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  1. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Twitch Episode Summaries

    This thread contains a list of all the Into the Warp and Warp Echoes episodes. Each episode has a Summary and Questions and Answers section with time-stamps that link you to that exact time in the video to help you find what are looking for.

    • The episode summaries will be written in time, please be patient.
    • To receive notifications when a new summary is posted, click Watch Thread.
    • If you find a bad link, typo, or mistake in one of the episode summaries, pm me and I will fix it.

    Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp episodes

    Eternal Crusade: Warp Echoes episodes
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  2. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 1

    • [0:20] Introductions.
    • [3:05] First pre-alpha game reveal.
    • [5:22] First execution.
    • [6:09] First Predator and Rhino vehicle reveal. There is one driver seat and four gunner seats in the Predator.
    • [9:15] Friendly-fire and friendly-fire consequences are announced.
    • [14:09] Basic controls explained.
    • [15:06] Melee fight and execution.
    • [16:33] Melee fight, breaking a guard-stance.
    • [18:24] Melee weapons clashing demonstration.
    • [21:30] Exploding vehicles. When it is on fire, it is about to explode and you have to get out or you die.
    • [23:15] Revive mechanic and Devastator demonstrations.
    • [27:15] Talk about the four categories of location: Outposts, Depots, Fortresses, and Strongholds.
    • [34:23] Assault class overview. You can double-jump and even use walls to jump off of.
    • [38:10] Sneak peak into class loadouts.
    • [40:52] Talk about resource income/budget.
    • [42:48] The monetization model talk. You have full access when you buy the game, there are founders-only items and cash-shop.
    • [52:00] Physic powers details.
    • [56:35] Outro and future plans.
    • [1:04:35] Predator seats and health display.
    • [1:06:08] Waaagh!
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  3. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [5:54] Will there be any kind of upgrades to purchase for our vehicles? (Like weapon upgrades.)
    A: There will be several loadouts for the Predator tank.

    Q: [8:13] Is this an arena-shooter like Counter-Strike or an open-world game?
    A: This is a massively multiplayer online game and it's completely open-world where you can drive across entire continents of multiple kilometers.

    Q: [11:00] To what degree will the vehicles reflect each unique faction?
    A: The vehicles will be unique for each faction.

    Q: [11:54] When will we seen Orks and Eldar?
    A: There is work being done. As soon as we have something that we can show, we will.

    Q: [12:57] Will we be able to duel-wield? (Like chain-sword and pistol.)
    A: You can dual-wield a melee weapon and a pistol for now. We will work on stuff like dual pistols or dual-melee weapons later.

    Q: [14:41] Will Dark Angels get robes?
    A: Yes, we are working on it. They have to look like Dark Angels.

    Q: [16:26] Is there any form of aim-assist in melee attacks? Will you hit everything in an area or will your attacks be locked to a single target?
    A: There is an auto-aim when you approach your target. (A marker shows above their head.) The attack itself can damage other nearby enemies, but it is directed at a particular target.

    Q: [17:10] Will there be better Bolter sound?
    A: Everything you see here is a work in progress, we are not even in Alpha yet. Everything will change and improve.

    Q: [18:09] Can you tell us more about weapon collision, like when your swords clash? (Will it happen every time?)
    A: It depends on the weapon types and the time of attack.

    Q: [20:03] Will terrain be destroyable?
    A: There will be elements that can be destroyed, but not everything.

    Q: [21:06] What are you planning on showing today?
    A: This live-stream is all about combat and vehicle mechanics.

    Q: [22:04] Will the Devastator class be able to block melee attacks?
    A: Yes, all classes have a melee option and a guard. Some classes are better at guarding than others.

    Q: [24:46] Will there be gender options for Eldar?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [24:57] After capturing a supply base, will there be a grace period on the capture?
    A: There is a grace period after you capture a base, where you have to defend it before using it.

    Q: [25:52] Will the spawning system be player drive?
    A: You can use a Rhino as a mobile spawn point.

    Q: [26:28] Will there be memorable locations like ruined cities destroyed Titans?
    A: There will absolutely be memorable places and Titan pieces.

    Q: [29:35] How will you handle spawn/base camping?
    A: Our spawn buildings are large and have a lot of exists. We are also thinking about alternative spawns.

    Q: [30:52] Will you add more SM factions like Grey Knights / Sisters of Battle?
    A: Once we've launched the game, we are hoping to eventually include every playable faction/chapter.

    Q: [32:40] Will we have drop pods?
    A: Yes, we plan to have them as an expensive way to get you to the battlefield. There will also be blockers for this.

    Q: [33:15] Is this game the same as SpaceMarine?
    A: SpaceMarine is a big inspiration for us, but there are areas where we divert from it. Game will be more tactical than an arena game.

    Q: [35:08] Will the effectiveness of blocking and parrying depend on the weapon you are holding?
    A: When you are using a gun to block, you will not be great at it. There is a "guard" meter and the force of the incoming attack decides how much it takes away.

    Q: [36:44] Can I be a ground-based assault class?
    A: Yes. You could use a storm-shield to replace the jet-pack or a vehicle to get you closer.

    Q: [37:50] Can you tell us more about the point-based system?
    A: Every item in your build costs points. Some items are limited by class, others by total capacity.

    Q: [39:48] Can you shed some light on hero classes?
    A: You earn hero classes and they can be used periodically on the battlefield. We want heroes to be very powerful, with a high reward when you kill them.

    Q: [41:57] How will special chapter-specific classes be?
    A: We don't want to break the lore. We will have chapter-specific classes, but we want to see what fits in the game.

    Q: [42:43] How much will each faction cost after you buy the game?
    A: When you buy the game, you have access to every faction and all of the classes.

    Q: [45:42] How do you plan on making a distinctive feel for each faction in combat?
    A: They will work differently.

    Q: [47:28] How are you going to make territory control meaningful? (Mid & long-term goals.)
    A: We want permanent results. It is a single-server world. Controlling territories gives you access to specific resources. Winning the campaign will have an impact on the next one. You also learn about the history and secrets of the location you capture.

    Q: [51:34] Will you add Grunts for the Orks?
    A: They will be in the game.

    Q: [51:54] How will psychic powers work?
    A: There are different types of powers. They do not charge on their own, you either have to charge them somewhere or perform certain tasks. There is also a "perils" meter that grows the more you use powers.

    Q: [55:20] Lords of war / super-heavy vehicles?
    A: We will not add Lords of war or Super-heavy vehicles for launch. You won't see a battlefield with a Titan because that would ruin the infantry combat and we want to focus on infantry.
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  4. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 2

    • [0:10] Introductions.
    • [11:47] No more than 5% of the total population is allowed to own lore items.
    • [14:40] No Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA), except maybe for Alpha. We want to be transparent.
    • [20:39] Steven Lumpkin has a bachelor degree in Opera singing.
    • [26:02] Houman Waaaghs and gets his toy.
    • [27:45] Art Director and Lead Designer join in.
    • [28:28] Game presentation, basic Chaos model.
    • [31:43] Game presentation, basic Eldar (Dire Avenger) model.
    • [33:58] Game presentation, basic Eldar (Dark Reaper) model.
    • [37:20] Game presentation, basic Ork model.
    • [39:16] Game presentation, basic Tyranid (Hormagaunt) model.
    • [40:31] Game presentation, basic Tyranid (Termagant) model.
    • [40:59] Game presentation, textured Tyranid Hormagaunt.
    • [41:21] Game presentation, basic Tyranid (Warrior) model.
    • [41:38] Game presentation, textured Tyranid Warrior.
    • [44:07] Game presentation, basic Space Marin model.
    • [1:03:21] Miguel talks about items, their descriptions and the free to play players.
    • [1:11:04] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [1:28] How was Miguel's vacation?
    A: He only took one week off, it was a great time.

    Q: [2:36] Stretch goals, are they still a thing?
    A: We don't want to use crown funding. Whenever you spend money on EC, you get value back. No buyers remorse here.

    Q: [7:54] Is this game going down the path of StarCitizen and monetizing too much before release?
    A: SC is out other project and it uses crown funding. We use pre-order.

    Q: [10:45] Can we expect the prices in the Rogue store to go down?
    A: After talks with the team, they will be priced in a way that makes sense.

    Q: [17:22] Will bhvr open an online store (merchandise)?
    A: We want to, but not yet.

    Q: [19:02] Did Houman get his new toy?
    A: No, not yet.

    Q: [21:41] How regularly will you arrange contests?
    A: Quite often, we like hosting contests.

    Q: [23:38] If Houman gets his toy, who will be his first victim?
    A: Michael Chan, Brent or Mathieu F.

    Q: [25:24] What does Houman & his team do?
    A: Houman is a 1-man team. He does prep-work with test plans for the game. Mostly planning.

    Q: [34:17] Will the look of the characters change as they progress through the game?
    A: Yes, you get more customizations. There are also plans to have battle marks on the armor.

    Q: [45:20] Are we getting different mochups for the different factions?
    A: Yes. They will each stand out from each other. No dance moves, we want to respect the IP. There will however be emotes.

    Q: [49:02] Are we going to see Space Marines blown up by their own plasma weapon malfunction?
    A: These things will be possible, but it won't be random. It will be your fault if your weapon overloads.

    Q: [49:53] Will the store be used for custom looks or will our characters come with the basic lore armor?
    A: SM will have the Mk.7 armor by default. Mk.4,5 and 6 are in the store and other you will be able to unlock.

    Q: [51:00] Why are the Tyranids Non Playable Characters (NPC)?
    A: A Tyranid is controlled by a Hive-mind. It would be against the lore if you see a Tyranid walking around and emoting. It is not in the plan to make Tyranids playable characters.

    Q: [52:10] What other NPC races will we have?
    A: Too early to say. There may be Orkz, Chaos Deamons, or Necrons. We will see post-launch.

    Q: [54:51] Will we have god-marks and god-goodies(Chaos)?
    A:You can make a Nurgle / Khorne build and play in that play-syle. There will be more post-launch.

    Q: [58:25] Will there be god-specific weapons (Chaos)?
    A: The cult ones will be there once we do the cult classes.

    Q: [58:46] Will there be Thunderwolf mounts for Space Wolves?
    A: Maybe post-launch.

    Q: [1:00:26] Is there any kind of stealth in the game? If yes, how will it work?
    A: We plan to have stealth, but don't have any details yet.

    Q: [1:00:54] Will the Space Marine be affected by their genetic default?
    A: We want to do each chapter right. We are starting with the core pieces of each chapter.
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  5. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 3

    • [00:47] Introductions.
    • [02:50] The 6v6 in-game battle begins.
    • [16:11] New contest announced.
    • [22:30] Steven talks about a base's capture mechanics and the lascannon is revealed.
    • [36:00] Q&A session.
    • [48:10] Loadouts with buff banners mentioned.
    • [50:00] A talk about plans for lighting in the game.
    • [53:42] Game presentation, day/night cycle revealed.
    • [1:05:45] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [18:26] Are we hiring any QA testers in Montreal?
    A: At this point no, but please send us your applications because we will hire QA testers at some point.

    Q: [19:43] Has Katie played the game yet?
    A: Of course!

    Q: [22:06] Is it strictly 3rd person or will it switch?
    A: When you zoom in, it becomes a 1st person view.

    Q: [36:13] The kick that is used to break blocks, can we use it to interrupt attacks?
    A: If you kick someone, you will stagger them, even if they are not blocking.

    Q: [36:51] How will we manage our clan in-game?
    A: We will have everything you expect from an MMO.

    Q: [37:34] When transferring from the 3rd person view to the 1st person view, will the crosshair migrate?
    A: We want them to be in the same location.

    Q: [38:21] How will health and armor mechanics be different between the races?
    A: The core will be similar. Each faction will have different content and abilities.

    Q: [40:03] Will there be multiple run animations?
    A: Not at the moment, though the animation does depend on the speed you are moving at.

    Q: [41:16] Will limited edition Heresy equipment be restocked?
    A: We want to always have it, but to limit it to 5% of the population.

    Q: [42:10] What happens when you level up?
    A: There is no leveling up. The XP or secondary resource is sued to get more tools.

    Q: [43:42] Will the Mk3 iron helmet be able to deflect head shots like in the lore?
    A: We will have head items and we do want to try and respect the lore.

    Q: [45:34] When will we hear Steven sing?
    A: Not this week.

    Q: [46:13] What benefits will we have for fighting in a squad?
    A: There will be no in-game benefits, but we are exploring it. If you develop your progression together, you will fight better together.

    Q: [48:00] Will any of the character classes provide team bonuses?
    A: Support classes can provide benefits, but they are not a team-buff. Loadouts can be equipped with banners and that person gives a buff around you.

    Q: [49:00] Will we see any interior base fighting for the larger bases?
    A: Yes. We want to support interior fighting and offer an advantage for the assault classes.

    Q: [50:47] Can you set the rendering settings from a config file?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [51:00] Will you have ragdoll physics?
    A: Not completely ragdoll, but a combination between ragdol and animated deaths.

    Q: [51:34] Can we expect to see more types of death and injury?
    A:We just started working on that. We will start "special deaths" for insta-kills like from lascannons.

    Q: [56:22] Is the daytime going to be the same globally?
    A: Yes, it will be the same for everybody.

    Q: [57:17] Will there be any true advantages in the day/night cycle?
    A: The fog does limit your view distance. We want to be careful about putting anything in the game that could be nullified.

    Q: [59:42] How big is the world going to be?
    A: We've divided the world into continents. Eight by eight kilometers with at least four continents. There will be no "home territory" in each continent, you must conquer your way across.

    Q: [1:01:33] Thoughts / plans about the weather system?
    A: We will look into it, though realistic weather is tricky.

    Q: [1:04:08] How will the Tyranids emerge?
    A: Capillaries.
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  6. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 4

    • [0:15] Introductions.
    • [1:05] The 6v6 in-game battle begins, focusing on the Chaos side.
    • [4:52] Steven talks about his team and level design.
    • [13:49] Steven talks a bit about vehicles and their loadouts.
    • [14:24] Steven talks a bit about jetpacks and fuel consumption.
    • [26:44] The animation director discusses game animations and how they were recorded.
    • [31:16] Game presentation, Space Marine animations.
    • [33:36] Game presentation, Tyranid animations.
    • [34:15] Q&A session.
    • [37:03] Steven talks about the Stalker Bolter, it's range, burst mode and blocking.
    • [49:09] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [4:40] What skillset do you use as a level designer?
    A: Steven's level designers create layouts with basic shapes.

    Q: [7:26] Will we see the other melee weapons?
    A: Absolutely. Right now we are primarily using the chain sword, but there are more to come, including unique weapons for each faction.

    Q: [8:50] Can you save a team-mate from being executed and revive him after?
    A: You can interrupt an execution, yes.

    Q: [10:09] Will there be other fast attack units like biker-marines?
    A: Yes. You can't spawn as a bike-marine, but you can spawn a bike.

    Q: [11:45] Can you use melee attacks while on a bike?
    A: We are planning some way to allow you to do that.

    Q: [12:07] Are the graphics final?
    A: No, this is pre-alpha.

    Q: [12:54] Are there any charge/shoulder attacks?
    A: If you are sprinting and you hit the melee button as a tactical marine, you bash into people with your shoulder.

    Q: [16:54] Is this just a slice of the map or an arena?
    A: We built this arena to test the game. It will be bigger.

    Q: [17:40] Does friendly fire include melee attacks?
    A: Currently, you can kill your allies using melee attacks.

    Q: [18:42] Will you keep the blood splatters when you get shot by a bolter?
    A: It is something we are working on, because we do want you to get the "armor feeling".

    Q: [20:45] Did you gather inspiration from other games for the creation of the levels?
    A: We draw inspiration from anywhere we can.

    Q: [22:15] Where will new players spawn? Will it be a home-base that is immune from attacks?
    A: You start the game in your cruiser. From there you deploy to a base or deep strike. There will even be an island that your faction controls.

    Q: [24:28] Do we have a release date for the firing range?
    A: We are trying to get the game into your hands as soon as possible. January or sooner.

    Q: [34:32] When you get attacks by a melee weapon, can you hold up your bolter to deflect the blade?
    A: Yes, that is in the game right now.

    Q: [35:12] Are all of these animations done from scratch by animators?
    A: Yes, we created everything. It will be improved/replaced later though.

    Q: [36:52] What is the affective range of the Stalker Bolter?
    A: 150 meters with a maximum range of 200 meters.

    Q: [39:45] How much of the melee combat is choreographed with motion capture?
    A: All of it.

    Q: [40:27] Will there be different types of finishing moves than the ones we say thus far?
    A: Yes, we will have more.

    Q: [40:40] Will you be attackable while you do executions? If so, will there be longer/shorter executions?
    A:You can be interrupted, so you need to be careful.

    Q: [41:40] How long would it take to mocap (motion capture) a game of this scale?
    A: In three days, we did two hundred moves. For the whole game, about fifteen days just for the mocap, then more time to improve them.

    Q: [42:33] How many weapon-type variations will there be?
    A: There are about twenty types per factions with four to five variations of each.

    Q: [43:30] Execution animations, are they randomly selected?
    A: You will be able to select the one you want.

    Q: [44:31] Did you guys use trained gorillas for mocaping the Orks?
    A: No.

    Q: [45:26] Will you be able to walk around on the ship (safe zone)?
    A: The plan is to have a ship interior where you can visit different rooms.

    Q: [46:22] Will each faction have a different melee range animation?
    A: Yes. Each faction will have its own version of the same melee attack.
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    Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp - Episode 5

    • [0:20] Introductions.
    • [0:39] In-game tank battle begins.
    • [7:00] A short talk about overheating.
    • [11:32] Base defense "quad-gun" revealed.
    • [12:58] The game will be available for Mac Pro.
    • [18:12] Game presentation, tank gun positions and health.
    • [32:30] Introductions part2, Miguel, Patrick, and Michale come in.
    • [34:07] Game presentation, the Lascannon.
    • [37:43] Game presentation, Quad-gun.
    • [44:36] Game presentation, the Lascannon, take-two.
    • [49:15] Game presentation, the taunt and the sky.
    • [1:08:50] Miguel talks a bit about the game engine and porting to consoles.
    • [1:13:01] Miguel talks about their partners, how EC benefits from them, and changes to the website.
    • [1:23:20] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [5:59] Is it possible to drive and shoot the main terret at the same time?
    A: No. If you drive, you drive.

    Q: [12:18] Is it possible to repair tanks?
    A: The Devastator class is the one currently handling the support functions, but this could change later.

    Q: [14:33] Will there be a difference between front / rear vehicle armor?
    A: Yes, the sides take more damage and even more from the back.

    Q: [15:24] Can you explain how to use the vehicle to deploy a spawn point?
    A: Need to be on stable ground and they you deploy the vehicle.

    Q: [23:36] How will you prevent the standard "run them over" tactics? Should everything have to b shot or just run them over?
    A: Both are applicable, there is no bad way of killing somebody else.

    Q: [26:07] Do tank weapons have limited ammo?
    A: For now, it is unlimited.

    Q: [27:46] Will you be able to steal a vehicle?
    A: Not at the moment.

    Q: [36:15] Will we be able to select which exit to use when we exit a tank?
    A: Not yet, but we will look into it.

    Q: [40:55] Will tactical marines have two primary weapons?
    A: The second primary is an unlock and it will cost you.

    Q: [42:35] Can the Quad-gun be destroyed?
    A: It can be disabled and it will repair over time.

    Q: [43:00] Will we have air vehicles?
    A: This is currently planned for post-launch, but that could change.

    Q: [43:32] Will the amount of vehicles be limited on the battlefield?
    A: It is not limited by us, it is limited by the amount of requisition points a squad or strike force has.

    Q: [45:55] How can you stop vehicles from running you over?
    A: We want to have something that stops or slows down tanks. Maybe a storm shield.

    Q: [48:25] Will vehicle upgrades be making an appearance?
    A: We want you to be able to spawn a vehicle with certain options.

    Q: [51:30] Will the Lascannon blow through multiple objects?
    A: We will have to see if we would like to have that.

    Q: [52:17] In the open-top vehicles, does the damage hitting directly the infantry apply to them or the vehicle?
    A: With bikes, it should be possible.

    Q: [54:36] Will there be flamers in the game?
    A: We need to do tests first. We prefer to do less thus, but do it better.

    Q: [57:29] Do you plan on dropping rogue trader prices?
    A: We knew that the prices were not right, but that is why we are giving founders points and the ability to refund items.

    Q: [59:59] Will there be founders-only executions?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [1:03:08] Will Stalker bolters have infrared, heat vision, or a scope option to see through cover and will there be piercing ammo that penetrates or destroys cover?
    A: There will be heat vision to let you see in the dark, but we will see about seeing through cover. The same for piercing ammo.

    Q: [1:04:10] Last time I heard there was an idea for a gun range, will there be a sparing room as well?
    A: We will probably add something like that, but we don't know when yet.

    Q: [1:06:59] Will the rogue trader points be useful post-launch and will the items still be there?
    A: The current items are founders only, but we will add more items for everybody and you points are the same points that you will use post-launch.

    Q: [1:12:31] Have you decided when the 1st wave of stress tests begin?
    A: When we are ready. We are close and working on it.
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  8. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 6

    • [0:33] Introductions.
    • [1:16] The 10v10 in-game battle begins.
    • [14:22] Shawn talks about the outpost.
    • [17:55] Shawn shows off some of the vantage points in the Outpost.
    • [19:26] Steven reveals the repair box.
    • [22:48] A view of the Outpost from a distance.
    • [36:16] Introductions part 2, Brent comes is.
    • [36:34] Video reveal, Wars of Arkhona Official Trailer
    • [39:00] Q&A session.
    • [41:10] Brent talks about their philosophy regarding sub-factions.
    • [48:09] Steven shows how you can see where squad-mates are in-game.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [9:36] Will the shoulder flapping go away?
    A: We will have new animations soon.

    Q: [11:32] Do vehicles always detonate (killing the people inside)?
    A: Every time you destroy a vehicle, it blows up.

    Q: [12:35] Will there be a way to tell people that you still have space in your vehicle?
    A: Not yet, but we will probably have something later.

    Q: [26:06] For terrain, will there be people running on steep mountains?
    A: We want it to look natural, so we will work on it.

    Q: [31:00] Will the base battle ever end?
    A: If you control the majority of the capture points, the base will slowly turn to the other faction.

    Q: [33:56] Will voice commands be featured?
    A: They probably will.

    Q: [39:15] When does EC take place in the 40k story?
    A: Somewhere in the 41st millennium (during 13th Black Crusade).

    Q: [39:47] Can we stand on a moving vehicle?
    A: Yes you can, but we need to do some work to make it feel right.

    Q: [40:54] What will be the advantages / disadvantages of picking certain subfactions?
    A: Our philosophy is that we want to make sure that the specialties that we give to each race don't make it feel like it is the only way to play a certain class or role.

    Q: [43:34] Will elite/hero classes be able to take capture points?
    A: That is the plan, yes. If necessary, we can try to change this.

    Q: [44:34] Will there be a plethora of choke points and destructable environments Assaults can assault through?
    A: We will have a lot of choke points. We also want to have destructable environments.

    Q: [47:35] How will players keep track of where their squad is in the world?
    A: The minimap will have a different color for squad-mates, you can see arrows on the edge of the screen that show you where they are, and you will be able to see them in the world-map.

    Q: [51:44] Will there be faction specific bases or will they all have the same style?
    A: Arkhona is an Imperial world so you will see Imperial outposts, but when another faction takes it, that outpost will be dressed like that faction (skulls, blood, etc). On your home-continent, we want to have faction specific buildings.

    Q: [52:56] Can one of two sneaky players take control of a base by themselves or do you need a whole squad?
    A: We want to see if ghost-capping will be a strategy, we may even have some AI to slow you down.
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  9. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp - Episode 7

    • [0:18] Introductions.
    • [2:55] Game presentation, birds eye view of the battlefield.
    • [12:53] Mathieu talks about how you take control of a base.
    • [23:02] Miguel talks about the campaign system.
    • [31:54] Miguel talks about the 3rd person perspective and the need for it.
    • [39:06] Brent and Mathieu give a production update.
    • [43:18] Game presentation, a then and now comparison video.
    • [52:55] Q&A session
    • [1:05:41] First video fan-question.
    • [1:11:34] A talk about PvE and Non Playable Characters (NPCs)
    • [1:17:09] A talk about strike forces and how larger communities will work.
    • [1:27:52] Miguel talks about the game's buy to play and pay to look cool mechanic.
    • [1:34:05] The license deal with Games Worshop is for eight years, but can be extended.
    • [1:38:34] Introductions part2, the rest of the team come in for the Waaagh!
    • [1:39:40] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [19:10] Will there be raids?
    A: The game is all about war and raids. A real Space Marine would do raids, so our game will have raids.

    Q: [25:47] Are the minimum system specs going to change over time?
    A: They are a place-holder. They will change when we can confirm the engine and do more testing.

    Q: [50:46] Why is there a one month wait time for beta access between the tiers of founder packs?
    A: We want to better reward those that payed us 120$, but mostly because it gives us a chance to polish the game before release.

    Q: [53:18] Can one of two sneaky players take control of a base by themselves or do you need a whole squad?
    A: We want it to be possible, but not optimal.

    Q: [55:29] When you die on the battlefield, will you spawn at the base you control or will you make then walk back from the vehicle tot he base?
    A: You can spawn at a base you control or at a deployed mobile spawn point.

    Q: [57:17] Can you elaborate on the resource points, as they are relevant for tanks, etc. Are they also related to capturing. When and where are they generated?
    A: You accumulate them at a fixed rate per day so you can spawn elite/hero classes or vehicles. Strike forces and the council have a budget that they can allot to certain armies.

    Q: [1:01:56] Will there be shielded spawn rooms with multiple exits or something else to combat spawn camping, or is that a viable mechanic?
    A: We have shielded rooms or buildings with multiple exits on multiple levels. Spawning could be disabled in long fights.

    Q: [1:03:23] Do territories do the same thing for all factions or do they grant different perks depending on the faction or population?
    A: Basic territories are the same for all factions. Important strongholds give boosts that are also the same across all factions, but we are looking into unique boosts.

    Q: [1:04:32] Can we see how the Predators perform at longer ranges? As in the devs using them them more like tanks they've had to spend requisition points on.
    A: We are not yet at the point where we test the requisition points. We are not being very careful with our Predators, but we are also giving ourselves more requisition points because there are less of us than there will be in the game when it is done.

    Q: [1:06:24] How will loot function in the game?
    A: Orkz should be able to take Tyranid parts and attach them to their armor, so we want to make this happen.

    Q: [1:08:46] Could you give examples of how player characters will be upgraded as they advance?
    A: We don't want everybody to look like a Sergeant after they play a certain amount of time. What you do in the game will reflect on your character.

    Q: [1:11:21] What can we expect from the PvE side of the game?
    A: Our game is PvP centric, it will not cater to PvE fans. It is here to enhance the PvP experience. If you don't fight to defend your territory from the Tyranids, you will lose it.

    Q: [1:16:47] With the limit of 100 players per strike force, will larger clans need multiple strike forces and how will the head of the clan be able to track them all?
    A: We don't want to limit the size of a community. Strike forces can create communities with other strike forces.

    Q: [1:20:38] Why does EC feel like the PvP Space Marine game with basic PlanetSide2 elements?
    A: We always wanted EC to be a PvP focused game. We don't want to make this game ok for everyone, we want to make it feel like a real war game. We want you to feel like you are a soldier.

    Q: [1:24:44] With the restrictions on how far the different classes can differ from one another, will class identification be more reliant on stance and movement rather than model silhouettes?
    A: The classes are much more defined by their loadouts than anything else. Classes are just a bucket you fill with accessories.

    Q: [1:26:40] Is the development team looking into battle damage to vehicles and armor?
    A: Yes, we are working on this.

    Q: [1:26:50] What about Russian language in the game?
    A: Game will be in: French, English, Russian, German and maybe Spanish.

    Q: [1:27:43] How will we buy vehicle customizations? (real money or in-game currency?)
    A: This game will not be pay to win.

    Q: [1:31:19] Will there be secondary objectives in the game?
    A: Yes, there will be a lot of secondary objectives.

    Q: [1:31:25] What will be AI of the Tyranid be like?
    A: We hired a specific type of AI programmer for Tyranids, he is watching all the Starship Troopers movies and all the videos about Tyranids, Insects videos, T-rex videos, etc. The AI will be representative of hive-mind AI.

    Q: [1:32:28] Will there be NPCs guarding captured bases?
    A: Yes, NPC and/or turrets.

    Q: [1:33:01] Will different executions have different time frames?
    A: At first, we want them all to have the same time frame, so you can pick the one that represents you more, instead of picking the shortest.

    Q: [1:35:44] Will there be a way to duel friendly players?
    A: Yes. There may be dueling spots, but we will see what works.
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  10. Akalonian Aka Well-Known Member

    Eternal Crusade: Into The Warp - Episode 8

    • [0:14] Introductions.
    • [3:14] In-game battle begins and the new vehicle skins are revealed.
    • [11:24] Grass is revealed or the first time.
    • [31:00] Game presentation, the new Space Marine model is presented.
    • [33:45] The new model compared to the old model.
    • [42:13] A talk about changes to the Assault class.
    • [43:47] Game presentation, the changes to the Assault class.
    • [47:07] Game presentation, the changes to grenades.
    • [51:28] Q&A session.
    • [53:00] A talk about the number of capture points in a base and the optimal strategy for controlling the points.
    • [1:06:38] The cake is not a lie.
    • [1:09:20] Waaagh!

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: [8:05] White is that white halo around the space marine?
    A: This is the Tactical v2, an early version of the updated character model with motion-capture animation.

    Q: [21:28] Will captured bases change decor?
    A: Yes, that is the plan. For Chaos, there will be blood and skulls.

    Q: [51:40] Video question: Will melee weapons damage vehicles?
    A: Depends on the weapon. Power weapons will do damage, but basic weapons will not.

    Q: [54:58] What HP system will the game have?
    A: Some classes will have shields.

    Q: [55:49] What will players be able to do outside of combat?
    A: All kinds of things. Donate resources, do scouting missions, etc. You won't get missions to do things however.

    Q: [57:49] Can you tell us which vehicle we will see next?
    A: Bikes.

    Q: [58:32] Will we be able to climb vehicles? (boarding)
    A: We will look into it.

    Q: [59:17] Will Tyranids bleed us dry of resources?
    A: We want Tyranids to affect all the factions, but they will attack the faction that owns the most territories. If you do not defend them in time, you will lose territories.

    Q: [1:01:13] Is the suicide going to cost requisition points?
    A: There is a respawn timer to slow people down. We will look into redeploying, we don't want suicide to be the way you travel around.

    Q: [1:03:01] Will you be able to deep strike outside of combat?
    A: Yes.

    Q: [1:03:14] Will we be able to damage parts of a vehicle?
    A: Depends on the life duration of the vehicle. If we increase the life duration of the vehicle, we would look into it.

    Q: [1:04:57] What kind of maps have you considered?
    A: We will have city maps, mountain maps, big fields, ice glaciers with rivers of lava, etc...

    Q: [1:05:54] Do new weapons become a permanent selectable option or do we have to replenish our supply of weapons?
    A: You will keep your weapon.

    Q: [1:06:21] Will there be incentives for players from the same sub-faction to stick together?
    A: This is something we are thinking about.
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