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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by No_1, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Ernaddon elDorado Steam Early Access

    Stream was pretty ok, im just a bit scared with all that moving to Unreal Engine 4.15 stuff, as i think this means no content at all for at least october. So actually campaigns and personal goals will save the game or bury it, well see. And no word but termies/bikes, even not in plans(
    btw some people gonna hate but ADAD will be ok if they fix melee to counter ranged a bit and fix netcode issues, nobody restricts you for ADAD, actually it has quite a fun times when you try to outmaneur some ADAD spammer
  2. Hal9000 Halcyon Well-Known Member

    Not sure how you can defend the glacial pace of game content and basic mechanics balancing being added. If you think they're doing a good job you must have colossally low expectations.

    The rest of us that aren't drinking the kool-aid have seen this for what it is...a giant black hole that sucks your money without anything significant to show for it.

    With less then a 15 man team, there isn't much you can realistically expect them to do within any short time frame. That doesn't stop them from making all sorts of statements on the stream about how "this" and "that" will drastically change and the resulting patches are completely underwhelming.
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  3. KidMeatball KidMeatball Steam Early Access

    I'm not defending the pace, only the idea that the devs promised anything more than they are giving.

    If the pace is so slow, how is it sucking any money out of you? There is hardly anything worth buying.
  4. I played 2 days ago just to see how the game has developed in the last 4-5 months. Melee was completely unreliable and I had to quit after two matches of gameplay. Power attacks do less than a fast attacks damage against defensive bash. Defensive bash is usable while getting hit with power attacks and during fast attacks, defensive bash's stun only lasts long enough for 1 fast attack or 5 bullets (aka dont melee after defensive bash, just shoot). Animations such as dodge roll trump all attacks and animations (aka if your about to get hit by defensive bash or power attack, just dodgeroll out of it). None of it works properly. Even if you start beating someone in melee, you wont drop them until you've countered them 5 or more times in a row, and that is not considering how unreliable the rock/paper/scissors system already is.
  5. Hal9000 Halcyon Well-Known Member

    Are you kidding? Every stream they put up is filled with talk about how "this feature and that feature" are coming. And then we see diddly squat.

    What have they given us the last 4 months? 3 elites for $25 a pop that aren't even worth the money. Only two of them actually look cool, but not $25 worth of cool.
    They couldn't even deliver on the 4th elite or the eldar campaign, which is probably a good thing considering how abysmally AWFUL the other campaigns were with the queue times.

    No new maps. No new weapons. No new weapon attachments. No new game modes. No new vehicles.

    Yeah they're really delivering a truckload of stuff these days. At least you would think so if you watched their stream.
    At this point the stream is just a bunch of hot air and fluff. I honestly don't know why they keep doing it every week, aside from generating false hype to try and rake in more sales for a dying game.

    I'm not putting any more money into this. But some players still do, and they're getting absolutely nothing in return for it, which is why the game is the Titanic of black holes.

    Yes, there is hardly anything worth buying. That's exactly the problem.
  6. should just let Arkhona be swallowed up by the Chaos rift = GG xD
  7. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access


    As long as we Eldar get our moment than I could not care less about most of this stuff.
  8. KidMeatball KidMeatball Steam Early Access

    The devs cant be responsible for you getting your hopes up a bit too high. Pay attention when they talk about what is coming up in the next patch and less about what they are "working on." they never really mention hard dates when they say we are looking at this or working on that. If they dont give you a day and time, what makes you think it should be available any time soon?

    Look, i think the devs are doing what they can with very little resources. That is something that is out of their control. All I'm asking is that you be a little more realistic in your expectations.
  9. Hal9000 Halcyon Well-Known Member

    If hopes of having a working melee system and more then 2 game modes and the same stale maps over a 2+ year period is considered "high", then I would hate to see what your "low" expectations are.

    "Pay attention".....what for? Over 80% of what they featured in their 2-month road map didn't even come to fruition in 4 months.
    No they didn't give a specific day and time when the melee system would be reworked, but if they put it in a 2 month road map and then double the time goes by without even a basic preview showcasing what they've done so far, that tells me they don't have anything to show for 4 months.

    Why would anyone want to financially support lack of progress and lack of communication? This game has become a bad investment.

    I think my expectations of a company that should be more transparent with the things that they claim they're working on and not charge $25 for what's essentially a cosmetic skin (and in the case of's a $25 unfinished, half-done skin) are extremely realistic.
    I think the expectations that a proper guild management system should have been in the game from day 1 are extremely reasonable.

    Your perception on what's "realistic" and what's totally bonkers is completely skewed, friend.
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  10. I get the impression the little presentation Nathan gave about mau and player retention etc had been recycled from a meeting with officials. Compare this to the 2 month roadmap we saw previously and you can tell this had been polished and practiced in order to justify the games ongoing "funding"

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