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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Talis covered his nose as the body began to decompose already, but made some notes and blinked at the sudden discharge from the corpse when he touched it with the rock. There were some interesting applications but without seeing them alive (and not trying to kill them) he couldn't much figure out what would be correct. So he just backed away and walked back over to find Avrielle, his curiosity sated for now.
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  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    The sun beat down, and the Eldar began to become thirsty in the heat. Faenkon found some simple-looking weeds in the lee of a tall stone pillar that would make a refreshing tea, but nothing to eat. It was getting hotter.

    As Maesanai looked around and studied the ruins from height, she could see it was as Iktomi and the drone confirmed: a waste of fallen stone, with a well bearing the last dregs of water under a drift of sand. The only things of note were the road out of the settlement, on towards distant mountains, and the one remaining building with a roof. It was sturdy for an Eldar building, yet still elegant with the architecture of a vanished time. It drew the eye.

    Avrielle sat on a stone close to Talis as he made his inspection, and the saurid trailed after him as well. Lost strays perhaps, but his aura of competence in the wild seemed a comfort to both. Her eyes occasionally drifted to Alo, but it was plain that the young radiotech felt that she could do nothing to help.

    The Winterheart felt ice in the core of his being. Worse yet, it was melting, becoming a torrent, a flood. Images of the past swam before his eyes and the sand and light around him did nothing to ground him. Only the slight flutter of his cloak caught his eye. On the edge of the fabric, a weeping Eye of Isha had formed on his cloak, shedding tears for her son.

    Had she forseen all of this? Could she have done? Why let him go alone, to a place like this, a desert wasteland? Was he here to find peace in desolation? Surely a Farseer could see more than he could, must have better knowledge, more foresight? All that she was had captured his affection and his unspoken heart. It pained, it ravaged him. Why this one? Why her, of all Eldar? The ultimate in unattainable, one lost on the Path. She must have known. So what was her counsel? To send him away? Alo knew she had not sent him, had not ordered him but he was there under her guidance. Why?

    On the one side, he faced dissolution, pain and loss. On the other, a chance at redemption, recovering the sword of the lost hero and Mother Isha's first son. The choice weighed heavily but it was in his hands.

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  3. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    From her perch, Maesanai overlooked the town ruins. "I see nothing of note, except that building," she said, stabbing her finger towards the roofed building, "And the mountain road," she added, pointing along the road. "If the Sword was taken here, then perhaps it was kept in a temple of sorts, or in a more defensible position in the mountains. If you've no better suggestions, I say we investigate!" the Corsair announced, then launched herself off her perch and landed catlike on the ground. She made towards the building, going to enter and search it.
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Alo had shut out the outside world completely. He felt crushed, like an enormous weight was on his chest. It made him sigh often, like he was struggling to breathe at times. It was like a dagger had been dragged along his flesh, the painful horrible truth that he never could have what his heart wanted. The feelings he had was like the cruelest torture, no place of his own and no loved ones whatsoever.

    Alo fought back tears and removed his gauntlets, they fell between his legs without much care. He looked at the scarred skin, the old wounds he had inflicted on himself in his secret masochism. The hands trembled and he clenched them into fists.
    Then he punched himself in the face hard. He busted his own lip open grunting in pain. Alo panted and trembled, it distracted his thoughts long enough to notice a new rune on his cloak. Seeing it he closed his eyes and sighed.

    His hands slumped on his knees and his head drooped. Alo was like that for a while, until he remembered the tools he borrowed. His hand reached for his pack, pulled out the tools and just looked at the roll of tools.
    He had forgotten again how the music had soothed him, the memory was a comfort. Comfort he was sorely needing and long overdue.
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  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Sepestra had abstained from joining the fight proper, following the companions as they battled like young gods in her stead. Yes, she did carry her blade, and a fine sword for duels it was, but the hand that was to guide it was no match for a Guardian even. Thankfully, the labyrinthine corridors of fate had provided for her, as her kin was more than capable of handling these odd creatures that dared to assault Isha's children.

    Now, in the aftermath, the merchant slowly walked around the group she still barely knew, stripping off a few layers of cloth once the heat outmatched her vanity. Feeling unnaturally plain, and carrying what had to be a bothersome amount of cloth, bundled in her shawl and slung over her shoulder, it barely helped her sweating. Firnweth attempted to take her mind off it by quietly observing her newfound compatriots, and one of the warriors' distress caught her attention, stopping her in her paths as a dry tongue slowly ran along teeth.

    He was handsome, bearing the vigour of youth – tarnished, but clearly present; what was visible of his face seemed to confirm the Ambassador's immediate thought. The way he carried himself would have told her that he was a Craftworld native, if the proud armour with its runes and soulstones had not spelt it out clearly. There was a flash of consideration, albeit brief, but his clear despair, and her bleeding heart motivated her forward, closer to him. Firnweth still took in the sight of him, covered by a shroud of white and gold that must be absolutely magnificient for the warmaster at the front of an army, billowing in the wind and reflecting sun rays to form a gloriously incandescent aura; alas, his bowed, broken posture made it look more like a drape, covering an old, broken statue much like those around her.

    Her first steps had been quick, but Finn slowed down as she came closer, eventually stopping close to him, and sinking into a crouch. Her voice, deep as always, and full of spirit, was reined, lowered, lest eavesdroppers find too much purchase. “Your camouflage here is excellent, but alas flesh and marble do not blend well, figment of Aspect.” She smiled softly, abstaining from a grin, but the wrinkles on her face spoke of genuinety. “Here I am, not sure if I introduced myself properly or even of the decorum of talking to one of your ilk, but already owing you my life. Firnweth Sepestra, of the Aether Stars. Would you speak to me in kind, so that I have a name to this face, and a title to this edda?”
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  6. Talis, once finished, looked over at Avrielle and the Saurid, smiling to the latter and offering a gentle pat on the head before turning to regard Avrielle. He looked to where her eyes wandered and, seeing Alo, felt a small pang of.. emotions. The warrior had not been too kind nor cordial to him but to see him suffering this way was not something he wished on the other. He gulped and walked to Avrielle, sitting and laying a hand near hers. "I don't know your ways, and I know not to help him." he said softly. "But.. I hope he'll be okay." he said, feeling lamely but just hoping he could comfort the radiotech somehow
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  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    As Firnweth spoke, Alo slowly turned to look at her, his eyes darted about taking in her unknown features. He hadn't even remembered this woman had joined them earlier. He almost looked afraid, mostly just surprised for her approach.
    Alo sighed and put the tools away. He straightened his back a little and wiped blood off his lip with his bare hand.

    "Alo..." He turned his gaze to the gauntlets he had dropped at his feet. More realizations came haunting when his last name surfaced. He wasn't a Winterheart because he slaughtered innocent humans, it was because how he acted. Cold, callous, rude, anger and pride that hid crippling insecurity and sadness.

    "Alo Winterheart." He said softly through small pained grimace, afterwards taking a moment of silence to himself. Everyone else had seen it but him. Like a joke everybody else had been laughing at but him.
    "And what are you here for? Your thanks and grace is wasted on me."
    Alo had spent most of the fighting in delirium, incarcerated by his own issues that he gave too much power. He hadn't contributed much, if at all into this quest so it felt wrong to take any credit.

  8. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Onvar had slowly approached his broken aspect brother, mentally steeling himself for what could become a very sour conversation, although necessary, only to stand in shock as he watched his act act of self-mutilation. Shortly after he was suprised again, as a certain noble sprung past him and started speaking to Alo.
    By the Bloody-handed God, what is she doing?!
    A deep frown marked his face, but he held back from saying anything. He moved to a nearby wall behind Alo, far enough for him to not notice Onvar immediatly, but close enough to keep an eye on them and maybe even hear a bit of the conversation.
    Piling onto Alo would not solve anything.
    So for now, he could only hope the noble either knew what she was doing......
    Or at least got it over with quickly.
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester


    "Mind if I tag along?" Vella asked and before the Corsair would reply, she already picked up her gear and started following her towards the building. She didn't pay much heed to the conversation taking place between couple of other of her kin, too focused on the task at hand she was up and ready to try and solve it as fast as possible (even though she knew that most likely won't happen) in order to return to her Craftworld and help it in these trying times.

    "I'm not that well-versed in these things, but I don't think we'll find anything of note here. Maybe in these mountains like you suggested, but out here amid these strange creatures? If we manage to find a map or a recording that would be a victory in my book."
  10. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member


    "A name spoken in reluctance, a face of suffering", began the trader, moving from her crouch to a seated position, "once more, it seems, Eldarin emotion shifts, and in convection, takes all sensibility with it." Still she smiled, mischief in her eyes and a sarcastic edge to her tone. With a curt movement, she offered him one of her discarded sheets of cloth for his lip while Firnweth continued her observation. "You realise that the moping and self-pity loses its effect and becomes amusing after a point, yes?" - a chuckle - "Let me waste thanks and grace if I want, I have plenty, and mayhaps you will tell me why you think my presence unnecessary."

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