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Twitch Episode 15 - Dec 19

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. That is a very odd requirement. I hope you can explain that one later.
  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Where the last weapons batch at?
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  3. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Givve uz da flashy ztuff!!!!
  4. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    santa grimnar is late.
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  5. Didn't Katie say it comes in the new year?
  6. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Nope, still one batch left for this year.

  7. Well, office is empty for the days.... so it's monday at least. But i don't expect anything before January.
  8. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    Normaly the last weapons will be lascannon.
  9. Crioxus Arigulius Crioxus Arkhona Vanguard

    Finally, for Christmas we had nothing. :eek:
    No date for the module. Apart from that the game does not come out until 2016 or even the end of 2016.. and nothing in the shop.

    It would be nice to have more melee weapon :)
  10. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Hey guys :) Unfortunately the weapons were delayed due to Twitch/Christmas, etc. Should be out within the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted!
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