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UAT - Testing / Playing with Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Mar 30, 2017.


Are you interested in testing/playing with the Devs on the latest build?

  1. I'd want to play but not test.

  2. Not interested.

  3. Sign me up!

  4. I would be interested but the time of the test is an issue.

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  1. Just playing devil's advocate here.

    If the current 2 meltabomb loadout is clearly OP, why should "normalizing" this loadout so it's not so incredibly overpowered justify buffs elsewhere in game for the faction effected ?

    Isn't that just taking away one clearly OP aspect of game play and making something else potentially OP?

    Shouldn't we ensure we fix one broken aspect of game play by seeing how it effects things on live prior to potentially creating another imbalance?
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  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    because eldar use meltabombs for av but other races uses lascanons against eldar so if bombs get nerfed it impact only eldar on a Eldar Vs anything Matchup
  3. I use meltabombs in every single AV loadout. The only time I use Las is for quad guns on Fortress maps. To insinuate that all other factions dont use meltabombs is a stretch.

    Let's be clear and to the point. The problem has been two meltabomb loadouts being OP.

    For some mysterious reason BHVR's trying to do a magic trick just like Mythic attempted to do with Warhammer Online's insanely OP Bright Wizards by implementing across the board nerfs for all classes instead of fixing the root of the problem(2 meltabombs and Bright Wizards).

    From the very beginning of the game Bright Wizards had a ridiculous combination of damage (greatest in the game), crowd control, utility, and escape abilities. In a game dominated by ranged damage, no class could compete with the Bright Wizard. Whether it was overpowered (and sometimes buggy) DoTs at release, or the ridiculous amounts of AoE that dominated the late game, Bright Wizards have always been a brutal subscription killer for WAR.

    After thousands of lost subscriptions directly linked to how OP the BW was in game Mythic, after an entire year of BW antics, finally decided to address player feedback on the BW being so incredibly OP by across the board nerfs to all ranged classes. LOL! Via their "across the board" AOE nerfs Mythic destroyed AOE for all classes while Bright Wizards still remained extremely OP. The poor got poorer and the rich stayed rich. Nothing really was fixed. Bright Wizards continued to melt faces with AOE and single target builds while AOE Engineers and AOE Magus classes were destroyed as a viable archetype for another 12 months. GJ Mythic! Fix what isn't broken, that' always works!

    So instead of fixing the root of the problem, fixing WHAT WE KNOW IS CLEARLY BROKEN(2 meltabomb loadout), BHVR chooses to tinker around with all factions thus potentially(most likely) creating more problems than they fix. :confused:

    Someone from BHVR please tell us why you're not just fixing the problem? I.e. 2 meltabomb loadout is clearly OP. Why do you feel the need to "fix what is not broken" by messing around with all meltabombs and all factions?

    As our senior medics used to say to the younger medics back when I was a young platoon medic, "you're going through your asshole to fix your elbow". Just dress the wound(imbalance) that clearly needs to be fixed instead of potentially wreaking havoc on the entire system(game). Then after treating the primary wound(imbalance) reassess all systems from top to bottom AFTER your initial treatment of the primary injury.

    So basically fix exactly what you know is broken then see how things play out on Live instead of "fixing" several different aspects of the game that are working just fine, potentially breaking 10 times more systems and destroying several more game dynamics than you set out to initially fix.
  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    because they cant get rid of the bundle since its in the advancement tree and nobody in the dev team can change it
  5. The problem still lies with the 2 meltabomb bundle. Why are other Meltabombs for other factions being effected? Address the root of the problem instead of potentially(most likely!) breaking several other aspects of game play.
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    (The main goal of these tweaks is to prevent any single player from taking out vehicles by themselves in an abnormal short amount of time.

    These changes give more survivability to all vehicles across all factions and for all matchup combinations.)

    they are increasing vehicles survivability , its still subject to change tho
  7. Ondora Ondora Subordinate

    Why not turn up the vehicle than instead?
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  8. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    then vehicles would get a rough time killing eachother
  9. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    ..which would lead to a buff of the vehicle-damage, leading to a cycle of "tune a little here, tune a little there, buff a little here, buff a little there" etc, and that's not a good thing
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  10. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    wich would lead to tank weapons destroying infantry wich would destroy the game
    we ll see how its gonna progress on uat
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