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UAT - Testing / Playing with Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Mar 30, 2017.


Are you interested in testing/playing with the Devs on the latest build?

  1. I'd want to play but not test.

  2. Not interested.

  3. Sign me up!

  4. I would be interested but the time of the test is an issue.

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  1. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    Fixed that for you.
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  2. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    That too, but'cha gotta start somewhere! Even if it was made a 250LP mod it'd be an improvement
  3. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    Hmm...I don't think I'd be against new medicae grenades that swap out healing for buff mists instead. Cut the duration of the effects you'd normally get via injection in half when they're applied by the grenade and it could be an interesting if short-lived buffing tool.

  4. For every ability in game that works in our favor an opponent should have an equal counter ability.

    -Access to Minimap/Radar should require a player to equip/pay for a Wargear item or trinket(like a 50 LP trinket). The counter to this capability(the minimap) and red dots handing us easy kills should be a jammer of some form that, when activated or deployed, denies all nearby enemies access to their minimap and HUD elements. In addition to shutting down all nearby enemy HUD and minimap, activating the jammer should also deny the ability to see all floating icons(objective markers, enemy spotting reports, friendly icons/name tags, "go to" squad leader markers).

    - A counter to healing. Very common in MMOs. An effect that destroys all healing stations and shuts down or drastically reduces all enemy healing effects in a localized area around the player that activates the ability for X number of seconds.

    -Silence spell, null rod or null zone. Again, very common in MMOs. As a spell or a temporary effect that shuts down all enemy psychic based abilities around the player activating the ability. As a null rod or null zone, this shuts down ALL(both friendly and enemy) Psyker abilities near the source.
  5. Someone @BHVR please lay out for us how exactly a single Bolter headshot can do more damage than an evade or lunge attack with the Power Fist.

    -Closing the gap(approx 12 feet or 2 character body lengths) and delivering a lunge or evade attack with a 400 LP Power Fist does 78 damage
    -In the same time span a player rolling and shooting with a Bolter can deliver 600 to in excess of 1000 damage(with Servo Skull deployed).
    -Players are punished for rolling or evade + melee via a massive damage nerf
    -Players rolling + shooting do normal damage


    78 dmg vs 600 to 1000 dmg = 500% to 780% difference in damage in the same time span.

    There's also the fact that melee attacks can be clanged or defeated via RPS where as Bolter rounds cannot be clanged, bashed, or countered via fast attacks or strong attacks.

    That's balance? How is that balanced? Please someone @BHVR clear this up for the community.

    This egregious damage potential imbalance is one of the many reasons directly responsible for the horrendous state of the Possessed, Power Fists and to a lesser extent melee in general. It's also a testament as to how Rolling + Shooting and how Bolter + Headshots is so phenomenally overpowered.
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    All melee weapons besides eldar one have 150 dps on evade/lunge attack , the reason why pf has less damage is because of his incredible short animation time 0.52 sec but he still keeps a 150 dps like all other melee weapons
    bolter has a dps of 210.9 , requires to aim , can be stopped by melee attacks
    Lunge/evade attacks have a dps of 150 , dont require to aim , cant be stopped by being shot at

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  7. Ondora Ondora Subordinate

    Exactly, also don't expect enemies to hold still like your little impaled friend there.

  8. So a 500% to 780% difference in DPS is balanced?
  9. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    It really isn't the DPS that is the issue here. You can easily survive Bolter-fire if you play smart and use the battlefield to your advantage.
    On the other hand, actually killing someone in melee, assuming you win the RPS, is quick enough. Slower than ranged, yes, but really not an issue.

    IMO, the main problem with melee, for both sides no less, is how luck-based it is. You have very little control over how well you will do, you can have a good run and kill a dozen enemies, or you can die to your first contact 10 times in a row. And its not really up to you. 'Skill' in melee barely matters, once you have crossed a certain threshold.

    I am a bit out of shape now but I used to count among the most successful melee-players.
    What I could do, essentially, is maximize my chances by approach and by gameplay, but its still a game of chance.
    Ranged, currently, functions vice-versa: There is always an element of luck you can't eliminate, but primarely you have to play well and it won't matter too much.
  10. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    Ehm... WHY are you going out of your way to complain about something that is a hit from an UNCHARGED POWERFIST?
    A hit from an uncharged powerfist is just the same as hitting someone with a rock in your hand essentially, without the powerfield-activated a powerfist is nothing but a bigger gauntlet worn. The animations are in line with what's happening, there is now powerfield activated, thus the hit is weak.


    edit: @jbregg I have a question of curiosity about how the range-weapon damage models work in EC.
    Is it entirely based on a "2-stage" damage system, where at most you can enter 2 different values for max damage up close and min damage at the point of reaching bottom-damage at range?

    If it's possible to add a 3-stage or even 4-staged structure to the damage (like for instance, how BF1 has it), you could effectively create a "point-blank" damage stage to ranged damage that is MUCH higher than the rest of the damage-range, exclusively there to balance ranged vs melee encounters, so you could allow for not only making melee much more lethal (as then ranged-classes would have no excuse if they managed to just land shots at point blank, and it being the most potent means to kill someone), but it would also allow you to create a simple system that balances out the fact that melee units still need to REACH their targets before being able to deal damage (also allowing for the removal of such as the weapon-breaking stagger that happens, as the ranged class could then not excuse it), and on top of that, could allow for much higher damage on melee weapons to begin with.. as when they get in that "sweetspot" range for maximum damage on the ranged class weapons, they'd also be in their range for dealing damage at an equal or greater dps than the range weapon up to that point (effectively doing away with the whole problem of "wind-up-time" for melee-swings unless the ranged user decides to chance it and go even closer to fire off shots before the melee attack is "released") etc.

    Though this is highly hypothetical and would need tuning, it's at least a means-to-an-end for finally giving melee classes a feel of lethality, without ranged classes becoming too strong or too weak across the board. Range-relevant damage expanded on it absolutely a way to get more out of the combat system of EC. (Hell even applying it to melee would be interesting, i.e; if you're too close with melee, you do less damage, like in chivalry or war of the roses etc).

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