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Twitch - October 9

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager


    Hey guys! You know what to do - set your reminders for Fri @ 2pm EST for our next livestream!

    What's on the agenda?
    • Production Update
    • Meet the Team / State of the UI
    • Gameplay (Live with fans)
    • Q&A / Giveaways
    Who's in the room? Brent, Katie, Nicolas, Peter, Nathan

    See you Friday! -->
  2. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    First! :)
  3. .... to be mauled by gaunts.
  4. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    @NicolasBrunoni on the show?! My body is ready for the most planned out and awesome presentation!
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  5. Khâzok Xnoxs Active Member

    Please.... I'm a Space Wolf, have some respect :cool:
  6. i hope that they can give a date for when the blood angels are added?
  7. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    not again
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  8. Seabassinator seabass Arkhona Vanguard

    Unless respect has nutritional value to it, the gaunts won't care. :p
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  9. Sweet! Thanks!
  10. Or orks...
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