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Twitch - March 17

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager


    Hey Crusaders!

    Join us Fri @ 2pm for our next livestream! UK peeps, take note it's at 6pm your time for the next couple of weeks.

    What's on the show?

    Production Update
    • Music Update with Composer Maxime Goulet
    • Venerable chainswords
    • Ork chest piece
    Forum Q&A
    Chat Q&A / Giveaways

    See you Friday! >>>
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  2. Crossher Crossher Steam Early Access

    Venerable chainswords visual update?
    Chaos All powerfist and meltaguns got same skins need to fix Katie.Even mastercrafted meltaguns and mastercrafted powerfist they all have same skins with normal ones.
  3. Bildsturmer Bildsturmer Arkhona Vanguard

    Gork and Mork be praised!
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  4. MHezzu MHezzu Confessor

  5. Sharr Savage Curator

    What's the ETA on those Terminator suits?
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  6. Horus Firskon Cipher

    How about something new for chaos? Where is the new customization? Where is the new weapon?
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  7. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    • Music Update with Composer Maxime Goulet - Interesting
    • Venerable chainswords - already in-game, no need to highlight that.
    • Ork chest piece - obviously going to be 'looted ummie armor' ,which was supposed to be in-game already but did not fix it.
  8. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Probably not visual update for Venerable Chainswords.
    The've already added chapter specific colours.

    I guarantee they are going to do this on twitch
    "hey look! we've added colours for your venerable chainswords. It was super hard work that almost took a month! clap clap clap*"
    very funny.
  9. Why we are haven't flamers in game? Like anti-cover guns. Low damage but effective vs cover and DoT effect.
  10. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    I think it's impossible.
    Since Meltagun does way good at heating enemy in to ashes.
    Also flame throwing mechanic will cause hella lag and bugs.

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