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Under the Misty Mountains (Lotr rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Ascendant Azathoth Well-Known Member

    Azdun nodded. This was magic, and the Numenorean obviously knew magic and it's properties.

    "Ever'one that's an Uruk 'r gob'len, get bahck." he snarled. "Keep backin' away until the door stops glowin'."
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  2. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    @BadDo9 @Valonox @Grall_Stonefist

    The stale air was quickly being supplanted by a foul odor that was spreading from one of the three passageways they came across. Dwarven craft was obvious in the hewing of the stone steps from the shrap-edged stone. As the stairway curved around a presiding face of a brutal rock that stood infront of the three passages that the dwarves shaped from the very face of the mountain walls. Standing at the threshold of each passage, Sindoril looked at the curving steps of the central doors that led downwards into the darkness below.

    With his one hand at his Ahlspeiss and another at the hilt of his sheated sword he turned to his companions. The glow of his blue eyes beneath the long face-guard of his pinioned helmet reminding them of his previous request to lead them.

    Nodding at the Gondorian question, he sat at the extuding rock, careful not to rip his cape or damage his tower shield at his back.

    "Any ideas? What does the map tell us?"
  3. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Longshanks approached one moment to take in the inscriptions upon the door, murmuring to himself. The door's enchantment made little sense to him, but both the witch and the madman told him to back off, and reluctantly he complied, taking some long strides away from the door, watching the blue light for any sign of fading. "If it reacts to the Dark Lord's touch, then we're no closer to getting through," he said, voicing his concern aloud for the 'experts' to consider.
  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Soon enough, the goblin gave off a grumble at this now, pulling the spider back a small ways and - for now - watching their backs. With his halberd stowed away, he now went back to reach for his longbow (or it was for such a small bastard; most probably not much less than any average bow for the larger ones) and took out a goblin shaft.

    He gave a sniff at the air soon enough, feeling only mildly uneasy; admittedly it was probably merely suspicion on his behalf, but~... Well. He's seldom been too wrong, and when he was nobody ever knew about it anyway.

    "Think we c'n find a way 'round? Those things're dwarven or-- Elvish, or whatever. Ain' gonna open to us, I don' think, only they know how."
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  5. With a vand ready on his axe, one couldent be too carefull with goblins strewing about, even if they where a sad excuse for a creature a mob could still be dangerous. "This place is ancient mansling, but you need not worry about its age, that is for us dwarves to moun, until we return it to the rightfull owners." As they then reached the stairwell, and the others seemed to not know where to go, Boendal had an hunch that he dident need to look at no map for "i say we contenue our decent, no need to dilly dally around here in the upper reaches, what we seek is below, and so is the filth we shall remove from these halls"
  6. Alastar looked between the three paths and narrowed his eyes while Dulerath sniffed the air. When a sneeze came followed by a whine, the ranger shook his head. "There are no hints in this air. Perhaps we should pick simply one path and follow it to where it ends." he offered, keeping a watchful eye to make sure nothing was coming for them.
  7. @Valonox @High_Adept_Zeth @BadDo9 @Grall_Stonefist
    Taking a moment to look at their map they would find that it showed two paths and not three. The left went into another corridor, it seems this area was at some point an inn for travelers and this was only the rooms for travelers. To the right which lead down would bring them down the main area of the building as well as the main entrance and exit. But the middle wasn’t shown on the map in any way it wasn’t supposed to exist. It looked just as well made and carved as the other hallways meaning that either their map was wrong or there weren’t where they thought they were. The Gondorians looked around nervously, unsure of what they should do and waiting for their superiors to give the word on which to go.

    @Kalle @Wincent @Vlayden @Azathoth
    Reading the ancient markings the Witch could find that the language was not elvish but an ancient dialect of Durin’s Folk. Of course she couldn’t actually read it but at least she could see that it was clearly dwarven in origin. How Dwarves managed to acquire the secrets of elven smithing in such a way was a mystery for the ages but as the orcs made some distance the witch would be able to push the door a bit. Though her strength was inadequate to open it fully there was a gap large enough for the party to squeeze through with enough pulls and pushes. Though the spider nearly bit someone as its turn to move inside came up but nonetheless they did make it through.

    What they saw in front of them now was far different from the empty caverns from before. They were standing in the throne room of a forgotten dwarven hold. It seems the door they found was an old secret passageway hidden behind a statue. Some nameless lord or dwarven noble that no one remembered. Looking at the rest of the hall they would find it empty besides a single throne carved into the stone. A single lonely skeleton sits on it wearing tattered and dust covered clothes with a crown upon its head. In its left hand something shined at them in the darkness.
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  8. Kalrimas looked at the skeleton. She frowns a bit as she slowly begins approaching it. She is NOT so stupid as to think that anything is just left like that, cause that is really not how anyone, ESPECIALLY DWARVES would have left anything. If she can manage to get close enough she would look closely at the shining object, NOT touching it, just looking at it.
  9. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Longshanks approached the throne at the witch's side. "What is it? Can you see?" He drew his sword and reached out with it, attempting to prod the clutched object out of the dead dwarf's grasp. His nostrils flared as he smelled the air for scents, but all he could smell was dust and dirt and death, at least initially.
  10. "I still say we go downwards first, follow the right path, there is no need to go into the unknown this far up, this hold is vast, without a doubt most of the mauntain has paths, we will go down as far as our map leads us, and then our good dwarven inginuity shall guide us futher, fear not manlings, and if we bump into any goblins, its only better, they need to be exterminated from these great halls, every single one." Boendal said, he had voiced his opinion before the map and would do so so again, and if they dident listen the scond time he would slap his answers into their heads the third time.
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