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UAT Updated - March 27

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    What have I told you about just giving away your relic screenshots?
  2. Saillin Drakar Menial

    Just another LSM bias patch... hmmm...however nothing new!!!
    DEVs.. thx for

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  3. Farseer Caerys Caerys Arkhona Vanguard

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  4. Mandulis Mandulis Active Member

    Yeah really massive ahahaha
  5. Massive is only the dissapointment i guess
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  6. Saillin Drakar Menial

    So recolors and two diferent models(one for real money) it's now called MASSIVE??? since when..?

    n there's Warlock Cest.. legs.. arms..? helmet with two types of horns..>? they are soo diferent from each other..

    Other Aspect Wariors..? two cests for all..? legs only for Riper... Arms for no one.. n 1 helmet option for each aspect... ohhh i forgot about Recollors calld Shrines... that cost 10k RTC exept SScorpion....
    All So MASSIVE.. =))

    I love banshee swords.. 5 colors with one model.. =)) scorpion has 3 diferent model if we accept different handles as model..
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  7. SgtSixpack Recruit

    Can u release patches earlier in the day when I'm not looking to have a match plz?
  8. Kesslan Kesslan Arkhona Vanguard

    Eldar have definitely gotten the short end of the stick in terms of customization so far. And Nathan's claims of there being 'thousands of weapons' is based upon there being a bunch of recoloured versions of the exact same weapon combined with reskins for LSM/CSM versions of said weapons. I'm willing to bet that part of this supposed massive customization is based on the recolours had by picking various sub factions such as the different chapter or worldcraft colours.

    I'll admit I really noticed Eldar got screwed in customization when the exact same shoulder pad was released for some Eldar classes and then re-released for a few others, but both, while completely identical in every way, had to be paid for as totally separate items. (I'd have to log in to double check which one it is)

    There is still a ton of work to be done one this game before it even lives up to half the promises made, but so far they at least appear to be slowly headed in the right direction. Most of the time.
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  9. Farseer Caerys Caerys Arkhona Vanguard

    Was I supporting your argument or contradicting'll never know. *x-files theme*
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  10. SpartanWaaagh Steam Early Access

    so where are these new legs that were ready?

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