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Twitch - April 21

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Grukh Stazh Confessor

    This promises good things ! :OrkMoon:
  2. Lmao I was staring at this thing half asleep like.....*What did say?!?*
  3. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Ugh slept in, missed twitch. Gotta wait for the penguin party to end before the twitch can be accessed right?
  4. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

  5. Bruttus Recruit

    Watched the stream yesterday.
    Really, this was just a huge joke.

    Nothing new, prolly heard that allot from other people, but here's another one.
    About the Kannon, really, when it was mentioned, it was suddenly that you fall from the sky. You were surprised that the Kannon gives 1600 damage? Hell no, the Kannon is a 1shot/1kill weapon.
    You know how fun it is when the Orc teams consist of 50% with the Daka, and the other 50% with the Kannon?
    You were telling that 5 times more people playing Orc. A normal person would react ""DuuH"" if you put a full campaign for a certain faction, OF COURSE you got 5 times more people playing for that faction, and it would happen again for the Eldar, CSM or LSM.
    Then the next issue, mods for our heavy weapons. Is it so difficult to make mods for it, I mean with the Grav-Cannon, its the only heavy weapon that received mods, so then I ask how difficult can it be to make some mods for the heavy weapons? It's not like making a new map, that took 6 months to make 1 fortress map.
    And about maps, is there a possibility to make some decent maps, because actually I'm bored to death about playing the same maps over and over again.

    Hell no, the only things that are done is talking about how you envisioned the game itself, and when you actually make something, you manage to screw up a 100 other things.

    You know what the biggest advantage this game has? The 40k universe: take that away, and the game drops from 15v15 players to 5v5 players.
    The question is not when the game dies out, it's when the money runs out, or when a better 40k shooter, with devs that actually promise things that can be done.

    The reason why I bought this game, is because of the advertising you did, and because of that, I had high hopes. I hoped for a dynamic campaign ala Planetside 2. Customized chapters, etc..., you know what the promises were made.
    That this or that that can't be done, fine, I understand it, but 99% of the promises are already broken, this is something else.

    Guilds, not the primary focus, but heck, how difficult can it be to put some guild ranks in it?
    But no, its just screwing around.

    It's just 90% of the problems in the game, are just ignored, or you don't know what to do with it.
    If I had any knowhow of how to make a game, I would really do it, and prolly make a better job of it.
  6. omarx omarx Arkhona Vanguard

    warhammer DOW balance , total warwarhammer balance , stop lie on people son
  7. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    I find it fun that people complain to death talking shit about a game they would probably suicide it if ever closed, you fuckos gotta remember its a small team dedicated to eternal crusade, they are doing their best to make this game perfect but that will take some time, what you want 1 new map a month? new blings every week? yeah this is not rockstar, blizzard or another multi millionaire game inc here, have patience and everything will eventually be adressed, personally speaking i do have faith on the devs, i mean look at the game they made already, all of this is thanks to them, can you imagine how this game will look in like 1-2 years?

    Besides sorry but i must say, mods for heavy weapons besides the dakka deffgun there is no need really, i go minimum 20 kills with my stock heavy bolter all the time, its just a matter of mastering the gun
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