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Twitch - July 7

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Genos Brutuz Steam Early Access

    Great! I will bring snacks, beer and juuust relax watching them trying to make this game more "cool" and "fun" for the steam community new generations.

    Oh i wonder will there be more nerfs for xeno factions i do love watching more players switching to the lsm or csm as GW pokes BE to make their favorite snowflakes more powerful.

    And i can't wait my favorite part when devs avoid major questions that address some some minor problems like ....oh i don't know...matchmaking or the fact you can juuuuust roll out with plasma cannon or Abbadon's grace (love them), type gg at the start of the match, put on some chill music and juuuust relax.

    Hmmm did i forget something?
    Oh yes, i forgot the part when most of the twitch chat start spamming wagggh or blood for the blood god or heresy this, heresy that and something similar, burying most of the questions regarding the state of EC or any future improvements to the system that where posted by the players who still care for the EC.

    Good job on that guys it really shows good your childhood was? no....your no that's something you learn....hmmm....ahhh i got it....your communication skills.
    Well done, take a biscuit you really earned it.

    For those who are more mature i hope your nerves will be adequate for the upcoming twitch or just
    dulled with copious amount of alcohol beverages.
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  2. Bruttus Recruit

    Personal goals means useal more skins/weapon? where you have to buy it with RTC.

    And @KatieFleming , atleast you are starting to understand that people don't take this crap annymore.
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  3. I can't remember what's the last time I feel excited for live stream.
    But I'm very sure it won't be this time.
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  4. KidMeatball KidMeatball Steam Early Access
  5. Noah's been working on the Personal Goals system for two months now and they're down to placing the system into the UI. There will DOUBTLESS be small talk on the Twitch, but this is something that is happening. Ideally they'll talk specifics, but as I have actual work going on when they Twitch, I'll have to catch it on YouTube after.
  6. Look forward to seeing you guys this Friday!
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  7. Utherix Utherix Firebrand

    See you guys there! And the "after show"! Hahaha
  8. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] San Fermin!
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  9. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

  10. It is utterly unfair to use Jon Hamm in an argument. There's no defense against Jon Hamm!

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