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Tyranids' hunting 101.

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Zvarri, Oct 19, 2016.



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  1. Zvarri Zvarri Menial

    The point of this thread is to be a ressources of guides and tips that the community found interesting. It can be your guide/tips or something you report, it doesn't matter as long as it is well written and new in this thread.

    I'll start with an old post o' mine that I think is still quite accurate. I will update it when I feel the need to.
    Coming from a guy who has 100% achievment in Vermintide. (Yeah, Cataclysm is my bitch.)

    If you're a pussy :
    Backpedal and fire with your bolter, the tyranids won't catch you. If they are too many, run and recharge and fire again.
    If you see a warrior brood, run to the exit.
    If you are alone or afraid, run to the exit.
    Running to exit makes your team respawn at the locked area.

    If you're a bad-ass :
    - Bad-asses work together :

    If someone's not watching behind, do it.
    If someone's left alone, rally him.
    If someone's late behind the group, warn everyone and wait him.

    - Bad-asses are smart :
    Never split.
    When a wave comes, deal with it from a corner with few or no tyranids coming from the back.

    - Bad-asses are coordinated :

    Melee character to the side, firing character in the middle.
    Some objectives requires to split and cover multiples objectives : Split into two group, one group that will stay on a elevated position and cover the other group with a melee character and a heavy weapon character, the rest to deal with a second objective. The second group will deal with the third objective.

    - Bad-asses know what they are doing :
    No medic ? Pick one.
    No heavy weapon ? Pick one.
    No melee guy ? Pick one.
    Otherwise pick a melta bomb. They kill warriors.
    With future updates, you will have to prepare a loadout for killing small stuff, and a loadout for killing special stuff. And you will have to pick one of them according to your group. And always prioritize your target according to your loadout.

    - Bad-asses know how the game works :
    Melee guys takes the aggro for their ranged buddies in melee.
    Ranged buddies thin the horde to make it manageable for melee guys.
    The second the melee guys can't handle the horde in melee, is the second you've lost.

    TL;DR :
    - Always stay together.
    - Always find a corner to kill nids.
    - Always kill the maximum nids before they get into melee range.
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  2. Do not take the Mark of Khorne into a Tyranid hive, unless you got additional Life-Steal equipment on you and know what you are doing.
    1. You got no downed state = Instakill
    2. You can't be healed from poison, and with no downstate = Instakill

    Unless you want to play Hardmode of course.

    Another one:

    Powerfist Charge Attacks against Warriors are darn effective.
    In fact so effective that you disable the warrior if you can just focus on him.
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  3. Lugin Lugin Arkhona Vanguard

    Also, if you can't fit a meltabomb, get a krak grenade if you can. Half the bomb's damage, but you can actually throw it.
  4. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    Works if you can get him while he's focusing on someone else. Try to land a charged attack on a warrior that's focused on you? You'll die. Every time. He swings faster than you, his normal attacks are a weird hybrid of fast and strong attacks, with a fast attack's speed and a strong attack's stagger and Dbash penetration, and he WILL knock you out of your swing before you can land a charged attack.
    Most likely strategy is to let someone else get aggro and run him past the Pfist.
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  5. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    Another thing:

    Melta Guns, Multimeltas, Kannon Deffguns and Lascannons... Their stats say they should kill warriors fairly easily. The FACTS say otherwise.

    Generally by the time you have enough heat on the target with a meltagun or multimelta to do any significant portion of health damage, it is on you, you are stunlocked and dead.

    Kannon Deffguns blow up on the closest target, be it friendly or enemy. Don't bring them into the Hive. Your team will thank you almost as much as if you don't spam stikkbombs on them in melee.

    Lascannon? You will RARELY get clean shots with time to charge a weapon that requires it. I have seen one guy who managed two warrior kills with one before getting swarmed by Gaunts and eaten. Yes, each shot takes about 1/4 of the warrior's health. He got two other kills the whole mission, both Termagaunts.

    Plasma cannon can work, if you are careful not to fry your own team. Heavy Bolter/Autocannon/Shuriken Cannon/Deffgun is almost a must. Reaper and Torrent launchers can work if they don't bug out which is about half the time for me.

    Haven't tried Rokkits, but considering their ABYSMAL accuracy? Wouldn't WANT TO..
  6. GratLurking Recruit

    Can definitely suggest Autocannon if yer a Ka-Os/Ork git. And hopefully when we get Grav-Weapons a Grav Cannon will be a useful support for the loyalist types.
  7. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    One can HOPE for flamers/heavy flamers someday.
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  8. GratLurking Recruit

    Well yeah, once those are in we can pretty much expect at least one flamerdude in a PVE mode for hormigaunt coverage.
  9. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Plasma Cannon "stuns" Warriors with a Charged Shot and so does the Starshot from the Reaper Launcher.
    Though you shouldn't bring a Reaper Launcher to PvE currently, as it got a bit of troubles with the Hormagaunts (it will get the promised buff one day).
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  10. YojimboJones YojimboJones Arkhona Vanguard

    As someone who's probably played it more than your average player I can say that killing warriors almost entirely hinges on your team having the proper tools. A powerfist/klaw, krack grenades and melta bombs are your best bet for taking one down. You shouldn't think of it as infantry, think of it as if you are fighting a vehicle and prepare your loadout/team comp accordingly.

    ...and pray that you don't get caught by the melee warrior in the sewer because you cannot sprint or dodge. Being targeted by it in that situation is a death sentence. And something the devs should look into.


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