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Twice Shotted By A Stalker Bolter Instantly And Immediately Died

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Dude you realise the toasty guy, which is the meme, doesn't actually fight in the mortal kombat ?
    If he doesn't fight how can he beat someone?

    he just comes on screen when ppl do cheesy combos and screams TOASTIE.

    you know cheesy moves like getting twice shotted by a stalker.

    I think the joke is going a bid over your head and your starting forum war3 over it.
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  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    poor eldar and tzeentch boys...
  3. wut. I don't play Mortal Kombat.
    It doesn't matter if he fights or not, you simply putting his avatar there meaning that he beats me and saying TOASTIE is just making this funny nothing more. It doesn't mean that he was being the toasty guy stop play on words. It was more like he's being himself by the toasty guy's voice. Well I didn't know the meme so it's how it looked like to me. Let's ask if somebody else understand it as different. Plus we had some arguings there what the fuck did you suppose me to understand of it?

    DUDE, why the FUCK you put his avatar there though? You could put there some LSM picture or some Stalker Bolter why HIM, just WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY?

    Instantly or normal two shots?

    Wtf is joke is going a bid over my head? Ofc I'm gonna starting a forum war3 over it if I'm feeling like I'm get betrayed! And the way you make the joke is the problem!
    Nope. Just put Warp-Touched Armor and you can't be oneshotted even with 15% bonus. And even without armor, Not all Eldar though. Eldar has the highest Armor Stat. Yeah they have lowest Health Stat but their high Armor Stat make 'em strong. :p They just lack Toughness so not much of reduction they get. So I think not any armored Eldar will get oneshotted even by headshots. But that depends on the build. Because they get +30 Armor by Wargear 1. So if you remove it you will lack of armor and you would get oneshotted by Stalker Bolter headshots. Tzeentch Boys have more than 250 stat. ^^ Btw when saying eHP you count Toughness too? So is it being 270 eHP or 370 with 100 Toughness? I just don't remember.
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    That's part of the whole "funny", toastie guy is a troll. (maybe even the 1st since he's from before the internets )
    Come'on this kinda humor isn't so sophisticated it needs explaining .. does it ?

    Lighten up...
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  5. How would you say I read it slowly? lol. Clearly you are the one who should re-read what you've read slowly... and then try to understand what I said. You are the one that saying that I insinuating that this is some sort of competition even while it wasn't what I meant. I explained why I used caps lock and referred you as asshole. Okay I will but first of all can you tell me what do you mean by facilitating? Just wanna make sure. Translate translates it like "Make it easier" or so. Is it what you are trying to say? It's you who used "compete" and "defeat" words first, not me. Then I talked about them after you used them already. Are you that desperate? If you have a goldfish memory you could use search option you know? You can see if I delete my posts because they are there but you can't search for fucking 3 words if someone you are accusing with being used them actually used them first or not. Or you like to accuse someone with being used the words that actually yours? lol. That's why you're the one insinuating this is a competition. Because even while I wasn't meaning or seeing it like that you wanted to conclude like that. Because that is your "secret thinking deep inside your mind" as I said already. And you even disprove yourself and prove my point by putting there your own words and back up your claim about how I insinuating this is a competition. And I used "beat" word because as I already said his video clearly shows that. You hit me with a car and there's a meme voice like it makes fun of me. It was my react to Catnium, it has nothing to do with you. But we had arguings so it could only be mean that. I understand it is like that because not you beat me but how he presents the video. Do you really believe I yelled at Catnium because of suffering of defeat by you? lol. No. Not at all. Like I said if it wasn't Catnium I wouldn't even care. I don't care about you dude. Don't give that much meaning yourself.

    Dude your brain is killing me. Even while it's you who comes on my posts every fucking day and attack me with stupid shits HOW THE FUCK is it being me that seeing it as some sorf of competition? It is clearly you, your actions pretty proves that. I just talked with your own language. You claim that what I said comes across that you defeated me. That tells that you are seeing our arguings as some sort of competition. Because my reason to use the "beat" word was because of how Catnium presented his video, not what you've done to me. And you see a good opportunity to use that against me and you thought I won't realize. Good playing, boi. You just said that it comes across that you defeated me means it's YOU who actually sees it as some sort of competition. And since you put that on the competition thing I said no I defeated you on arguings. Because do you even know that to win an arguing you don't have to compete nor see it as a competition? Both guys are arguing and while one guy presenting his arguments while other one just throwing bullshit insults and name calling who would win the arguing? Tell me. Arguings are not supposed to be competitions. It's not purpose of arguing. I know what is the purpose of it but clearly you don't. You just arguing to have fun. I'm arguing with you because you come up with bullshits and I want to give your shit. That's why. It's not like I'm competing with you. I don't even see you at my level. lawl. I'm just having fun with your low intelligence. So to win an arguing you don't have to compete or see it as so. As far as I confute you I win. lol. While you can't even understand simple shit I put there how can you even be able to talk about logic? There is nothing "logical fallacies" here. And in every answers YOU are exposing your pocket thinking. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Even the 1st what?
    Dude, okay I know it was a joke. But it was looking like you were trying to say that he beats me.
  6. Joker1358 Joker1358 New Member

    if the slow rof is such a problem for u u might wanna git gud
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  7. Nope, if you think if the slow rof is such a problem for me I might wanna git gud you might wanna git gud, slow rof is dangerous, when you get shot you're done, you can't fucking dodge it! I'm fucking good, shut up.

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