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Twitch - May 5

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, May 4, 2017.

  1. Katie Fleming
    Please, please, optimize for 60 fps for GTX 980 Nvidia
  2. Question: Will you (the Devs) be hiring more game designers and/or implementing the steam workshop. Having more people work on the aesthetic looks such as weapon skins, armor pieces, vehicle skins, and second founding and equivalents will bring more people back because they will be wanting a new weapon skin or getting a second founding skin. This will also allow more work to be done on maps, game modes, balancing, etc.
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  3. omarx omarx Arkhona Vanguard

    thous developer who make games and silent for months already make complete games , not games incomplete such as eternal crusade , that why they need bring something each week, Hell they didn't even bring hotfix this week to buff melee that die in two shots from bolter
  4. omarx omarx Arkhona Vanguard

    bro terminator or two handed weapons or dreadnought or most elites and heroes not even here , so don't put hope on something far future
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  5. Peridot peridot Deacon

    you guys should find a publisher that will help you guys..
    maybe focus home
  6. Peridot peridot Deacon

    we gamers should help them
  7. AM038A AM038A Steam Early Access

    What about subfractions special sutff? How it will look like? Will it be based on class or something more unique? (for exm. some nightlords special abilities/gear for raptors)
  8. Dear Halcyon,

    What! Spoiled! Spoiled nothing! More like *Spoiler alert*! It's a live stream of updates, without any updates!

    The only thing I can say for this is that they plan to spend the bulk of an hour taking questions and perhaps even giving those questions answers that don't send you into a Khorne like rage of WRRRY. Which means they KNOW we have a LOT of f&#king questions, like WRRRRY is the possessed marine so hideous (he looks like something my cat threw up)?

    I say get those questions out there and make them count! The update tempo has been TREMENDOUS? (I mean "!") That we may be so lucky to have a lull in the updating so that we fortunate souls may ask our questions"!" We have to be sure and get them in while we can, because you just don't know if you will EVER (next week) get the opportunity AGAIN (next week) to ask so many questions (next week)! And we will surely get so many answers (see below)!

    OR better yet, make a drinking game out of it! Every time one of the dev's says, "It's planned", "we will see", "no", "we won't be doing that", "uhhh", "huh?", or "what?" DRINK! See which happens faster, you getting blackout drunk or a demonstrable "Yes, this is actually something we have done based on feedback and it is in the next patch which will go live on such and such date." which is the answer we are eternally crusading for (maybe next week?). You can add an extra dimension of fun to this game by modifying the rules FOR MORE DRINKING! Example: Every time they announce someone else has left the development team and won't be replaced, take a drink!

    P.S. Please keep writing the update threads, it's like sports center for EC... I don't actually have to watch the livestream, I'll just stick around and get the highlights.... which are getting to be fewer and fewer.

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  9. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    Do you guys remember those threads complaining about them talking about the same stuff over and over? dont be surprised they stopped giving content updates, because thats pretty much what it is
  10. Ever heard of a limit on latency? How about you patch out those 500ms players and get some damn standards on those servers?

    There are little kids on Steam running cleaner servers than you.

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