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Tzeentch mark

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wavewarp, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. right now the blue bird mark has almost no use so i was thinking of some way to make it better here's what i got.

    the mark-give it a % increase all armor that you equip or double the a mount?

    weapons- magic bolter/bullets? fires bolter rounds fuse with the warp makes tiny warp explosions wen they hit apply fire damage? for melee magic sword fire damage magic shield that kinda transparent i guess.

    grenade-magic grenade that pulls enemies to its center and does damage if they touch it,decoy grenade makes a mirage of the user.

    that's kinda what i got, im my perfect world he could turn into chaos spawn or zap enemies and turn then in to chaos spawn but oh well.

    pls if you have better ideas or just want to tell me that in stupid put a comment
  2. Because the Tzeentch mark is so bad for everything but Sorcerer just give it something totally badass like some kind of time displacement mechanic where they;

    Have the ability to instantly step outside of reality becoming invisible on a timer similar to Banshee Scream - being a bit like stelath but also immune to damage but neither can they do any damage in this state.

    Make them able to move at blinding speed while in this state so that when they step back into reality it looks like they teleported or jumped ahead in time.

    After returning to normal time there'd be a minor adjustment period where they cannot cause damage but themselves are vulnerable so it cant be abused.

    But that'd prolly fall into the "too hard to code and take too much money / time to do / balance / too awesome for EC" box. - which is btw a pretty big box by now.

    In fact don't these threads which are asking for much needed buffs usually just run their course and fall by the wayside.
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  3. My concept mark of Tzeentch:
    -15 % health (same)
    +50% armour (new)
    +65% armour regen (increase)
    -40% armour regen delay (worse than current version)

    Access to:
    Infernal rounds (basically a LoTD bolter, only 30 in a magazine, but does less damage at first, fire makes it do more overall)
    Infernal rounds (combi bolter version)
    Flaming sword (Force Sword that lights players on fire like NCS poisons than)
    The other stuff that it already has access to
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  4. just imagine some type of lag grenade like one of the characters in skullgirls gives you lag on your inputs if she hits you that would be fun but i don't think that's possible now
  5. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    You have not understood how itembudets work or? Not to mention how to create items in relation to other items?

    The problem with the marks and the mark of Tzeentch is not the lack of good ideas or the lack of numbers to tweak.
    The problem is that all marks are streamlined to a 150 LP Budget offering a + XY component with an attached LP cost and a -XY component with an attached LP cost with LP costs beeing predetermined for all stats outside of the item in a general value table i.e. 10 toughness is worth 50 LP.
    On this basis your item is probably close to 600 LP (including the reduction) considering +50% armor alone would mean 150+ Armor netincrease.
    They basically share the same problem Vet Halos have, due to their calculation they are unattractive despite them delivering exactly the value the single components add up to.
  6. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    I guess you have never even thought to try MoT tactical vet.
    This thing will not die unless you constantly shoot at it.
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  7. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    There are some serious outliers in the component values though (just look at the costs of various Red and Gold armours across the factions), so I don't think bE have held their design to a rigid standard in that regard.

    And regardless, if they think Mark of Nurgle and Mark of Tzeentch are balanced based on the numbers they've used, then their numbers are obviously wrong.
  8. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

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  9. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    As long as Mark of Tzeentch is perpetually illogical in it's stats, it'll remain crap.

    It makes no sense why it reduces health.. it doesn't even make sense as a quasi-bootleg-"perils of the warp" thing.

    Tzeentch is the god of change, uncertainty, (randomness if you will).. where the followers of Tzeentch control the powers granted by playing with power and playing WITH the risks generated by the use of it.
    The spells and psyker elements associated with it are like playing a damnation game, you're toying with complexity that can both do your bidding and have its bidding done onto those foolish enough to underestimate it, but those that live in damnation call it home.

    For instance, if tzeentch-shrines could be summoned, they'd be highly volatile just by being there, but would grant both benefits and risks by being around. So maybe a player could summon it, and it would at random be sending bolts of warp energy out that might hit friendly targets, but anyone in range would get further benefits from the effects of tzeentch (with the added benefit of maybe enemies being hit by the bolts too).

    As it's the primary psyker-god in 40k, it's also got ties to allowing much more drastic draws from the warp and it's powers, so a sorc would have much more rapid warp-charge regen and larger amount of it accessible, as well as amplified effects of spells (be it friendly or hostile effects). Be it granting effects like warp-teleportation, "cursing" targets to utilize them as means of spying on the enemies, life-siphoning channeling and area effects, means of rendering an area unusable for a period of time via lasting spell effects (just like how farseers call in storms, though in their case they have it "controlled" to be less likely to hit friendlies) or mass-snaring area-effects (think area slows), there's no shortage of psyker-favoring effects associated with tzeentch that have to be "controlled risk" by the user (like Sienna in vermintide and her heat, toy too much with power, you get burned).

    Generally EC should have had a "perils of the warp" element put in from the very start, but alas it does not. It would have been a nice way of balancing psykers while still keeping them highly potent, but also volatile. (they could make an "overheat" mechanic for spell use rather than warp-charge, that'd be a nice quasi-PotW)

    If the remaining QA guys actually want to take the time to deal with making the marks more "lore-authentic", it'll probably be long after there's a sizable amount more content added and player-influx possible to come from it.
  10. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    This is not entirely true, most of the outliners (i.e. trinkets or tierarmor) are either streamlined across all factions / slots or are confined to eldar (missing 2-tier armor system) since their design concept is somewhat special and creates it's own hell of inconsistancies. But in general armor and hp are valued reliably and that should be the norm. Outliners should be reduced not encouraged.
    Last but not least there is a difference between granting 10 free armor for reasons or increasing the cost by 20-50 LP compared to adding 600 LP worth of free stuff on some item.
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