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UAT - Testing / Playing with Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Mar 30, 2017.


Are you interested in testing/playing with the Devs on the latest build?

  1. I'd want to play but not test.

  2. Not interested.

  3. Sign me up!

  4. I would be interested but the time of the test is an issue.

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  1. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    Even after long break, my muscular memory force me to use pistol. (Ya, i know it's a showcase... But anyway.)
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  2. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    If you actually play the game, what you see happen in actual fights and not setup ones, is folks don't use d-bash to hit back with melee, they do it to use a ranged weapon.... and shoot headshots. Because that's quicker than melee-fighting a melee class.

    The most common thing you'll see by anyone who is trying their darndest to win a fight, is d-bash ranged-weapon spam/burst on the head followed up by more of the same, or in many cases creating distance to be able to fire off even more shots before the melee class gets in range again.

    edit; not to mention those that d-bash spam to keep the target stunned while slowly withering them down with d-bash damage. Yes, because that is a thing that happens
  3. So the bolter was over performing because its all people choose? To fix this the raw damage is to be increased while reducing accuracy thereby reducing overall dps? I know something needs to be done but that feels a little like punishing players with good accuracy and punishing players with bad accuracy even more? I'm not an expert but I like to know that my shots are going to go where I tell them to is all I'm saying because accuracy is everything to me.
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  4. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    Since everyone is talking about DPS, which as I hope we are all aware is not a relevant stat seeing as we are not using continuous laser beams but weapons that fire individual shots, I quickly mathed up some TTKs using the loadouts that @ProteusVM loves to post whenever someone mentions painboys.

    Y'know, these ones:


    Old Bolter = 38 damage / 333 rpm
    New Bolter = 49 damage / 231 rpm
    Proteus' suggested Bolter = 60 damage / 210 rpm

    438.18 EHP (LSM Tactical)

    Body Shots
    Old: 1.98 seconds TTK
    New: 2.08 seconds TTK
    Proteus: 2.00 seconds TTK

    Head Shots
    Old: 0.90 seconds TTK
    New: 1.04 seconds TTK
    Proteus: 0.86 seconds TTK

    312.96 EHP (Eldar Dire Avenger)

    Body Shots
    Old: 1.44 seconds TTK
    New: 1.56 seconds TTK
    Proteus: 1.43 seconds TTK

    Head Shots
    Old: 0.72 seconds TTK
    New: 0.78 seconds TTK
    Proteus: 0.57 seconds TTK

    467.76 EHP (Ork Shoota Boy)

    Body Shots
    Old: 2.16 seconds TTK
    New: 2.34 seconds TTK
    Proteus: 2 seconds TTK

    Head Shots
    Old: 1.26 seconds TTK
    New: 1.3 seconds TTK
    Proteus: 1.14 seconds TTK

    I won't go too far into my opinion, but I do not think that a drop of ~0.1 seconds TTK on body shots will ruin the bolter. I don't like your suggested numbers @ProteusVM , mostly because they make the Bolter even more deadly with headshots than it currently is, and god knows the bolter does not need a buff, particularly in skilled hands.
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  5. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    What I would actually like @jbregg to do, is contact the infamous "GW guy" that Nathan always referenced, and get him to contact the rest of GW-guys related to it, and ask them straight up:

    What is the rate of fire of a Mk.5bravo Godwyn pattern Boltgun? How many rounds per minute does it fire approximately?

    And from there on out, tune the damage and other stats based around that. At that point of having a well defined GW-approved rate of fire, we can no longer argue the specifics of tuning it via rpm, but rather what is appropriate stat-wise for other stats, and then the gun-sound can also be tuned to sound optimally (because who doesn't like an awesome sounding gun?)
  6. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

    So what you're saying is you wanted me to actually use both rollex and burstfire exploit instead of fighting him in melee?

    • If you dont rollex he'll follow you with the light-attack's forward movement and hit you in the recovery animation

    • If you don't burstfire exploit he'll hit you and stop you from firing

    Generally, people whine about that when they see that and want the tac to actually use their knife. But yeah I'll keep doing that in-game and letting people whine about that if you want me to.

    Alright now lets take the same fight but use the pistol.

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  7. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    Actually, yeah you're right - it would make the bolter more deadly by nature of increasing the damage thus alpha damage. But this is also not taking into account that other factors are being impacted by this change, such as a significant inability to fight using hipfire as well as considerable recoil compared to other weapons - it's still not enough for me to really consider it 'difficult' to manage but the recoil is at least present now which I consider more than fair enough for a maximum discrepancy of 0.200ms
  8. Changed back to what exactly? Changed back to the days when "Dbash + Bolter = I win" every single time? You guys aren't just joking about this? You cannot seriously say with a straight face that that is balanced or good for game play.

    Currently we can DBash and land a single knife strike. You want MORE than that?

    Off topic. ETA on reducing price of Plasmagun to 200 LP? That's considering the fact that the Bolter is still a superior choice and outperforms the Plasmagun in head to head encounters vs Bolter a vast majority of the time. Plasmagun wouldn't be so bad if it was cheaper in order to compete with Bolter LP advantage. It would also immensely help if we could get off another 8 to 10 shots prior to the PG overheating while increasing the duration it takes to vent heat. Basically allow us to fire about 40% to 50% longer prior to overheating but double the duration of the cooldown/venting of heat on plasmagun.

    Plasmagun Mods wont make a difference because a fully modified PG would cost upwards of 400 LP to 420 LP. That's almost half our 1000LP loadout compared to a Powerhouse 280 LP bolter(with CQB barrel and Drum mag). GG. Nothing's changed because it's still advantage = Bolter because the default, unmodified 300 LP PG still sucks while the unmodified 200 LP Bolter is still hands down the superior option.

  9. The Stalker is broken in several ways. TBH I prefer the Stalker from early Alpha that fired like a DMR from BF4 as in it fired as fast as you pulled the trigger. Well I liked the Stalker from early Alpha except for the fact that it was(and still is) horribly OP when hipfiring. That's always been the problem with the Stalker and it seems BHVR cannot figure out a way to separate hipfire effectiveness from long range effectiveness.

    As a fan of DMRs and as a fan of semi automatic battle rifles from various other games the artificial delay between each trigger pull for the Stalker kills the experience of using this weapon for me personally. There's also the awkwardness of hitscan at long range vs moving targets. Hitscan vs moving infantry at long range while utilizing the optics makes leading a moving target nearly impossible. Combine that awkwardness with the artificial delay between each semi automatic shot. Both combined makes actual sniping from long range with this weapon system one of the worst DMR or sniping experiences you'll find in any descent game that's been released the last few years.

    That awkward, wonky trigger pull mechanic is made up for by the fact that while fighting in close quarters we can hipshot-headshot with zero sway and with perfect accuracy. In addition we can hipshot-headshot with zero sway and with perfect accuracy while firing on the move. BROKEN OP. It's literally the very definition of "no scope" 360 sniping.

    The stalker shoots perfectly straight laserbeams while we move and shoot as if it's clamped down on a vice that's cemented to a base and that base is moving on a train that's gliding on magnetic rail system.
  10. No scope 360 is turning fully around and firing. Fairly sure you cant do that with a stalker and win. I mean if you want to make a video on it and prove me wrong go ahead but make sure your going to call something the right thing if you want to make a discussion about it.

    Also guys I was at work today so some very uncivil posts were posted here while I was gone. Lets get back on the civil discussion path or I will start dealing with those who refuse this simple request.
  11. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    The stalker isn't really the topic of the current build, so shouldn't be the main focus, but it's definitely in need of some adjustments.

    Until we hear from Jordan about what the intent is of the changes, we can't fully know what is necessary to give input on past what's specifically addressed in the build. But such as a d-bash + two headshots is pretty devastating now with the upped damage, hopefully the change will get more folks to use a larger variety of primary weapons (possibly leading to further tinkering with the plasmagun and hopefully addressing how the bolter now with it's upped damage is at felwrought damage, but felwrought still overheats too rapidly to be useful when nobody really uses charged shots on plasmaguns as is).

    Hopefully we'll see a playtest of the updated strafelord summit (lol that freaking name), and for that matter how the other changes affect the battle there

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