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Top 10 list! Your chance to give actionable items for the roadmap prioritization

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Jun 15, 2017.


What does your milkshake do?

  1. ... bring Khorne to the yard.

  2. ... bring Tzeentch to the yard.

  3. ... bring Slaanesh to the yard.

  4. ... bring Nurgle to the yard.

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  1. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    1. A lobby/faction chat so I can talk to the other people that are sitting there with queueing flashing up in the top hand corner and maybe do a bit of organisation or even recruitment for more fights/a guild

    2. Change redeploy on unlimited life maps so that it puts you in the starting point rather than allowing a side to all appear at once at contested point

    3. Matchmaker - seems to count disconnected peeps/peeps still struggling to connect towards the total which means you can get zerged at the start

    4. Fortress maps - create new fallback area that you spawn at when life's are gone/B is contested etc, these were more fun when it wasn't about successfully life farming the other side and the issue with life movement on gate destruction wouldn't be there if it wasn't all about the life farming at the moment

    5. Slow melee weapons - to slow/easily counterable, increase these back up so that back away/roll and shoot isn't the answer to anyone not using a sword, give sword some other advantage

    6. Colour customisation

    7. Tanks - from what I can tell they all pretty much suck at killing other vehicles (chaos pred does) give them bonus damage or armor piercing rounds or something since getting out and putting melta bombs/using melta shouldn't be faster than using the main gun on enemy transports

    8. matchmaker - optimisation so that it matches guilds with guilds / warparty vr warparty

    9. End game stuff - There doesn't seem to be anything to do once you hit lvl 6 and have opened all the boxes, you can't gain anything anymore on that toon and outside of campaign winning/losing has no overall effect on your toon/faction etc

    10. Possessed - Give it a function on left mouse button
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  2. cood Recruit

    1. Tutorial for squad leaders, tactics and strategy.
    2. Lobby system instead of this stupid matchmaking, so we can choose maps, leaders, create and LOCK squads before the game.
    3. Bigger maps, more players, multi-faction battles.
    4. More cosmetics, weapon and wargear skins. Yes I would pay for Iron Halo reskin in chapter style.
    5. More advancements so there is some progression.
    6. Forced redeploy system. Squad leaders can force their squad to redeploy in their chosen location. Because if you don` listen to your commander than fuck you, you will do as you are told.
    7. Mods for heavy weapons.
    8. New gamemodes. Escort land raider, capture the servo skull, assasinate, TDM (for noobs that think kills are everything).
    9. Terminators, Librarians, Chaplains, bikes, dreads, all the other shit that no one believes will happen.
    10. Finish the damn game, cause it`s not a finished product, with a ton of content misssing and bugs like ADAD seizures, spawn bug, flying rhinos.
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  3. DarthNader DarthNader Arkhona Vanguard

    1. New content (maps) - I think this is long overdue. This is probably one of the longest things it takes to develop I'm sure (balance, performance, fun factor), but that makes it all the more a priority to get this content out.

    2. Cosmetics - Considering that this would be the thing that is supposed to be where the continuous money streams from, there really seems to be few options per faction. I do understand the issue of pure visual elements on a character being matched with game related elements on characters (which probably should have been planned for if it wasn't), but if this is where you're making your money from we need more from this area.

    3. Update on Tyranid pve mode - Personally, I don't think it's bad, but it is visually and audibly undercooked. Also adding a bit more variety to npcs (add a zoanthrope to buff enemies; make warriors less tanky so players aren't just kiting them around).

    4. Heavy weapon mods - Don't know if this is a balance issue, but should at least be something we should have had or get some info on why we haven't had them yet, considering grav cannons have mods available.

    5. New Game Modes/Elements - Even if these game modes were a take on escorts missions or capture the flag (I still don't know what we're looking for on this planet), they would be welcome additions. Also I don't know what is going on with warlords, but having players able to do things like make artillery strikes, bring down drop pods and teleport to squad members would be welcome (testing and balance, I know)

    6. Vehicle customization - I believe I remember talk of a vehicle-centric content pack, maps being something we would see down the line. Being able to have different patterns of some of the current vehicles would be a start.

    7. New Garrison/Social Options - Really, the main thing here that would be great would be to launch the game search from here, as well as the war party functions. Outside of that, the dueling ability could be expanded upon, maybe as its own minigame in the garrison (I would actually like to see dueling in the game proper, but that is another story).

    8. Player-customized weapons (visual) - Honestly, I think that most of the alternate weapon skins, and even the master crafted weapons look very uninteresting to say the least. It's not that they have to look like the premium or other unique types, but many still look like placeholder models. A possible solution could be to let the players have access to weapons they could customize themselves (RTC purchase). This could benefit the game by adding visual elements that could be purchased with RTC, as well as providing and end game feature by letting players 'level up' the weapon; using the weapon in battle would unlock sections to customize (naming, colors, adornments, visual effects, etc.) You have a mini progression system and you have a way for players to spend money. Sorry, I cheated here.

    9. Campaigns - This is another area that feels a little barebones. I know you have talked about changes already (versus campaigns, etc), perhaps in addition, adding bonus elements like capping points, killing elites or killing as an elite, or earning certain post game badges.

    10. Performance/Bug Fixing - I put this last not because of priority, but this is something that is always worked on.

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  4. 1) Individual Color Scheme and Chapter Logo Customisation.
    I am an Iron Hand deep in my heart. So, why am I playing as a Dark Angel??? :)
    It was really cool in WH40k: Space Marine, to customise any colors on your character.
    It allows to make a unique color scheme for your Guild, which is so cool also.

    2) Regular Melee and Ranged Tournaments.
    On special Arena, 1x1 and team as well. People fighting, everybody watching.
    And an RTC Betting Service for some major fights. Cool idea, huh? :)

    3) Guild Fortresses or Space Ships or "dojos".
    An individual guild maps (maybe in peer 2 peer mode), like clan dojo in Warframe,
    where guild members can gather, train,perform rituals, e.t.c.

    4) Guild development or leveling system, allowing to have this "dojo" at some point.
    And giving some bonuses, like access to some special guild shop where you can by a color scheme wich this guild is using, weapons, mods, ammunition, able only through joining a guild. This will make people join guilds massively. In guilds they will be teached how to play = less newbs = better gaming experience = more active players = more money for you guys :)

    5) Crafting and drop in PvP and PvE modes.
    Just some simple drop from kills and several things to craft.

    6) Space Battles Maps, like boarding enemy ship.
    With a black cosmos with stars and nebulas background and space hulks interior.

    7) Several stages battles on world map.
    Like, fight in space, then on landing, then proceed to factories, then siege a Fortress.

    8) Add bots in PvP mode.
    To make matchmaking easier. Less players, more bots. Maybe, it will have positive impact on minimising lags.
    Wisely acting bots = better gaming experience = more active players = more money for you guys :)

    9) Allow Players to take their 1-2 Personal Bots in PvP games.
    Make them fully customisable, both appearance and loadout.
    Make different AI levels availiable in shop which a player can buy for his personal bots.
    Like normal, advansed, self-learning, kickass, e.t.c.

    10) Make Strategic Commanders, able to command all the players in game for each side.
    With special tools - global map view, fog of war, resources from kills and captures, e.t.c. So these 2 Commanders will play a Real Time Strategy game, like DoW, with all other players will play shooter but will be guided through the game by Commander orders - Different graphical markers, showing exacly where you must go and what to do, and an experience as a reward. These Commanders could be selected by voting in the beginning of each game. And they might be able to join a fight as a normal player with veteran loadout when needed.

    And now, just imagine what a great game it will be with all this stuff inside...
  5. 1) More diverse gameplay, in general content such as maps, weapon balance, more units. Make gameplay more interesting and less repetitive.

    2) Every single weapon should be useful and as non-situational as possible. For example, the Las cannon CANNOT kill elder infantry. This should not be the case. All weapons should be lethal.

    3) Make melee better. All classes should be viable, understandably with some factions melee can indeed be a problem. I can understand this being a very difficult endeavor for factions without shields to protect from bullets.

    4) Vehicular combat and vehicle destruction. Vehicle combat is pretty stale. And so far grabbing a transport and melta-bombing-restocking-melta bombing again seems like an unintended and broken feature. You shouldn't be able to resupply melta-bombs on a transport to balance this.

    5) Map barriers. The enemy team can start capping an objective and then move into the next point before the defending team can react. This should not be so, add map barriers that disappear only after the objective is capped for attackers.

    6) Fortress maps are boring, I honestly don't know how this can be improved on, it simply doesn't seem like this game is fun with that many people involved. Or perhaps there should be extensive changes to map design regarding fortresses.

    7) More significant customization. So far armor upgrades and weapon upgrades are near negligible. Perhaps it's best for this to be the case, however when you pick a gun that costs 600 LP as opposed to 300 it should be a better gun. Maybe not a 'super instakilly death machine' but it should be a force to be reckoned with. And then extend on that, for example, a plasma cannon can do the ridiculous splash damage it used to BUT perhaps there's a chance of the backpack exploding as a downside to using the plasma cannon, and it retains its long charge time. Or instead of super-splash damage it applies loads of heat damage, cause ya'know, it's plasma.

    I don't really have anything else. Game balance is very difficult. I would say add more destruction to improve diversity but I'm almost 100% sure that'll never happen. I really like this game but it's missing things that I doubt will ever be added.

    Maybe a search-and-destroy type mode too where everyone has 1 life. Maybe there could be up to 4 separate faction teams of 5 (eg: elder vs orks vs space marines vs chaos) to as low as 2 faction teams of 10 (eg: space marines vs chaos space marines)
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  6. Compared to most people im new so ill just post things that i personally saw or think we need.

    1. Is as everyone stated earlier CONTENT. Not just these so called "heros" either. My ideas was for individual legion/lore based veteran classes. Ex. Male a IF veteran with a breaching shield etc. Or even maps. Hell even some more req guns or new visual items especially for our IF legionares. I suggest black kneecap legs like the SW.

    2. Guild Based content or a F2P exclusive garrison so we dont have to deal with them. Even a guild base like the garrison for guilds to train and do their wierd shit would be cool.

    3. Make mark of Khorne useful. Make executions increse health or even make a buff stack for multiple kills. Something.

    4. Chaos gods armor sets. You already gave us the helmets throw some chest and legs our way. Or make the god veterans look more like veterans. My Khorne bezerker should have a skull helmet and ornate armor.. not heat vision.Were lovin them khorne helms btw.

    5. Start making a public spectacle of cheaters and send the inquisition to them heretical traitors. Seriously these aim bots are getting blatantly obvious and turning them in dosent seem to even matter....

    6. Slightly increased speed for chain axe. Speed that is inbetween sword and axe. At least we can use them in actual combat. (Git gud scrub.)

    7. Make the damn dire avenger the color they are supposed to be. This is seriously my biggest gripe. I want my Maroon dire avenger dammit!!

    8. Maybe do something to Abbadons Grace. You already know.

    9. Melta pistols or flame pistols. Either or.

    10. My deleted space wolf that "never existed" back.

    As i said i know my top 10 are stupid but here they are XD
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  7. 1) more maps
    2) more game modes
    3) make the matches less dependent on vehicle spawns
    4) punish/discourage ADAD spam
    5) I feel the difference in influence between owning 3 points and owning 2 points is too large. It shouldn't be possible for defenders to be able to win by turtling on 1 point for a full five minutes because the attackers couldn't capture the other points early enough.
    6) double melta bundle is too powerful as a tool when attackers are so dependent on vehicle spawns. I would suggest a cooldown before the second one could be placed.
    7) there is not enough of a noticeable difference between how the wargear behaves or effects your play style
    8) veterans and heroes are simply more durable, they don't have any special abilities or weapons that make you feel like it's different playing as them.
    9) fortress maps have way too many tickets for defenders, particularly Harkus and Agnathio. Wall tickets should be lost permanently when the gates go down, not fall back.
    10) matchmaker should not queue fortress maps when there aren't even enough players to fill a skirmish map
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  8. Bruttus Recruit

    1) Open World, like Planet Side 2
    2) More costumazation for the char.
    3) More costumazation for vehicles.
    3) Guild options
    4) Heavy weapon mods.
    5) Guild Garrisons or guildbasses
    6) Making the game more enjoyable for the future
    7) Dev's that really love the game and are honest towards the costumers
    8)Twitchshows with actually changes that are going to be inplented, and not twitchshows where allot of things are promised, but never make it to the game
    9) Durable Veterans
    10) Do something about the Eternal Quesade on the LSM faction.
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  9. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    I've only got 5 things for you, and 1 personal request:

    1. Whatever it is that causes control inputs to not be executed, find it and kill it. A lot of it belongs in the melee fix, but it does extend to pistols and grenades so it goes here.
    2. Better team balancing especially early in the match. DO NOT allow matches to start with populations too low for the map, nor for the numbers to EVER extend beyond the allowable outnumbering. Also consider lowering the population mismatch to one or two. Three can actually be enough to allow the higher population team enough breathing room to swing a match on numbers alone.
    3. Meaningful campaigns/World Map/Narrative. Have what we do make a difference in the world, at both small and large scales. Have maps chain into each other in sets of sequences that tell a story, then make permanent changes somewhere.
    4. Personal character stats and history - achievements, battle honours, and cosmetics that are added on top of skins, things that make a character look badass on the field. This would be the start of a system not the whole thing.
    5. More Skinner Box. It doesn't appeal to everyone, so don't make it the whole of the game, but I personally am well incentivised by games that encourage me to log on daily, do a small set of things daily, or give me sets of short, medium, and long term goals that often build on each other. It's what's got me playing Fractured Space, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls instead of EC. Look at Guild Wars 2 Dailies and Achievements and Diablo 3 Seasonal play for inspiration, not World of Warcraft Dailies. Make sure there's a mix of stuff too, because different folks and all that. Note: incrementally accruing currency, XP, or advancement points doesn't trigger the same response for me, nor for many others. In fact, using this a a Skinner Box is often what gets a game called "grindy".
    6. Some kind of real-time data access to match data to replace my manual counting of territories twice a day.
  10. Tredbull Tredbull Active Member

    1. New maps, to prevent old players to quit from boredom.
    2. New game modes, to prevent old players to quit from boredom.
    3. Fix vehicle movement. The should feel heavier. Not like made from plastic.
    4. Implement a better veteran spawn system. Noha knows what he wants.
    5. New vehicle map.
    6. Vehicle customization.
    7. More reasons to play after Rank 6.
    8. Have the making of warbands more user friendly.
    9. Make it easier for guilds to fight other guilds.
    10. Make differences for the sub-factions.
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