls long since lost?"
    She eyes the spirit, clearly not wishing to make it more angry then needed, tho she wasn't going to be too polite.
    "Leave your bounds and part to your kin on the other side."
    She could use her magic to get rid of it... and she had planned to do something about the bones before touching the gem. But now she didn't have time to do so, as some Uruk just were that stupid. Instead she would have to improvise.
  10. @BadDo9 @Grall_Stonefist @Keidivh
    The Goblins didn’t seem to care about the slap dash shield wall the gondorians had made as they skittered and clawed their way towards them. But that was before the red haired very angry dwarf came smashing in with his maul. They managed to hit six of the small creatures, their heavy maul easily smashing their bones and whatever armor that had managed scrounge up. The six he hit were thrown across the room with a trail of blood following them. The rest continued charging into the shield wall giving the ranger his opportunity to loose an arrow into the group. Impaling the head of one the goblins through the eye making them screech in pain and fall dead.

    But this did not stop the rest of them as they smashed into the shieldwall as the gondorians doing their best to hold them back. They tried stabbing at them with their spears but the quarters were too tight and there were too many goblins as some clawed past their shields. But they also clawed to their dooms as one ended up face to face to a rather angry wolf and a similarly angry dwarf. Their bloody ends being a testament to why Goblins should never become too confident.

    Enemies: 20 Feral Goblins

    @Wincent @Vlayden @Azathoth
    The ghost looked at the witch as she spoke to it, they didn’t seem to care about the orcs and goblin. It opened its translucent jaws and attempted to speak for a moment but the only thing that came from its maw was a cold breath that made hairs stand on end. They tried a few more times and eventually beat on their chest and coughed. “These halls are mine, the mountain is mine, the very ground you walk upon is mine. IT IS ALL MIIIIINE!” the ghost roared making the halls shake. “I will never leave, why would I leave what is mine to just be found by the likes of you?!” He said less loudly but still rather angrily. It seems to be the ghost of a dwarven lord who went mad with the dragon sickness that plagues his kind. But that also means there was indeed treasure to be found, or at least there was they couldn’t be one hundred percent sure on anything right now.
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