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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Corphy, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Let's make idea's for a trailer! I'm talking a cinematic trailer.
    I had an idea for having snippets of all of the dawn of war cinematic trailers, the space marine cinematic, and then BOOM! Into EC, with an awesome new trailer. Should it talk about the imperium like the beginning of every wh40k main rule book? (3rd ed had the best intro from what I remember, going from the temple outside terra to the throne-room, talking about the emprah and the spesh mehreens etc)

    Maybe have 4 cinematic trailers, or 5, one for each faction? I haven't put down and really specific things (like space marine X, who is from chapter 12, does ___ to ____), so give some ideas!
  2. Ok you have space marine walking triumphantly over a carpet of dead orks and eldar. A night lord raptor swoops down behind him cutting the space marine in half with his lightning claws. As the space marine jerks out his last couple of breaths the Night Lord pulls the eviscerated dieing marine close to his face and says "my brothers are coming". Cut scene and wrap.
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  3. niice--however, unless thats the chaos only trailer--we would need to show every race in a baddass way...
  4. Every faction should definitely have a moment to shine. I cant wait to read some trailers.
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  5. Tradias Member

    I think a huge battle should be going on. Then each faction gets a spot where some awesome unit rolls in and saves the day for some small group. Like maybe the Orkz are duking out a seemingly hopeless battle and a Deff Dread rolls in and saves their asses. Flash to another area where the Eldar are in the same situation only a Wrathlord rolls in and does the same. Continue this process for all races and flash back around to the machines being finished off by commander units only to show them slow-mo charge eachother and the Eternal Crusade logo fills the screen just before they meet.
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  6. I like the idea that you are going for but how about highlighting everday units that go on a champion style rampage and saving the day. For instance the ork boyz are failing when one steps up and just starts murdering everyone. Anybody could be a champion.
  7. Tradias Member

    I was looking at escalation. Start with normal troops, move on to heavy hitting war machines, and then having the leadership charge in for the implied finish. The idea was that it could showcase as much of the participants as possible.
  8. Honestly I feel like it should be done in the style of the Warhammer Age of Reckoning Trailers:



    Say what you want about the game itself but the trailers did an excellent job of portraying the sheer size of the conflict while portraying each of the factions/races as being strong and badass in their own way without favoring over the other. It showed how massive the conflict was and how epic the battles could be, things that make me, as a Warhammer fan, itch with excitement.

    And the way they show the unbridled power and terror that is Chaos is pretty cool. :p
  9. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

  10. Trailers... I covered this a while back, but lets give this another go shall we :D
    There are many things that you can do with trailers, having different moods, whether to make it more epic with glory and victory in mind, or more of a tragedy of endless conflict and sorrow. You can have it being a more realistic live action trailer complete with epic sounds, or have it all just an epic song speaking for the trailer as a whole, or have it done by a narration. Here is a collection of my favorite cinematic trailers of all time:



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