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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

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    "What gate? I see no-"
    In that moment, the world seemed to shift in a pirouette, just like the Harlequins that he faced. And suddenly, Onvar stood on grass, and the scenery was a new one. He and the masque had materialised before a camp, with a shallow cave in the background, the Death Jester already standing before it.

    How did he arrive before us? Wasn't he with us just a moment earlier?

    But in the time travelling with harlequins, Onvar had learned that it was useless to question these things. It had been ....interesting, to say the least. While speaking to them might strike one as confusing at first, Onvar felt that there was method between all those illusions and jest, and had found them to be quite fascinating. Meanwhile, their means of travel he just ad an irk with, it didn't feel quite right how their portals warped the webway in strange ways.

    While the masque descended onto the unprepared adventurers, Onvar found the time to size up his future comrades. He was suprised when he saw multiple corsairs in the group, one looking a bit battered and very close to a noblewoman. One of the Dire Avengers had put up his cape and seemed quite tired.

    Strange. Have they seen combat?

    As expected, his two aides didn't really have the intention to leave his introduction to himself, so he just issued a silent greeting, as the Harlequins were already proceeding. While watching, he met the gaze of a blonde exodite, but on closer look he judged her as more of a corsair with a particular fashion sense. Her smile somewhat calmed him, and in the very last moment one might have seen a glimpse of mischief entering his eyes, and a brief chuckle changing the noble lines in his face in a fascinating play of light and shadow.

    When, suprisingly, the Ranger spoke first, Onvar took that as an excuse to close in to the group.

    "Well, I bring greetings from Biel-Tan, along with good wishes for your sucess. As for our wandering cousins here," he gestured towards the masque,"Let us just say they are very adept at keeping their secrets. As it is their good right." he added, with a nod towards the Death Jester.
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  2. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Pleased with the group's apparent acceptance of the Dire Avenger and the Harlequins to their company, Maesanai once more looked back to the new man --- Onvar, he was called --- and approached, offering a playful curtsy and her hand. "I am Maesanai Skyblood," the blonde declared. "Of savage Saim-Hann," she added with a feral sort of grin. "It is good to meet you, Onvar of Biel-Tan. I look forward to enjoying your company and camaraderie."
  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Vella growled as the evening's peace was interrupted by their cousins arrival. The Harlequins didn't anger her as much as the fact their party could be found so easily, right during this critical leg of their journey. It meant that their security could be compromised by others with more nefarious plans which then meant that she must be even more vigilant. She was here to provide protection and if she couldn't do that, then she would fail her task and Vella doesn't fail.

    Looking quite annoyed, the Dark Reaper said nothing as she took position near the edge of the camp, her reaper launcher still in hands and ready to be brought to life at any possible moment. She was content with simply observing for now, especially interested in this newest addition to their group, a Dire Avenger hailing from her own Craftworld.
  4. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Onvar hesitated for a moment, unsure how to greet the corsair, but then quickly took the offered hand for a greeting. "Likewise. I am sure you have many tales to tell."

    Onvar also noticed the Dark Reaper taking position, but was not very concerned. He had heard that warriors of this shrine weren't very sociable, and took their shared craftworld as a sign that she probably had no qualms with him. Nonetheless, he offered a respectful nod towards her. Maybe they wold get to talk some other time.
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Some of the group were welcoming, others watchful. Overall, the colourful players seemed to take it as a good sign, or at least permission to remain. Not that Cegorach's children ever really held much to seeking permission to be anywhere. The masked Eldar stood still, taking on listening attitudes, or walked here and there as if strolling, but only for a moment more. Yareli, deep in conversation with her visitor, stood up, smoothing the ice-blue of her robe and taking a moment to compose herself. She smiled bright.

    "My dear companions," she began, "my friends," and here she let her eyes dwell on Avrielle for a longer moment, "I have something to tell you. Something important to me, as I hope it will be to you - to all of us."

    The Mymearan noblewoman paused, just for a moment. She took courage, thinking of the words her aunt had often spoken.

    "I have a destiny. I thought - for a long while, I believed it to be that which my father chose for me, to find a suitable match and wed and have children of my own. I did not know who I was, or what I wanted. Travelling with you - I became Yareli. I knew myself, as I got to know each of you. All of you have taught me something, and I thank you for it." The Mymearan looked to each in turn. The newcomers, she favoured only with a polite nod, as they had yet to make an impression, but she was polite as a highborn should be. "Avrielle, my dear friend. You were the first to teach me of the importance of something more than one's expected purpose. And you have been a support to me, and I hope, I have to you. I will always carry our friendship in my heart."

    She turned now, faltering for but a second, as she faced Iktomi.

    "And what of Yareli, the bride to be of the dashing Corsair?" She dropped her gaze for the slightest fraction, before her eyes settled on his once more, the natural bright one, and the artful bionic. "I wonder, would we have wed? Would I have come to love you?" She walked closer to him, until she stood within arm's reach.

    "We both know it was a deception at first, and we both - I believe - came to enjoy it more than we supposed. I did not have much time to think on our future, but equally, I did not once regret it. Now we have come to a crossroads. I have a destiny, dear Iktomi, and it is not here. It is not for me to become a Corsair bride, to sail the stars with the Void Dragons, for I am Yareli, not Yriel." She reached up, and touched him lightly on the cheek

    "I am sorry. But I am also glad. You taught me another kind of freedom, and that was the last piece to fall into place. I know what I must do. I need to go with them - I must join the Children of Cegorach. For my role lies within another kind of dance. My ability to walk between so many worlds, to have spoken with the Ancients and the youth of the race - all these things have combined, now, in Fate and in me. I will become rillietann, take up dathedi and geirgilath, and go where the Laughing God takes me." She stood on her toes, and kissed Iktomi on the cheek, where her hand had just rested.

    "Please think of me kindly. And more than this - know that I will not forget you, and that you are worthy of love. If one day I should play a Princess in a tale, or weave a performance of a Corsair Queen, there will my heart be also."

    The Mymearan turned, and stepped back into the ranks of the Harlequins that closed around her as a chorus line does as the final curtain drops. With a bright flash of colour and a vortex of swirling lights, the Masque disappeared whence it had come, all save for the gaunt figure of the Death Jester. She produced a card, by sleight of hand, and flipped it spiralling into the air as she too vanished.

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  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

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    The Corsair girl's keen blue eyes watched his hesitation with an increasingly entertained expression, but once he finally --- and quickly! --- took her hand, she shook it with an endeared, dimpled smile on her face and a hearty laugh. "And most of them true!" she assured him, before she withdrew her hand and her person with a step back from the Dire Avenger, so as not to besiege him with friendliness.

    Her eyes turned to the new show, that of the highborn's departure, and she fell silent out of respect for the moment. Though she had not travelled with this woman, she understood that she had been with them for a long time, and even her irreverent cheerfulness seemed to put itself on hold while the woman said her farewells. Besides, it was a worthy task she had left them to perform, after all. A tempting one, but Maesanai had gleaned something entirely different from this journey --- a chance to be one of those the Harlequins immortalized with their performances, to have her name spread to every corner of the galaxy --- and that was more tempting by far!

    The troupe departed along with the Mymearan, to Maesanai's disappointment, but she quickly moved to capture the falling card in her hand. She cought it, symbol-down, and glanced about their gathering, before she made a show of flipping the card and turning it around to see what the mark might be.
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    The exchange between Iktomi and Yareli brought to mind something about back home at Il-Kaithe. With a distant stare he looked at the couple almost like looking through them. Envy and regret crept its way to his surface thoughts followed by confusion and anxiety. His mind kept overthinking this quest and the woman who had pushed him on this path.
    He quickly tore his eyes off them and scoffed at himself, he didn't need any of that, it couldn't be that. He noticed he was squeezing the cup hard knuckles white. Winterheart sighed took another sip of tea and waved a half hearted goodbye at Yareli, refocusing his stare to the fire again.
    All of this and the cape he was wearing brought too many memories of home which he couldn't handle right now.
  8. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Onvar felt distressed watching this event. It seemed him arriving had not been only good news. He hoped this would not overshadow their first meeting. In the end, he forced himself to break the silence, and spoke to the rest of the party.
    "It seems I brought you mixed fortune. Let me assure you that I did not know of this beforehand. Nevertheless, let me introduce myself again. My name is Onvar Aragleath, from Biel-Tan. I have been sent by the seer-council to assist you in your quest."
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    Seeing that some of the others were still stunned by the explosion of light and colour that was the Harlequins' visitation, Lysandriax held out a hand to the newcomer. She was a striking, flambouyantly-dressed Eldar woman in red and black armour of a Corsair, her hair in an extravagant topknot.

    "Lysandriax, late of the Sky Serpents, and now free of their perfidy forever. I am here as you, to help to find the Sword claimed by the Seers as Eldanesh's blade. A legacy that should not lie in some forgotten chamber, in times as dire as these. So - the question of what brings you to us is redundant, for it's the Children of the Laughing God. And as for your purpose, you avow it is the same as ours, and I have no desire to disagree. So we are allies, and we march in the same direction for the same quest."

    "Marvellous." Her eyes twinkled as she said it. And it was free of any sarcasm or mockery, in word or stance.

    As Maesanai turned over the card, it flipped to reveal a symbol recognisable by any number of sentient races, and part of the regalia of the Death Jester's own role: a black spade on a white ground, surrounded by fancy engraving in more black and white. A simple, though elaborately-presented way of saying: Death Was Here.

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  10. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Maesanai puzzled over the card, though with her earlier showmanship, she simply twirled the card about again and revealed it to her companions. "Death," she declared simply. She had yet to make her mind up about that --- A warning? A promise? --- and offered no greater comment on what it might mean, but she put on a small smile for the others. "But then, a great adventure of dire danger and great reward, I suppose it follows," she decided, and then she slipped the card into her coat pocket.

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