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  1. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 9

    • [0:21] Introductions.
    • [0:44] Miguel talks about the how they get ready for each Twitch stream.
    • [3:04] Production update and future plans.
    • [7:31] A talk about our early game module approach versus early access.
    • [19:50] A talk about the studio's resources.
    • [27:24] A talk about the Rogue Trader store.
    • [33:39] A talk about a fix for the spam bots in the forum.
    • [34:48] A talk about the community.
    • [36:33] A talk about the video Katie recorded, interviewing the team.
    • [39:44] Katie's video.
    • [49:57] Q&A session.
    • [1:10:10] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [50:39] What happens if 50% of the people love the first module and the other 50% hate it?
    A: It is important for us to listen to the majority of you and not the loudest majority. It also depends on what they hate and what they like.

    Q: [54:07] How are you going to balance factions when we will see a lot of players playing only Space Marines?
    A:This is why we have four factions and the free to play Orkz. There can even be guild alliances between factions.

    Q: [56:33] With Tyranids acting like an equalized against dominating factions, how will this affect a under-populated faction that is winning the war and has to spread its forces thin?
    A: If you own the most part of the map, you will have to deal with the Tyranids more.

    Q: [58:41] Are you going to change jet-packs to have more of an arced drop instead of a linear path?
    A: We are changing the way the jet-pack behaves.

    Q: [1:01:00] Will players be able to designate the vehicles they spawn as invite-only?
    A: Yes, there will be a permission-system, at least for the expensive vehicles.

    Q: [1:02:23] Will melee weapons be upgradable and customizable?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [1:03:49] Will we be able to equip different customization parts for each loadout?
    A: Yes. You will be able to chose your class and your loadout for that class with the look you set up.

    Q: [1:04:38] Will you make sure that Orkz have green blood?
    A: Yes, we want to have that.
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  2. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 10

    • [0:18] Introductions.
    • [4:23] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Gilded Bolter (Space Marines).
    • [5:07] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Rage Spinner (Chaos).
    • [6:23] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Swooping Hawk Lasblaster (Eldar).
    • [7:14] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Iron Sight Shoota (Orkz).
    • [9:16] A talk about the video showing the evolution from the place-holder models to the current models.
    • [11:04] Video reveal, the first implementation of the final model compared to the old place-holder model.
    • [13:35] Game presentation, the new Chaos model.
    • [14:30] Game presentation, the new Space marine model.
    • [18:20] Game presentation, new radar features.
    • [20:53] Game presentation, new vehicle control features.
    • [25:33] Game presentation, character customizations and loadouts.
    • [30:21] Game presentation, consumables.
    • [33:50] Game presentation, transparent character model and camera changes.
    • [36:58] A duel between Katie and Brent.
    • [38:11] Miguel talks about side-grades and the Rogue Trader Store.
    • [45:57] A tank duel between Katie and Brent, with a talk about tanks.
    • [49:41] Q&A session.
    • [56:56] A talk about multiple ways in which you can take over a base.
    • [1:06:05] For the Emperor!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [15:07] What is the "Time To Kill" (TTK) in the game?
    A: 1.8 to 2 seconds, assuming you don't miss.

    Q: [24:25] What happens when you flip your tank?
    A: For now, it will flip back.

    Q: [49:47] Will you be able to change your cosmetic look without carrying around cosmetic items in an inventory?
    A: The majority of these will be unlocks, not items. Accessories and cosmetics won't take up any space.

    Q: [51:20] How different will the emblems, banners, and insignias be different between founders packs?
    A: We want to give credit to every type of founder.

    Q: [53:55] Will you hire actual actors for the voice-over?
    A: For the final game, we will have real actors. What we have now is temporary.

    Q: [55:37] Is there a place where we can get used to the controls?
    A: In the real game, we will have places for that. For the modules, we will make sure there is something for that.

    Q: [56:40] Will players have to destroy an object before they can capture a fortress?
    A: We want you to have multiple ways to take over a base.

    Q: [59:48] Will customization flood the character model?
    A: No, the current technology will not allow us to do this. We are carefully planning it out.

    Q: [1:01:36] Is Mc.Neil being used in game development?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [1:03:01] Will the different classes within each faction have abilities that promote coop gameplay?
    A: The whole game is based on squad play. The apothecary class is a good example.
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  3. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 11

    • [0:14] Introductions.
    • [2:54] A call with Graham McNeill.
    • [8:46] Q&A session with Graham.
    • [29:21] A talk about his new book, Gods of Mars.
    • [38:30] Game presentation, the Apothecary class.
    • [42:05] Game presentation, the healing mechanic.
    • [44:50] Game presentation, a change to the revive mechanic.
    • [47:52] Game presentation, the Apothecary's poison attack.
    • [51:58] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Apollo Pattern Plasma Gun.
    • [52:54] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Hellkiss Meltagun.
    • [54:34] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Fire Dragon Fusion Gun.
    • [55:15] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Splash Burna.
    • [56:37] New Rogue Trader Store heavy weapon, Requiem Heavy Bolter.
    • [57:11] New Rogue Trader Store heavy weapon, Abaddon's Grace.
    • [57:53] New Rogue Trader Store heavy weapon, Torrent Reaper Launcher.
    • [59:02] New Rogue Trader Store heavy weapon, Da Heart Stoppa.
    • [1:04:10] Q&A session.
    • [1:12:34] Miguel talks about the founders packages and their bonuses.
    • [1:17:43] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [9:52] Will Graham be playing EternalCrusade?
    A: Duh! This is a world that I would of been writing for, for two years.

    Q: [11:10] Is this the first video game you are writing for?
    A: No, I also worked on Squad Commander and Carnage.

    Q: [13:10] Which of your works provides you with the most material and lessons to apply to crafting Arkhona's lore?
    A: When I worked with GamesWorkshop.

    Q: [15:49] What would your biggest challenges in writing about Eldar and Orks be?
    A: I've used Orks and Eldar in my stories before.

    Q: [21:31] What secrets does Arkhona hold that makes it so valuable?
    A: Too many spoilers to reveal, but we have good reasons written up for each faction.

    Q: [24:12] How was it writing for an MMO vs other forms of entertainment?
    A: In an MMO, you are not constrained. The story can keep going and going.

    Q: [27:07] Any chances that you will write a full novel about Arkhona?
    A: It is possible. There is potential for it.

    Q: [50:57] What is the equivalent of the Apothecary for the other factions?
    A: The Sorcerer(Chaos), Warlock(Eldar) and Pain Boy(Orks) and the equivalent support classes.

    Q: [1:04:30] Any update on the 5th sub-faction?
    A: It is not a focus right now.

    Q: [1:06:41] Will sorcerers be able to fill the same roles with benedictions and healing spells?
    A: They will be able to rescue allies from a distance, but it will be slower and they will be less durable. The role is the same but the mechanics are different.

    Q: [1:07:57] Where will we be able to purchase furniture, statues, etc?
    A: We want to have the "personal space", but it is not our focus right now.

    Q: [1:09:22] Will we be able to customize the appearance of the vehicle we spawn?
    A: Yep.

    Q: [1:09:34] When will we be able to register guilds on the website?
    A: It is something we are working on. It will be like the StarCitizen organizations.

    Q: [1:11:22] Why won't Chaos have an evil version of the Apothecary instead of the Sorcerer?
    A: The Sorcerer is more iconic.
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  4. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 12

    • [0:16] Introductions.
    • [0:46] In-game battle begins.
    • [2:00] A talk about rim lights, reflex ions and physically based rendering.
    • [3:22] Apothecary color update.
    • [4:19] Character becomes transparent when your back is to the wall and a talk about faction specific executions.
    • [8:45] Game presentation, transparent model when your back is to the wall.
    • [12:19] Game presentation, the "black and white" stage after you are revived.
    • [16:03] A talk about suppressive fire.
    • [21:29] Game animations and improvements session.
    • [25:51] Game presentation, vaulting changes.
    • [31:04] Game presentation, Lascannon changes.
    • [32:11] Game presentation, grenade animation changes.
    • [35:04] Game presentation, tank-gun camera.
    • [38:05] Introductions part2, Shawn the level designer comes in.
    • [38:44] Game presentation, Void-shield generator model.
    • [43:09] Website presentation, the Free to Waaagh page.
    • [51:04] A talk about the Rogue Trader store and Founders store.
    • [53:54] Q&A session.
    • [56:11] Game presentation, heavy melee attacks.
    • [1:00:24] Miguel talks about what the team is focusing on right now.
    • [1:04:46] Game presentation, Predator and Rhino crew positions.
    • [1:10:35] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [5:21] Is there a storyline?
    A: Yes there is and it is written by Graham McNeill.

    Q: [7:05] What kind of game will Eternal Crusade be?
    A: An MMO similar to PlanetSide2.

    Q: [11:14] Any chance of Steam Early-access for this game?
    A: It is work in progress.

    Q: [19:24] Will you get some scaring on your armor?
    A: We are looking into technology that can add damage and gore to your armor.

    Q: [54:04] Will we see more melee damage types, the the poison from the Apothecary?
    A: There will be different damage types, but it won't be like in a traditional MMO. There won't be any defenses or resistances to counter them.

    Q: [55:42] Will there be Quick Time Events (QTE)?
    A: No, melee combat will be skill-based.

    Q: [58:25] Can the Apothecary use the Chain-sword and Bolt-pistol?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [1:00:00] What is the short list of projects you are working on?
    A: The main focus right now is to make the Space Marines and Chaos Marines perfect. We are also working on the early game module for "early access".

    Q: [1:03:53] Do vehicles have multiple crew-spaces and is the main gun driver controlled?
    A: Predators have one driver and four gunners. The driver can't drive and shoot at the same time.

    Q: [1:06:33] Is the laser-pointer a permanent feature of the Lascannon?
    A: We are keeping it in for now. It is there because we do not want this weapons to be used as a sniper rifle against other players.

    Q: [1:08:11] After you die in-game, will there be any display of your killer?
    A: Not yet, but we are working on it.
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  5. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 13

    • [0:23] Introductions.
    • [4:31] Katie's true nature is revealed due to the warp storm above her head.
    • [5:30] Game presentation, Sorcerer class reveal and campaign map sneak peak (from the early access version).
    • [12:58] Video presentation, new Chaos Raptor model.
    • [19:00] Introductions part 2, Brent and Alexis come in.
    • [20:23] Game presentation, new melee mechanics.
    • [38:46] Game presentation, the Assault class's ground slam.
    • [43:43] Game presentation, the shoulder bash attack.
    • [45:08] Game presentation, new grenade model.
    • [46:20] Game presentation, new Stalker Bolter model.
    • [47:50] Game presentation, the Chaos group leader.
    • [53:03] Video presentation, the Space Marine group leader.
    • [54:42] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Relic Powerfist (Space Marines).
    • [57:05] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Deathlock Cestus Powerfist (Chaos).
    • [57:37] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Mael Dannan (Eldar - Dire Avenger).
    • [59:38] New Rogue Trader Store weapon, Power Rippa (Orkz).
    • [1:01:29] Picture of the snow, a talk about early access.
    • [1:06:08] Q&A session.
    • [1:09:51] Brent reveals the status, of the work in progress to get the game on Steam.
    • [1:12:18] A hypothetical talk about Steam and the revenue that would EC receives.
    • [1:25:40] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [33:50] Can a power-attack be blocked with another power-attack?
    A: Depends on the power of the weapon.

    Q: [58:52] Will my armor pieces match or will they all be different colors?
    A: Everything will be in line with the IP, but we will look into customization.

    Q: [1:06:16] What was with the 5 million dollar loan?
    A: It is a cheap loan that is part of our financial plan. We are waiting to make sure we get the publisher this game deserves.

    Q: [1:11:07] Will the Tactical class be able to use more than one primary weapons?
    A: The strengths of the Tactical are versatility. Even though you can carry two primary weapons, it comes at a loadout cost.

    Q: [1:14:48] Will banners give any time of buffs to surrounding players?
    A: For now, it is group specific.

    Q: [1:15:24] Can we expect all of the grenades from the Table-Top (TT) game?
    A: Frag, Krack, Melta, and Heywire(maybe). We will look if we need the others.

    Q: [1:16:28] What other types of abilities can we expect for the Sorcerer?
    A: We will start with the basic four categories: Witch-fires, novas, blessings, and maledictions.

    Q: [1:17:34] What customization options will we see for the Sorcerer and Apothecary?
    A: There will be multiple loadout options. Trinkets, weapons, armor pieces, etc.

    Q: [1:19:15] If a standard-bearer is downed, can someone else pick up the banner?
    A: Currently, we only have the emblem on the backpack.

    Q: [1:19:43] Will there be some way to decide how far you want to throw the grenade?
    A: As long as it works, we are happy to stick with the angle-throwing.

    Q: [1:21:07] In the novels, Space Marine grenades are small while Ork grenades are bigger, Will it be the same here?
    A: We will be able to have more flexibility than in the TT games.

    Q: [1:21:50] Will the Stalker Bolter be Hit-scan or projectile based?
    A: The sniper play is not a focus for us right now, we will look into it more later.

    Q: [1:22:39] How will force weapons work and will there be a wild variety?
    A: For launch, there will be force swords and force axes for Space Marines/Chaos, and Witchblades and Singing Spears for Eldar (Warlock).

    Q: [1:23:23] Do you have to buy grenades with Rogue Trader Points (RTP)?
    A: They will be part of your inventory.
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  6. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Warp Echoes - Episode 1

    • [0:18] Introductions.
    • [2:34] Houman talks about his Ork costume.
    • [3:22] An introduction to what the mini-Twitch videos (Warp Echoes) are about.
    • [6:38] Internal playtest footage session.
    • Playtest footage #1 [7:49] Katie and Houman duel with another team.
    • Playtest footage #2 [8:34] A 2v2 fight at Outpost Alpha.
    • Playtest footage #3 [9:11] Houman charges a sniper with his assault class.
    • Playtest footage #4 [10:02] Katie and Houman assault two Tactical marines.
    • Playtest footage #5 [10:55] Houman gets sniped while cheering over his recent kill.
    • Playtest footage #6 [11:28] Katie and Houman die holding hands.
    • Playtest footage #7 [12:31] Katie and Houman dominating.
    • [13:45] First giveaway question.
    • Playtest footage #8 [14:08] Katie and Houman dominating again.
    • Playtest footage #9 [14:49] Grenade propelled tanks.
    • [16:41] Winner of the first giveaway.
    • Playtest footage #10 [17:11] Updated Apothecary models using two different loadouts.
    • Playtest footage #11 [17:47] Houman snipes a traitor and his tank, then they both get ambushed while celebrating.
    • Playtest footage #12 [18:44] tank column charges an outpost.
    • Playtest footage #13 [20:27] Houman tries to charge two Space Marines.
    • Playtest footage #14 [21:22] Houman cuts down two Space Marines with a Heavy Bolter.
    • [22:00] Introductions part2, Nicolas comes in.
    • [23:30] Dev team fun facts session staring Nicolas Brunoni and his fan art from 1997.
    • Fan art #1 [23:47] Eldar vs Space Wolves
    • Fan art #2 [25:31] Eldar vs Eldar
    • Fan art #3 [26:35] Imperial Guards vs Orkz
    • Fan art #4 [26:45] Eldar vs Chaos Daemons
    • Fan art #5 [26:56] Space Wolves vs Blood Angels
    • Fan art #6 [27:18] Imperial Guards vs Orkz
    • Fan art #7 [27:32] Chaos Space Marines vs Tyranids
    • Fan art #8 [28:10] Chaos Daemons vs Eldar (view 1)
    • [28:23] Chaos Daemons vs Eldar (view2)
    • [28:29] Chaos Daemons vs Eldar (full view)
    • Fan art #9 [28:54] Imperial Guards vs Tyranids (view 1)
    • [29:06] Imperial Guards vs Tyranids (view 2)
    • [29:13] Imperial Guards vs Tyranids (full view)
    • [30:06] Fan art submission from Teliri.
    • [34:55] Introductions part3, Brent walks in.
    • [36:47] Miguel talks about the early access module and Steam.
    • [41:31] Fan art submission, The Ellison protects.
    • [41:55] Q&A session.
    • [49:42] Second giveaway question.
    • [52:36] Winner of the second giveaway.
    • [54:20] Third giveaway question.
    • [55:25] Winner of the third giveaway.
    • [1:14:08] Small-Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [32:02] What is Nicolas's favorite Primarch?
    A: He does not know, he is an Eldar fan.

    Q: [33:38] How long did it take Nicolas to do each fan art piece?
    A: About a day for the big ones and half a day for the smaller ones.

    Q: [42:14] What motivates each member of the team?
    A: For Miguel, making people happy and doing things differently. For Brent, making the game the best experience. For Katie, the community. For Houman, seeing the evolution of the game and being in an awesome team.

    Q: [45:17] Do you feel like the heavy support class is currently under-powered?
    A: It was for a while. This class has the ability to control a space.

    Q: [47:20] Will we have more story details released?
    A: We will release another short story from Graham.

    Q: [50:21] When can we see the skins/models for the other sub factions?
    A: We have the colors done, but we have been focusing on doing one at a time in order to get all the details right.

    Q: [57:15] What else will the Apothecary be able to do?
    A: His job is to be a force multiplier. He can apply poisons to himself or other characters. We are looking into it.

    Q: [58:19] Can we get a queue-counter to see how many founders are ahead of us in the queue for the early access module?
    A: When the early access goes live on Steam, Captains and above get access in the first month, Sergeant in the 2nd month and Warrior in the third month. The order for the founders in each founder tier to gain access to the early access module is the order they bought the founders packs in.

    Q: [1:02:38] Katie is an inspiring champion of Khorne or Tzeentch?
    A: Katie is bloodthirsty, so Khorne.

    Q: [1:04:43] Are you guys up for a devs vs founders match?
    A: Miguel wants to have a "kill a dev day" every month, so yes.

    Q: [1:07:46] Will there be a universal pool of psychic powers to draw from, like in the Table-Top (TT)?
    A: Our game is not based on the TT, it is based on the lore. We will look at what is more iconic.

    Q: [1:08:53] Is early access Alpha/Beta or "early game module"?
    A: It is a game module. It will be a limited version of the game, a slice.

    Q: [1:10:24] Will "leaders" de able to put "defend here" or "attacks here" markers on the map?
    A: Yes. There will be multiple layers of command that can place different types of markers, maybe with rewards for completing.
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  7. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp - Episode 14

    • [0:22] Introductions.
    • [5:12] User interface presentation, Heads Up Display (HUD).
    • [7:00] User interface presentation, damaged HUD.
    • [7:39] User interface presentation, different faction HUD.
    • [11:45] UI mockup #1.
    • [12:27] UI mockup #2.
    • [12:31] UI mockup #3.
    • [12:39] UI mockup #4.
    • [14:21] A look at how everything is planned, using the grey box.
    • [15:00] Interface presentation v1, game start.
    • [16:38] Interface presentation v1, chapter selection.
    • [17:01] Interface presentation v1, character naming.
    • [17:23] Interface presentation v2, game start.
    • [18:30] Interface presentation v2, faction selection.
    • [18:46] Interface presentation v2, character naming.
    • [19:34] A talk about the faction-less and faction-specific interface.
    • [21:29] Interface presentation v3, game start.
    • [22:45] Interface presentation v3, faction selection.
    • [24:04] Interface presentation v3, chapter selection.
    • [29:05] Fenrisian Wolf (Space Wolves).
    • [30:31] A talk about the UI for PC and consoles.
    • [32:07] Interface presentation, loadouts.
    • [33:17] Interface presentation, Tactical loadout.
    • [35:04] Interface presentation, weapon selection.
    • [35:22] Interface presentation, accessory selection.
    • [36:05] Interface presentation, weapon upgrade selection.
    • [37:29] Interface presentation, ammunition upgrade selection.
    • [39:24] Interface presentation, advancement selection (Space Marine).
    • [41:02] Interface presentation, advancement selection (Chaos).
    • [43:54] Nick talks about how the loadouts menu will work.
    • [47:38] Early HUD grid mockup.
    • [49:46] Current HUD mockup.
    • [50:28] Interface presentation, the game UI (without the game connected).
    • [1:01:57] Giveaway question.
    • [1:06:16] Giveaway winner.
    • [1:08:10] November reference giveaway winner #3.
    • [1:08:52] November reference giveaway winner #2.
    • [1:10:08] November reference giveaway winner #1.
    • [1:12:05] Q&A session.
    • [1:16:44] Random giveaway winner.
    • [1:17:51] Waaagh!
    • [1:18:08] Waaagh team introductions.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [20:00] Will the UI be different between sub-factions?
    A: We are looking into it.

    Q: [58:50] Can we hide parts or all of the HUD?
    A: Yes, you will be able to play with the settings. The HUD will also be minimalistic.

    Q: [1:03:07] How much of a priority are visual effects for customization?
    A: We are looking into it. Some of these might only be for your client.

    Q: [1:12:18] How many personal stats will we be able to see?
    A: We are still defining how many there will be.

    Q: [1:13:53] Can crew members contribute to a tank's survivability?
    A: There are no perks/buffs for people inside the vehicle, but there are repair kits.
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  8. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp - Episode 15

    • [0:22] Introductions.
    • [0:58] Geoff talks about the new work that they are going to present, from a production point of view..
    • [7:38] Steven talks about more changes, from a level-design perspective.
    • [12:25] A five minute in-game battle.
    • [16:18] Destructible gate revealed.
    • [19:42] Razor mouse giveaway winner.
    • [20:32] Warrior-pack giveaway question.
    • [22:26] Warrior-pack giveaway winner.
    • [22:57] Q&A session.
    • [43:12] Razor headset giveaway winner.
    • [44:43] Second Warrior-pack giveaway question.
    • [46:50] Second Warrior-pack giveaway winner.
    • [48:43] Fan-art presentation.
    • [49:58] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [23:35] Will Space Marines hold the gun in only one hand or both?
    A: Currently we are working on using only one animation for as many weapons as possible, but we will look into it.

    Q: [24:39] Questions about the Bolter sound.
    A:All the sounds we have are the first iteration. They will improve.

    Q: [25:33] Are there any plans to update the character models?
    A: Everything is being updated and nothing is final.

    Q: [27:57] What is the reason for the mission-select screen?
    A: It was to introduce new players to the universe.

    Q: [30:05] Will heavier classes like Terminators go into a down state?
    A: We don't have an answer yet.

    Q: [30:46] Can we expect a knock-back system?
    A: There is already a force and stagger system implemented.

    Q: [31:44] Will the game discourage redeploying around the map?
    A: There will be a "pool spawn" and if you spawn in a base where you don't own a point, it will cost you "spawn points". This is work in progress.

    Q: [34:23] Will we have a chance to test the Rogue Trader Store items before purchasing them?
    A: Not in the first early access. The next one will have a database and you should have access to at least some of them.

    Q: [37:19] How will dead bodies decay?
    A: We don't want to waste resources on dead bodies so your corpse is destroyed, for now.

    Q: [39:16] Will the stats be class or character bound?
    A: You are the same Space Marine, but your stats depend on the class you invested in.

    Q: [41:56] Will we be able to sever limbs?
    A: We talked about it, but we are not sure yet. Maybe in executions.
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  9. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Warp Echoes - Episode 2

    • [0:16] Introductions.
    • [1:47] Miguel reveals the new EC senior producer, Nathan.
    • [3:15] Nathan hugs.
    • [3:31] Nathan talks about himself
    • [6:48] Nathan says: "For the Emperor" in Icelandic.
    • [11:10] Nathan talks about his vision for EC
    • [14:30] Nathan reveals his "scars".
    • [18:05] Winner of the first giveaway.
    • [18:32] Miguel talks about the change in BE and reveals that he is leaving the company.
    • [19:43] More Nathan hugs.
    • [25:08] Even more hugs.
    • [31:53] Winner of the second giveaway.
    • [33:30] Miguel reveals that Nathan is single and available.
    • [34:05] Sexy pictures!
    • Sexy picture #1 [34:09] Nathan drinking in Mexico.
    • Sexy picture #2 [34:15] Wigs.
    • Sexy picture #3 [34:21] Spandex costumes.
    • Sexy picture #4 [34:54] Lesbian T-shirt.
    • Sexy picture #5 [35:30] Halloween costume.
    • Sexy picture #6 [35:52] The WTF presentation.
    • Sexy picture #7 [36:52] Nice dress, hot legs.
    • Sexy picture #8 [37:09] Hello kitty.
    • [38:30] Q&A session.
    • [46:03] Waaagh!
    • [46:18] Another Nathan hug.
    • [46:23] Miguel dissolves into the warp.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [7:51] What types of games does Nathan like to play?
    A: X-wing, Dune 2, Quake, Wolfenstein, Battlefield 1942, Civilizations, Baldur's Gate, Planetside, EVE Online, Defiance, etc.

    Q: [12:30] Can Nathan beat Katie in a 1v1?
    A: Of course!

    Q: [13:25] What will you be bringing to the team as far as overall progression?
    A: He likes spandex. The producer expands on everything, not just the game.

    Q: [15:04] Can Nathan describe EC in 10 words or less?
    A: In the grim dark future, there is only war.

    Q: [38:38] How many languages does Nathan speak?
    A: Too many, ~7.

    Q: [40:43] Will Nathan be as transparent as Miguel?
    A: That is the plan.
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  10. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Warp Echoes - Episode 3

    • [0:15] Introductions.
    • [1:26] Eldar war leader art piece and discussion.
    • [4:46] A talk about the Eldar 5th sub-faction.
    • [8:20] Talk about the Eldar leader's weapons.
    • [11:10] Details for the cosplay contest.
    • [12:53] Fan video with questions regarding the Space Marine armor.
    • [15:09] Space Marine colors and badges.
    • [18:22] Chaos Space Marines colors and badges.
    • [21:36] Warrior pack giveaway question.
    • [23:07] Giveaway winner selected.
    • [56:54] Second giveaway winner.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [23:32] Why doesn't Katie have a beard?
    A: Hormones?

    Q: [25:23] What do you think about the community made models and have the models been updated?
    A: What you saw earlier was sketches, not models.

    Q: [27:33] Can we get explosives with huge blow-backs but low damage?
    A: We have stopped experimenting during twitch videos. We would like blow-backs, but we are limited by the MMO.

    Q: [29:23] At the end of a campaign, will there be faction-specific narrative for the winning race?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [30:28] When will we see more gameplay?
    A: We are currently restricted in what we can show. In the next two months you will be shown new things.

    Q: [31:23] Any news on allowing people to visit the studio during certain times?
    A: We are working on a plan.

    Q: [32:24] Are there any plans on adding stealth in the game?
    A: There are plans, but not the kind of stealth that you are used to.

    Q: [33:15] Will we be able to get bionics and such?
    A: Yes. It remains to be seen if it will only have visual effects.

    Q: [34:52] Will people who participate in founders access get instant access to founders beta or are you going to use wave-based access on both?
    A: No for beta because we need to accommodate everyone.

    Q: [35:50] What are the reasons for picking the three craft worlds?
    A: They fit with the narrative and they have a distinctive color pallet.

    Q: [38:18] So is there anything new coming to the Rogue trader store?
    A: Yes. The checkout is coming soon as well.

    Q: [40:12] How will we experience the story without quests?
    A: You are going to have to wait and see.

    Q: [41:39] Before checkout, could we have a 360' view of the model?
    A: For the moment no.

    Q: [42:44] What are you currently working on?
    A: We are moving forward, but we can't show most of it.

    Q: [46:01] Do you have any plans of making a cinematic trailer before the game comes out?
    A: We are debating it, but would like something.

    Q: [49:38] Will there be certain battles that will move the narrative to a new phase?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [50:54] Will the game have friendly fire?
    A: Yes.
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