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Twitch is Back! June 16

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 13, 2017.

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    No, the fact is that I have watched your reply's to others when they openly critize the game.
    The fact is, that you don't wanna see that this game is actually a failure.
    Do you still wanna trow money at them, be mine guest, I won't stop you, but these Dev's here, I don't feel anny love for the game.
    How manny promises where broken? How many people bought this game, and it turned out like this.
    The persistend world, that the Dev's talked about, is what, the photoshopped worldmap, where you occasionally can see that a factioncommor has won or lost a zone?

    Just be realistic and see it.

    Do I ask for every 5 sec something new?
    No I don't, but the 1 thing I can say is this, I do not feel love for the game on the Dev's side.
    And if you think that about saying, that they play on certain day's during week, on certain houres, only at UAT, then I ask this. They play on what, Tuesday's and Thursday's, every week, and yet they can't see the problems that is bugging in this game.
    People are leaving, even diehards that love the Warhammer Univerce are leaving. And yet, there is no reaction from the dev's that are thinking how it is possible that so many people left. They have better numbers about how many people are playing every day, but a game that presents a 40k Warhammer univerce has around 1000 people/day online playing the game, i'm sorry, I have given up to the project.
    Actually, I'm waiting when some1 else makes a 40k game, that isn't a lobbyshooter, and atleast a reall MMO, with a persistant world. It takes many years, i'm prepared to wait so long, but to be honest, I don't believe that I will play this game anny longer, because this game is dying. I know it, you know it, and other people knows it
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