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Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Nhakt, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Any chaos marine with mark of nurgle and demon forged armor.
    MoN + lvl 2 armor = 160 T

    LSM i run 120T for most ranged loadouts
    And 140T for most Assault loadouts.
    100T for most JPA loadouts.

    All my orks have at least 140T.
    Chaos depends on Mark , anywhere between 120 to 160T.

    All my eldar have 100T because screw T on eldar.
  2. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    In terms of maxing out tankiness, is it better to push toughness to limit first, then get atmost armor as possible or should aim for upping the Hp pool instead ?
  3. Tior Elsworth Tior Steam Early Access

    Armor(and regen) if you plan to stick to cover, HP if you expect to be in heated cqb conditions.
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  4. tldr
    1) a rock
    2) storm shield
    3) someone else's face
    4) toughness
    5) health for brawling (most of the game)
    6) armour for sniping

    However this assumes you're going up against another rifleman or machinegunner. Toxins will ignore armour, fire will have to eat through armour but ignores toughness values and range falloff (and there's always at least 5 Fire Dragons/ Failbaddon's Disgraces), and health can be hard to come by when you're on your own, fucking around with a DMR or some such.
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  5. Atarius Atarius First Blood!

    Hm, maximum tankiness isn't the right way to look at it. In my opinion, it depends on the class and how you play. In example, as Apothecary, you have 2 options, stack health to have a greater pool which can be healed up or you go for Armor and Armor regen, which prevents taking too much damage. I go for the later one, because it gives me more time to react on what is going on and can focus on my teammates.

    Generell speaking I would go for Armor+Armor regen or Health+Toughness, focus on one of these pairings and try it out what works better for you (and don't forget to look WHO you are facing...)

    Hope that helps a bit and again, thats my take on it and your experience may differ.
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  6. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

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  7. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    Depends on the match and what class I'm playing. For attacking as a tactical I favor high toughness and armor, yet as a ground assault I favor more mobility items. For defending as a tactical I favor low toughness but plenty of gear like servo skulls and medkits/ammo packs. For a defending ground assault I generally stack up armor and a storm shield.
  8. ArchKnightHough ArchKnightHough Steam Early Access

    His constant bitching about RB gets incredibly old. I'm about sick of people hating on the smurfs. I mean seriously, think about it for a second...

    If you had to live in a galaxy ruled by one of the Primarchs, (as a base line human, NOT an Atartes) which one would you rather live under?

    If you answer anything other than Dorn Or Guilliman then you are totally full of shit.

    EDIT: I'll give Vulkan his due, because he doesn't treat humans as fodder. (which honestly MAYBE Dorn would) But I stand by Guilliman's ability and desire to create functioning and prosperous empires for all humanity, not just an elite few. And THAT is why the Ultra's Primarch is so beloved.
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  9. Furst Blut Ne-Plus-Ultra Steam Early Access

    Ground Assault with relic armor. I have a total of 150 toughness then power sword with lifesteal and damage mod. It's not that bad. It's better than using a shield.

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