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UAT - Testing / Playing with Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Mar 30, 2017.


Are you interested in testing/playing with the Devs on the latest build?

  1. I'd want to play but not test.

  2. Not interested.

  3. Sign me up!

  4. I would be interested but the time of the test is an issue.

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  1. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    3.30pm GMT could be a bit of an issue for me on some days but I don't mind helping out as and when I can.
  2. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    As long as you can stay! I just want to make sure if I go ahead with setting this up we're not only a handful of players testing.

    Alrighty Safreadis :p Catch you next month maybe :D
  3. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    If you're unable to make it for the time I suggested, feel free to suggest one here
  4. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    @jbregg can we record or streaming those games?
  5. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    Ill get back to you about that
  6. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

  7. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    Yeah that's a great idea. I'm sure something like this can be arranged.
  8. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Im always up to help out in any way possible.
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  9. Sounds like a great idea. The time of the test fits right in with my schedule as well. Sign me up.
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  10. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    If this goes ahead at 1030EST, I'd only be able to help test on weekends. Weekdays, I could only do up to 0700EST or after 1430EST.

    At the very least, I'll be there for the weekends.

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