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Tome Of Knowledge

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by SpiritofRock, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Sorantam SpiritofRock Subordinate

    Coming from Warhammer Online, one thing I can say that really stood out to me was the Tome of Knowledge. Warhammer lore is rammed with amazing little stories of heroism, tragedies, mysteries, and a good bit of Orky muckin' about, so having an in-game tracker that was so stuffed full of things to read, collect and unlock was really great. I think implementing a feature like this would be good for immersion, and also great for helping newer players learn a bit more Warhammer lore while they play. It was a lot of fun to log in with a few friends and go hunting for secrets or mountain climbing in zones all across the world. Perhaps the devs could even implement things like artifacts that give factionwide bonuses, or powerful weapons that drop on death which can be captured by different factions to make exploration and recon contribute to the campaign too.

    It might also be cool to include a 'personal' section where you can record the names of your nemeses, review changes that happened to your character like becoming a Councilor or Hero or other unique achievements that are actually worth noting. (not garbage like Killed 100 Spehs Mehreens! Completed 10 Quests!!!)

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