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Under the Misty Mountains (Lotr rp)

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  1. In the Third age before the War of the Ring rumors began to spread of an artifact from a previous age was deep within the caverns beneath the Misty Mountains. Exactly what this artifact was is not known with some claiming it to be the missing One Ring and more ludicrous theories of it being a Silmaril. Whatever it was the rumors were enough for both the Servants of the Dark Lord and the Free People to take notice. Each assembled a team of competent but still disposable warriors to send down into the uncharted depths of the Misty Mountains. Through tunnels infested with feral tribes of orcs and the ruins of long forgotten dwarven holds all in search of something that may not even be there.

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    On the Western side of the Mountains of Moria a group of nine reaches their destination after a long ride from the Elven town of Rivendell. The grand forested peaks of Misty Mountains greeted them with their awe inspiring beauty. However their purpose there did not lie within them but rather under. With the Great Dwarven City of Moria under the control of orcs they needed to use other means of entering the depths. That said they rode until they came upon the entrance of a small cave that was pointed out on the map they had been given.

    It would take them underground into old passageways not used for centuries and beyond those into the depths. For this they were given ancient maps that would help guide them in their search though these would only be useful for so long as they are expected to move into uncharted tunnels. As they finally reached the cave they would dismount as this would be as far as their horses could take them. Their steeds would be taken care of by a local woodsman and his family while the group would be on their quest. The burly man and his sons helping them unpack their supplies for the journey underground.

    Among food and other necessities they were given special talismans that would produce light when commanded to. Light, something that will soon become one of their most treasured resources in their journey as the flame of Anor could not pierce miles of stone. Though some in their company possessed vision that could function in the darkness the majority could not. From the woodsman they also receive a vast quantity of firewood as they would likely not find any trees growing in the stone. After a brief count of supplies there group was ready to begin their real journey all it took was the courage to move forward.

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    On the opposite side of the mountains five riders made their way towards a large jagged black metal gate guarded by Uruk clad in armor made of the same metal. They had been sent here under orders from the Lord of the Nazgul himself. They first were assembled in Dol Guldur through less than gentle means. Most of them simply being dragged off from their normal place in the Dark Lord’s armies to find themselves being told to go to Moria. The exception to this was the Goblin Mercenary who was simply hired and threatened vigorously.

    The landscape of the east side of the Misty Mountains was drastically different than that of the west. The forests were stripped of their trees to feed the forges of the Dark Lord’s war machine leaving only stumps and a blackened landscape. Black clouds hung in the sky blocking out sunlight allowing the goblin of their group to not be blinded. As they approached the guards one of the stirred as evidently they had fallen asleep. He was startled at first but quickly opened the gate letting the group into Moria knowing better than to question who they were.

    What followed was a short trek down several flights of stairs that numerous goblins and orcs choose to build shacks and huts next to it. This shanty town stretched the entire way as shacks being built on top of each other reaching the ceiling. Primitive rope bridges and zip lines hung over their heads with some orcs looking down at them. Though the denizens on the ground quickly avoided the new arrivals on their vicious mounts. Their Wargs growling and the Goblin’s spider clicking its mandibles as the moved downward to eventually face another gate. This one however was not guarded and actually barred from the inside, the entrance into the depths that even the goblins wouldn’t go. Their mounts seemed hesitant to move any further with the exception of the spider which seemed indifferent to it. It wasn’t like the Wargs would be useful navigating the caves anyways so they could be left behind, they could probably survive by eating any of the orcs foolish enough to go near them.

    Irregardless they all knew the consequences of not following the orders given to them so they would need to head down as soon as they had their belongings taken off their mounts. Lest they take too long and have someone sent to encourage them into moving with more haste.
  2. Alastar looked around the area after he had dismounted, getting a lay of the land before turning to help unload the supplies. Such familiarity would help little in the mines, but as this was going to be his and Dulerath's last moments in the overworld for a while - and in the worst case, ever - he took the time to enjoy it. The sky and trees, the sights, smells and sounds. Then he turned to look over his companions.

    A Gondorian detachment with what looked to be a tower guard, and two dwarves were to travel under the ground with him. While his canid familiar sat at his side, getting idle headrubs, Alastar took a deep breath and spoke up. They knew little, if anything, about one another - and in his experience, teams that would trust one another lasted longer than those who did not talk. So he was going to at least attempt to grow such camaraderie.

    "My name is Alastar Evorian, Ranger. And this warrior here" he gestured to his companion "Is Dulerath." He began first with simple introductions. Pleasant enough yet easily telling about how one's 'face personality' was.
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    Rarely in his life had he seen so much trees and Imladris was...well... a special place. It did not had the feeling of a home, but it was serene and safe enough place. As the party dismounted he handed over the worn leather reins of his steed to one of farmer sons. Ruffling his hair with a curve of a charming smile visible between the central slit of his Fountain Guard helmet he spoke:

    "He is Antares. Treat him as a friend and he will be your too.".Removing his glove he pated the stallion`s thick neck, immersing his fingers into the hairs of its beautiful mane.
    "Goodbye old friend. May we meet again."

    With a nod to their father, a woodman who was most hospitable, he turned around walking to the gathered group.

    One of the gathered spoke:
    "My name is Alastar Evorian, Ranger. And this warrior here" he gestured to his companion "Is Dulerath."

    Removing his winged helmet and tucking it into the crook of the left arm, Sindoril clasped his fist softly across his breastplate where his heart was. His face was youthful with a few scars across his neck, that the shouler-lenght raven-black hair attempted to hide as it fell, framing the face.

    "Well met Alastar, friends." he said indicating with a soft nod to the rest of the group.
    "Sindoril of Gondor." looking down to the wolf he glanced a puzzled look at the Ranger and then at its beast-companion.
    "Dulerath, i am sure you will be of great use of us down there. It is said that wolves have even better scent then hounds and are certainly more fiercesome."
    "You...can understand beasts?" Sindoril asked looking at the Ranger, his eyes glinting as he followed a suspicion that gnawed at him all this way they rode together.
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    Alastar's smiled a little at the Gondorian tower guard and bowed his head. The ranger wore leather armor and a cloak which, while it had a hood, was not covering his face at the moment so one could see the wavy hair that reached his neck and framed his green eyes that seemed to have a shine to them. His ears could be seen poking out from the hair, a slight point to the very tip.

    Dulerath bowed his own head in proud response to Sindoril's words, and then looked to Alastar, who chuckled. "Yes, you are very astute Sindoril." he said, the ranger figuring there had been something on his mind from the looks that he had caught. As they spoke he glanced at the other companions, the Gondorian soldiers and pair of dwarves, wondering what they would have to say - while still enjoying speaking with the tower guard.
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    The gates of Moria swung open for Sauron's agents. Their party, most straddling a warg, rode in through the great doors and into the winding stairwells. The stink rising from the bowels of the mountain were pungent with the scent of orcs and their beasts, but Longshanks --- in spite of his powerful nose --- seemed unaffected by the smell. His keen, yellow eyes squinted at Moria's garrison like fireflies in a pitch black sky. His expression was reserved, he regarded the smaller orcs with the disregard and ambivalence that a cobbler might regard dirt under a boot's sole with.


    Longshanks then turned to the woman amongst them, a sly grin splitting his face and revealing his yellowed teeth and blackened gums. "Will the madam want her handsome steed tended to?" he asked, before the Númenórean had time to dismount. "I don't expect much of this scum, but I reckon they'll have suitable accommodations."
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    The goblin strode in with a clear, pompous nature to him upon the large spider - iron plating on most of his body and a halberd in hand, his free one resting on the saddle. His glance towards the goblins was one of obvious arrogance, as though looking down upon mere peasants, less than dirt.

    His armour was admittedly, in surprisingly good condition - certainly no looker, but it was properly forged and fitted for him, and better yet had itself a Rohan helmet that was mutilated beyond base recognition - no longer was the horse, but instead with a mighty spider on its top, and with spines running down its sides to act as a basic mouthguard.

    Still, it didn't take too long for him to look back towards the rest of the group. It was a surprise, really, to see uruks so far from home. Here be goblins, and yet such magnificently larger brutes were here.

    Means I get t' reap th' rewards of hard work and feed this beauty, whilst they do everythin'.

    A moment later though, the amusement was gone and replaced with a grumbling mess as he reached back for a map - a map! A treasure in its own right for such goblins and orcs - of his and bringing it up to look at.

    "Oh-- Damned.. I hate this part 'f the mountains. Never 'ventured here, too little t' get earnings off of." Khagath muttered, soon looking towards the Uruks. "Oi! You lot know where we're s'pposed to be goin? We need t'a get further inwards, but I ain' been here in ages." The goblin said now, plopping himself down back on the saddle and holding the map in his free hand.

    "Unless this ah.. This gate is what we're havin to go by."
  7. The manlings ofcause where the first to speak, allways needing to talk, though then again, it had been silent pretty much ever since their party has been formed up on this treasure hunt.
    Taking a pipe out his bag and lighting it while the manlings spoke, he took a drag before blowing out a few rings of smoke "And i am Boendal, just call me by that, beasthunter by trade. What of you cusin?" Boendal said then looking to the other present dwarf.
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    Kalrimas gives Longshanks a glare. Normally, a glare like that would mean death for any Uruk... but due to the mission at hand did she resist the urge to cut his head off. She slides off her black warg and lets it go, not with a shred of care of what happens to it or the goblins around. Mostly because it isn't "her" Warg. Her own warg currently stalking Mordor, she just used this one because she wasn't wasting her own worg on such a menial task.

    She holds her huge barbed axe with her right hand calmly as she looks on the great gate. She ignores the little Goblin on his Spider, before turning around, facing the closest "regional" Goblin.

    "Get this gate open."

    Her voice is smooth but incredibly powerfull. A deep femenine voice, but with such a umph and a almost unatural clicking noice to it that it sends shivver down the spine of any cowardly that are listening.

    Her icy stare, while "new" here in Moria, was still one from "The Witch" herself. A woman with such a reputation that she could order a troll around with a simple glare. It was clear that if this gate wasn't open soon... would the goblin population dwindle FAST.
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    Seeing another dwarf in the party Grumnir stayed rather quiet unsure what hold he came from but when the dwarf he know knew as Boendal. He spoke. "Grumnir an expert Axe-smith, aswell at using an Two-Handed axe wielder displaying the black-headed axe made of some old material that I can't identify and hoping to find some knowledge in the Depths of Moria." Looking at Boendal with smile of seeing one of his kind once more as the story of two dwarves and two men to find and artifact of great power down in the depths of Khazad-Dum...
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    @Free Folk

    His eyes went wide and breath caught in his throat at Ranger`s answer only confirming what he knew before. With a slight inclination of his head as if bowing reluctantly he said with a voice filled with awe:
    "You...are one of the Dúnedain?! Men blessed with longetivity and blood of our kings." he said slowly and the slowly shaking his head with a smile.

    "I am sorry, boy`s enthusiasm, think nothing of it Alastar." Sindoril said, drawing neck cloth over his mouth and then his winged helmet over it.

    Consulting the map given to them, he nodded to the cave entrance infront of them.
    "We should probably get going. Any idea what are we looking for?" asking he turned to the ranger and the two dwarves that talked among themselves.
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