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UAT - Testing / Playing with Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Mar 30, 2017.


Are you interested in testing/playing with the Devs on the latest build?

  1. I'd want to play but not test.

  2. Not interested.

  3. Sign me up!

  4. I would be interested but the time of the test is an issue.

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  1. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    yes yes and yes chain belt grenades

    magazines, pouches and trophy for all race i will buy that

    and damage scar armor ( we look like new mint money) rust and damage needed

    errant armor or mark 8 is beautiful
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  2. MORTARION PlagueMORTARION Well-Known Member

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  3. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

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  4. MORTARION PlagueMORTARION Well-Known Member

    zog...u know that i make this videos while being in match. As for a music - u always can turn it off.
    But, thx for your opinion.
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  6. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    @jbregg carries the hope of all mankind within the 41st millenium


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  7. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

  8. Njord you do know you select which way you want to get out of the tank by hitting that direction before you disembark. Also blocking the tanks entrance with a wreck is a valid tactic last I checked.
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  9. it's not work properly everytime. sometimes you disembark in unexpected places EternalCrusadeClient 2017-07-14 14-10-56-524.jpg

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