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UAT - Testing / Playing with Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Mar 30, 2017.


Are you interested in testing/playing with the Devs on the latest build?

  1. I'd want to play but not test.

  2. Not interested.

  3. Sign me up!

  4. I would be interested but the time of the test is an issue.

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  1. On blight grenades...

    There's also the fact that the Blight Grenade costs 80 LP, 30 more than the frag grenade. Considering the fact that the Frag grenade outperforms the Blight in just about every imaginable way possible and only costs 50 LP, that 80 LP price tag puts the mediocre Blight Grenade's 80 LP price tag as a hard pill to swallow.

    Since it seems any conceptual changes to how anything works in game is beyond possible, then perhaps we can reduce the price of the Blight Grenade to 30 or 40 LP. We're already paying 150 LP for the Mark of Nurgle to be able to even use the Blight Grenade. Why should we pay any more than an additional 30 or 40 more LP to use a grenade that mostly sucks compared to the 50 LP frag grenade?

  2. 1. Spawning

    What I see at the start of that video is 5 lone wolves spawning in separately. Seems to me that at the beginning of the match you'd want the "team" all spawning in, in a "wave".... as a team.

    Wouldn't it make for a lot more fair of a playing field if we all spawned in together, then we see a countdown, then we all get released from the spawn in area at the same time and both teams and all players starts on equal footing? Like you'd see in a WoW arena.

    Especially in a small arena type match we should all have plenty of time to load in, find out what our allies are running(what classes do we need). What archetype our allies are spawning should show up somewhere on screen pre match. Once we see what everyone else is running then we can choose our class accordingly. Then we "ready up" or spawn into a "holding cell" area. After everyone is spawned in, a 30 second countdown starts, THEN AND ONLY THEN should the match start.

    Why not use the PVE pre match set up phase for all match modes instead of the "chicken with head cut off" pre match circus we see now in every PVP match mode?

    2. Deathmatch

    Another problem I foresee is the need to be able to opt in or out of this map or match mode when queuing, like with Fortresses.

    Personally I have no interest in a 5 v 5 death match so I really don't want to be involuntarily dumped into a death match when I'm queuing up for objective based game play. I dont play EC that often any more. When I do play EC, which is usually just on the weekends, If I am getting involuntarily dumped into a death match when I'm queued for objective based game modes I'll just log off, uninstall EC and find another game to play.

    3. What's the score? Who was winning or losing? Audio cues? Another ambiguous timer? Why not attrition based match with X number of lives per team?

    -Who is winning or losing?
    -How is score kept? How do you see that during the match?
    -What's the timer counting down? Why is there even a timer present in what should be an attrition based match mode?
    -Are there only so many tickets available for each team? If so, how do we know that number of overall tickets?
    -Consider Audio cues to set the environment. Ambient background noise of a battle raging. A blaring, earth shattering horn when the match starts, another type of audio cue when one team takes the lead. Another audio cue when the match is almost over.

    4. Griefing or just abusing/wasting tickets.

    -What's to stop some bozo from suiciding or redeploying repeatedly and eating up lives for your team? Or just running in like an idiot and getting repeatedly killed super fast? Consider implementing progressively longer and longer respawn timers for any player(s) that is/are getting killed really fast.

    -What's the tangible reward if we stay alive most of the match while actively participating and killing enemies but we are using just one life/ticket? Meanwhile our team mates are playing like noobs and wasting numerous lives really fast? Personal streaks? Unlocking buffs for every kill while playing the same ticket/spawn?

    -What's to keep someone from just going AFK or using a macro and afking on auto run in a corner? That or they refuse to enter the frey and just run from the enemy the entire match. In a 5 v 5 setting participation(healing, killing, doing damage to enemies, reviving allies) should be mandatory or you should get auto kicked.

    5. Lack of any squad based game play or any types of squad based game mechanics.

    The match mode looks/feels like a lone wolf, free for all type of thing that holds zero appeal for me personally.

    -Squad leader has zero purpose to exist in this match mode and is for all intents and purposes a paper tiger. That's not very WH 40K.
    -Squad spawning?
    -Squad streaks unlocking X, Y or Z for the squad?\
    -Squad Leader choosing Tactics or Battle Doctrine that does something special for the squad? The ability to switch between "Tactics" or "Doctrine" during the match according to various situations?
    -Squad leader spawns as a Champion or Hero with extra points for keeping the Hero/Champ alive?

    6. Interactive environment

    Why not have various types of interactive objects in game that randomly appear or that are located at fixed points? Items we can interact with in order to unlock, deny, trigger, summon, banish, X, Y or Z?

    - triggering a "fire wall" that burns out the entire upper deck, flushing out any flying units from their untouchable perch.

    - opening a gate, portal or hole in the floor that allows Nids to flood out in specific areas.

    7. Steamroll or being outnumbered.

    In a 5 v 5 setting being down by 1 player is pretty huge, dare I say an insurmountable advantage for the team with the additional player. Being down by 2 players is normally going to be a guaranteed loss for the team that's outnumbered.

    "Give it a couple minutes to even out" isn't an option when the outnumbered team could be down by 10 or 20 in the opening minutes of this type of match.

    Consider Nids as balancing mechanism if one team is getting destroyed or if it's 2 v 5, 3 v 5. Keep in mind the alternative is the other team just leaves the match. Who's going to hang out just to feed to the enemy kills when victory is totally impossible?

    -If one team is outnumbered when the match starts the underdog team gets 3 Nids per player that they're outnumbered by. The Nids automatically go after the team with more players. As the underdog gains new players the Nids per player instantly drop dead. Keep in mind the alternative is that the team that's outnumbered and getting curb stomped just quit the match and log off of EC in a blind rage.

    - Getting steamrolled by 10 or 20 kills(will need testing). An interactive lever unlocks in the underdog's spawn area. The team that's getting steamrolled can release the Krakken. A single Warrior class spawns as well as some minions and the NPCs attack the winning team. Keep in mind the alternative is that the team that's getting curb stomped just quits the match and logs off of EC in a blind rage.

    -Spawn Camped. Again the lever appears and those being camped can release the Krakken. Keep in mind the alternative is that the team that's getting curb stomped just quits the match and logs off of EC in a blind rage.
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    1)You always spawn with ur team , he joined the game late , the game already had begun
    3) first team to 50 kills win , you can see the difference between the teams kills on the top of the screen

    besides that for all the others : we only have 2 devs , both are QA's they dont know how to make a pvE map , nor do they know how to code so stick to simple things
  4. Lack of Devs is understood. With that said, the map does look pretty sweet. I've tried to hop on UAT but can't even seem to get into a match. Would be swell if there was a way to get into an empty match just to check out the terrain. As is now if nobody's on to que then we cannot get in and check out the maps. At one time on UAT we could solo que and get into any map being the only player in there. Other players could join in, but we didnt require 10 or 15 players on both teams to start a match or to access a map. What happened to that capability?

    As far as feedback, I'm hoping we can implement an informative and easy to comprehend HUD element to keep track of the winning/losing status. It would also be really nice if we could implement a few audio files to help set the atmosphere for the new map. Sound files from existing audio files on file at Behavior Interactive.

    -Win/loss criteria is not explained anywhere past loading screens. Most of the time I ignore loading screens or I'm even out of the room or doing something else. We need info on the match mode after we load into the match.

    If I loaded into this new map as a new player I'd have absolutely no idea WTF is going on. The objective of the match should pop up on screen somewhere AFTER we load in, preferably a few seconds prior to the match beginning, as we're spawning in, clearly explaining that the first team to 50 kills wins.

    -The current counter at the top of the screen is confusing and tells me nothing as to where my team stands in the big picture or more importantly, which team is near victory. Consider implementing a 0/50 and 0/50 HUD element next to each other at the top of the "in world" screen? One 0/50 would be red(enemy score) the other 0/50 would be blue(your team score).

    -Missing Atmospherics and missing audio cues for major milestones during each match.

    Set the atmosphere guys! It's a gladiator arena, make it feel like a gladiator arena! Use audio cues! Use voice overs! At the opening of the match or upon first spawn in we could hear:



    Or use something similar to the audio clips above to announce "first blood" being drawn(first kill) and put a message up on screen system wide "Oveur has drawn first blood!". An accompanying "first blood" buff should go the the player that gets the first kill. First blood is a "thing" in 40K lore as well as in TT guys. Why not have it in game?

    -Let us know when one team is nearing victory! As each team reaches 45 kills an audio cue or voice over should play system wide for each kill. So at kill number 45 - gong! 46 - gong!



    For kill number 50 - Titan war worn blows and the match is over.



    This match mode(all modes really) sorely need audio and visual cues that work hand and hand with the the scoreboard so players know exactly what is going on early, mid and late match and so that players know when one team is near victory. These types of "atmospherics" build tension, keep players informed as to major events or major milestones during the match and makes the overall experience much more entertaining.

    Right now all EC match modes seemingly start and end out of the blue with no build up or fanfare. Major milestones during the match, like a fortress gate falling, like one team being on the verge of victory, occur with no great fanfare or accompanying sound FX. We get the "one team is near victory" but quite often that never even registers when I'm in combat. Quite often at the end of each match the match instantly ends with nobody having any clue as to the match being near completion. Just like every single other match mode in EC, the end of the match is extremely anticlimactic. A few sound cues here and there could really go a long way.
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  5. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    I guess you haven't played or researched BF1 enough to realize how terrible idea is that.
  6. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    and how terrible the game is in general :CSMIron:
  7. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    How's that a reason to make it even more terrible?
  8. I guess he thinks its like an oroborous: Make it so bad it literally becomes great.
  9. Ondora Ondora Subordinate

    #Make EC great again
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  10. MORTARION PlagueMORTARION Well-Known Member

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