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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Kaptin Digganob DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    For the second time in their time together, Yareli had left Iktomi speechless. The Corsair Captain could only stare in disbelief as Yareli, his Mymearans Princess, said her goodbyes. As if his whole body had become cold iron. When he tried to reach out and take hold of her one last time, his found it like moving in high gravity. Slow, awkward and painful.
    'I was never worthy of her.' A somber voice echoed in his mind. 'She gave me peace and hope. A selfish desire and a nasty joke. Little did I know, that the joke was on me.'
    By the time Iktomi could master the nerves to raise his hand, Yareli was already walking away from him. His gloved hand simply hung there between them. Digits gasping at air, before turning into a fist. Then raising it high to punch the sky.

    "THIS WILL NEVER BE THE END." Iktomi shouted as the curtain of Harlequins closed around Yareli. He couldn't see her anymore, but he hoped she would hear him. "IT WILL TAKE MORE THAN A MASK TO HIDE FROM ME. WE WILL DANCE AMONG STARS AGAIN, MY TREASURE!" And with a flash of color, Yareli vanished down her own path.

    The Felarch stood there for a short while before lowering his arm. Looking down, his hat brim obscured his face in half shadow. Iktomi's mouth could be seen smiling sadly, with a small tear running down the cheek Yareli has last touched. Luckily it was just the one eye, as his artificial eye behind the green optic lens could not. Another stroke of luck, the injuries he sustained from Alo Winterheart were but a distant pain now.
    Turning to the group, not looking at Alo, Iktomi put back on his Corsair smile and welcomed their new allies.

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    "There's always a catch with those clowns, I mean Harlequins. Welcome to our expeditionary band of adventures! Sorry you all had to catch me on an off day. Don't let that last bit trouble you. We've a mission and treasure to find. With two Void Dragons and Faenkon leadership, our goal is all but already achieved." Iktomi said, but noticeably less flare and more melancholy. Not even claiming the title of leadership for himself.
    Turning to their newest member, Iktomi noticed their heraldry to Biel-Tan. "Greetings little brother. Have you been long away from the Craft? I wonder if anything has shaken up things back there. I'm a Biel-Tan native myself, but I've not been back for... many cycles. Family troubles you see. I do worry about them some times... as time is such an impermanent." The Felarch said with a shrug. Taking out his Orbo inhaler, only to put it away a moment later.
    'Not now, there's work to be done.' Iktomi thought.
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  2. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Onvar accepted the offered hand without much hesitation, answering it in a traditional warriors handshake.
    "Indeed, the Sword of Eldanesh would be far too much of an asset to simply write off, even if it turns out to be nothing but rumors." The fact that this striking Corsair was former dark kin left a sour taste in his mouth, but he decided to leave it be for now. There were more important things to consider. Nonetheless, he took note of her past, and reminded himself to watch this one closely, should a fight ensue. There were probably things to learn of her performance. This would be helpful should the dark kin stand in the way of their resurgent empire.
    Helpful indeed.

    "Brother.........Iktomi, was it?" On closer look, Onvar noticed this one still wore the arm-guards of his craftworld.
    Lingering loyality? A sense of guilt? Or simply convenience? We shall see.
    "It has not been very long. I think that, at least." Onvar frowned at the thought. " Traveling with our playful cousins is............strange, to say the least." He dispelled the thought that he may have been away for longer than he had accounted for, and regained control over his expression. Looking over the party once again, he wondered who this Faenkon, the supposed leader, could be. The Ranger probably not, maybe the holed up Dire Avenger? Equally strange. Nonetheless, he focused on this "Iktomi" first.
    Elegantly, he approached the corsair, offering his hand. "Biel-Tan is always at war, you may remember that. I do not think that it was different than when you resided with us. And its grand ambition is always in need for new partners, be it craftworlds sympathizers, or.......lost sons?" The last part was more of a rhetorical question, but Onvar proceeded either way.
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  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Avrielle sat down on a rock by the fire and stayed sitting for a while. Her friend had gone to follow her dreams, but she had still gone. After a short while, Talis moved to sit next to her, offering quiet comforting words. She smiled sadly at the young Exodite, but when he made tea, she took a cup of it and sipped. Some things are eternal.

    Not really understanding the private grief of some and the public bellicosity of others, Talis made tea available for anyone who wanted it and went back to looking after Avrielle. If there was a slight hint of romantic interest in the youth's solicitude, it was also genuine and his care for her was plain to see. The little golden-haired radiotech, for her part, was uncharacteristically mournful. She followed Iktomi's grief with a sorrowful heart.

    Alo was given a wide berth, which appeared to be how he liked it. As his cloak swirled a little in the breeze - unfurled, if unworn - he caught sight of a rune on the hem. One that signified looking far ahead. A sound flitted through his memory, that of a voice he once heard often and held dear. Or perhaps it was just a great respect? Undoubtedly, that was the sum of it. The Winterheart's bruised mind was finding that a thaw could ache, but was it unfrosting nonetheless? The mission would provide a counter to too much thought. Perhaps for him, and the blonde communications specialist alike?

    As for the rest - the warriors, sent to progress the mission for the Sword and unaware of the emotional impact of the previous incumbents, what thoughts were theirs? Would they be diplomatic, or probing? Encouraging or stern? Fate knew. The Harlequins, if they were appraised of it, had left no sign.

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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Alo was still unmoving, noticing the new rune had appeared on his cloak from the corner of his eye. He sighed, slumping his head forwards, lost in memories for a moment. To moments where he had breathed easy and without judgment cast on him. It had been easy with her.
    What am I supposed to learn through all this cryptic mess? For once, I want clear answers..
    He was just tired and worn to all this anger and intrusive unclear thoughts. He wasn't patient enough to wait for a future looming far ahead, Alo wanted answers now.
    He let his head hang between his shoulders, leaning on his knees by his elbows, still holding the half empty tea cup. Slowly the cup pivoted between his fingers, he watched the tea pour on the ground with a resigned look on his face.

    Winterheart stood up, found a place to sit where he could lean back comfortably enough to fall asleep and closed his eyes. For now he kept the details of his inner turmoils and problems to himself, he knew how taxing his presence was on the others.
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  5. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Maesanai contemplated saying something, but there was so many who seemed touched by this sudden and abrupt change to their company and she didn't know them all; she wouldn't know what to say. Resolving to give each of them the space and time to come to terms with the events of the evening, she finished her meal in silence and spoke little, unless others joined her at the fire, in which case she might regale them with stories of great hunts from her Craftworld.

    Regardless, the young Corsair of Saim-Hann decided against intruding on her comrades.
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  6. kanila kanila Subordinate

    The scene unfolding as dramatically as the harlequins were known to do, Faenkon could just watch. Not sure what else to do with the sudden change in dynamic he proceeded to patrol the area, the small drone soundlessly moving off to scan as well. He had said his greetings to their newest companion and was unable to even say a goodby to their old. The lonely path of his choosing reminded him why he chose such a path. Always changing was a group, that it was better to walk the outskirts than to grow attached.
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Some of the Eldar were subdued, others naturally not very social at times like these. Each made their own preparations for the night, some taking shelter wrapped in coats, others in something more substantial, others using the technology that Rangers and other wanderers have to make their journeys a little more comfortable. Avrielle made tea for those that would drink it and retired with a stone heated in the fire wrapped in some cloth, as Talis showed her, to keep her warm.

    Lysandriax was not without feeling, but she took a moment to organise a watch with those that were able (or willing) to care about such things. She refrained from approaching Iktomi until it was set. Then she took a quiet moment to speak with him, not saying much, nor getting too close.

    "I did not know her well, nor do I know you." She paused. "But for what it may be worth, I am sorry. And I know that sometimes pain requires peace for solace. But, if you want a listening ear, I'll do that for you. One Corsair to another." With a gesture that indicated that that was all she had to say, she turned and walked back to the fire.

    Faenkon's drone, the technology of the ancients, circled in a pattern like that of a hunting bird, Kurnous' own eye on his lost children. The night grew cold.

    Despite the nearness of the mountains the next day dawned a little brighter and a little warmer, as if the hope of Lileath had bloomed with the night moon that still hovered just on the horizon. The way up into the hanging valley was clear enough if you knew where to look; Talis pointed the way and Faenkon confirmed it. The instructions given were clear, even if the reputation of the valley was a little more murky. It was time to get climbing.

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  8. < @Jorimel >

    Talis sighed as he looked around the campsite after waking up and working out the path with Faenkon. He shook his head and went over to the fire, reflecting on things as he did his morning routine of starting the tea and some food. While everything cooked, he looked over his boots and his climbing hook to make sure that everything was in good, working order just in case they came to be needed. All the while he still sat near Avrielle, watching over her with a gentle smile. He wanted to be there for her when she woke up, in case she needed him.

    One of the perks of waking up early was that he could as well enjoy the sounds of the wilds and the crisp morning air. When he wasn't drawing or busying himself otherwise, he just relaxed and listened. Which as well left him open to his companions, should they desire to interact with him that morning.
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  9. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    By the time the Ranger (@kanila) and the youngster (@BadDo9) had returned to camp, Maesanai was up and about. She greeted the both of them with a quiet smile and a wave from afar on their approach, coming over to sit by the fire as Talis started making tea. She slipped out a bone tool from her coat with a deft twist of her wrist, which revealed itself to be a comb once she gathered a handful of her long, platinum-blonde hair and raked its teeth through it. "I cannot go completely feral while in the great outdoors, after all," she added in a humored undertone, offering the youngster a smile.

    While she tended to her hair, her blue eyes flitted aside to the sleeping girl by the youngster's side. "She's very sweet," she remarked fondly, before she glanced back up at Talis with a conspirational smile. That imp-like Saim-Hann glee twinkled in her eyes. "And you are very sweet with her," she declared, drawing her comb from her hair and stabbing it through the air at him.
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  10. < @Kalle >

    Talis had given a soft smile to Maesanai when he came back, and couldn't help but chuckle a little at her words, agreeing with her. He was used to living outdoors for periods of time, though never did he completely forego personal grooming. It was important to care for yourself, if not necessarily for the body than for your mind.

    Though as he flipped over the strips of meat that was to be breakfast, he stumbled and almost lost one when she spoke. He blushed madly and glanced once more at Avrielle before glancing away, trying to find something for his eyes to look at. "I-I'm sure I don't know what you mean." he said softly, though his body language was quite skilled in betraying that he did, and that he was perhaps embarrassed for it to be seen. Or maybe he was simply shy.

    "She's been through a lot lately." he said softly, eyes slowly moving back to rest on the sleeping form. "And I want to be able to help her in some way. And all of you." he nearly whispered, but quite enjoyed so far the early-morning talk. "But if she needs something when she wakes, I want to be able to help her with it."
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