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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

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    "I shall meet you there." Yareli replied to the adventurous radiotech and returned to the side of the Felarch and her wine host of the night. "I will retreat momentarily to the quarters of my friend so we may get both ready. I suggest you prepare in the meanwhile your compatriot as well as wherever you wish to host two fine craftworlders, yes? Do not take too long however, it would be rude otherwise." She made very clear to be in control of the situation, not daring the corsair to think she was any damsel or such. The fire of her independence is what Iktomi and the others already experienced when they first met her, and she dared not to let that flame to be extinguished.

    "And I shall see you later in our chambers later." The Mymearean soon-to-be bonded said the hatted warrior with a heart of mercy straight in the face, her little sapphire eyes giving a faint glow of what may be... Excitement? Just a ruse as her ear-play from the bridge, or something else. Of course an eager man looking at a winter's rose could alsos just misinterpret the strong eyes of an ice princess.

    With an elegant twirl that rose her dress a bit she turned and took her leave to meet Avrielle in her quarters...
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    Stepping a bit back and away from the crowd, Imaldris closed his eyes and knelt down at the edge of the ring, picking up a handful of sand. He smelled it and by it, felt the echoes flowing through the soil, picking up and becoming the currents of energy that enveloped this ship.

    Before the duel he was skeptical about this whole affair basically given over to a bunch of Corsairs, but after clashing with their Felarch and experiencing his mettle the Warlock was a bit more at ease. They would fight, no doubt about it, and he knew he would be able to count on them.

    Perhaps I was wrong and your kin does hold what is dear to all of us close to their hearths, he sent the thought into the wind, knowing that whoever was listening would hear it and understand it. And hopefully this fire will burn ever brighter with me helping it rise. I am, after all, glad that I am here.
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    Orthelya nodded, returning Faenkon's smile. She had more questions, it was easy to see. But she also did not want her guest to go hungry.

    "That would be very welcome," she said, gathering up the last of her stray artwork. "I could certainly do with a drink. I know a good place, unless you had somewhere in mind? But what am I saying. You've only just arrived. Even you can't have hunted down somewhere to eat yet?" Orthelya did not sound completely convinced. She glanced at the Ranger, as if he might have some secret knowledge of the Arcadia only the crew should know.

    The drone followed obediently, its work as a model done (for now). The Artist led the way to a pleasant place of refreshment and repose, depending on the appetite of the Eldar in question. There was a central bar where both drinks and food were served, the latter being cooked on a leaping flame with impressive aplomb by a cook with a deft hand. A balcony ran around the upper part of the chamber, giving a tier where those who desired more talk and less bustle could rest. Orthelya turned to Faenkon, indicating by polite gesture that he should choose what suited him.

    Above, Amriel, Kithaere and Nyshalla noticed the new arrivals, though only two of them would recognise the Ranger and his drone.

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    "It is your ship, we can sit wherever you wish. I can see you have more questions, you aren't thinking of running away and joining the outcast lifestyle are you?" He gave a hearty laugh and a warm smile. He felt comfortable enough to joke around, it seemed that this crew was very relaxed and not all blustery cut throats like some of the other corsairs that he has met on his journeys. The drone took in a stream of data from its surroundings. The whole while noting a working map of the ship as they went. It would certainly make travel in the vessel easier.
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    ‘A fast? Ritual purification?’ Irlityra chuckled lightly at the idea. ‘Have you done something that requires you to be purified Juri? Or do I not want to know?’ Finishing her tea she savoured the last dregs of the sweet tea with a pleasant expression on her face. ‘We should start with something simple first. Which we can do here, but later on we'll need a more dedicated room.’

    Irlityra turned to the porcelain tea set and began to move each of the pots and bowls into a pattern with delicate movements, talking as she did so. Her voice still had the friendly tones that she had been using, but now it had moved into the voice of an unpractised teacher, confident in what she knew but uncertain how to give the information to others. ‘We’re all made up of three parts: The Body, The Mind, and The Spirit as known at The Soul.’ The cups and pots slowed to a stop and had formed a noticeable pattern; she had made the world rune of Lugganath. Turning to Juri ‘Without speaking, Juri, say what Rune this is.’

    Irlityra remembered being taught this practice. It was a way for those very new to the path to learn the differences between the three types. Juri was probably beyond this basic exercise, but Irlityra had never taught someone how to be a Seer before.

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    Warlock Jain spent a time within his thoughts - deep inside his psyche where only the most intimate of companions or most determined of enemies could ever find a way. Perhaps even deeper, within the ancient sanctum of memory where his innermost thoughts dwelt. A last frontier. A place even he approached with trepidation.

    But the Warlock was no coward. He did not fear to face himself, for how could such a one ever guide others? He felt the strengthening of his Will as he confronted the old memories, the scenes from a past that both shaped and motivated him. To know one's self one must know one's past. Morvan was ever a seeker after knowledge. It was not easy. But when have the Children of the Crone ever shied away from hardship?

    Perhaps it was a relief to be interrupted, or merely a change. But the Seer surfaced, and was met at the door by the slight figure of the radiotech and his own furry companion.

    Llyr purred happily to be on Morvan's arms once again. He rubbed his nose affectionately against the Seer's hand and then hopped up onto his shoulder, regarding Avrielle without any malice now that he was free.

    Avrielle obediently took the parchments and bowed her head briefly.

    "Of course, Seer. I will take them to the library. I was not busy, it is no trouble." She reached up on a daring impulse and petted Llyr on top of his head. The gyrinx seemed to like it well enough. His purring in Morvan's ear was already quite loud. "I think he missed you."

    Avrielle might spend a lot of her time with technology, but she was not unaware of how Eldar thought. She followed the Seer's attention to her dress and continued,

    "Well, I thought that since we were travelling I would be able to dress as a civilian for a while, as one might say - since we have a little while yet before we reach our destination? I know it's not a holiday, but I was in a good mood. So I thought I'd dress to match. After all," her amber eyes looked up the short distance to Morvan's not much greater height, "we don't know how long we will be embattled or in dire straits. We do this, to remember that we do not live for war, on Lugganath," she said, more softly, "even if war finds us often enough."

    The sensitive nature of a Warlock's psyche never really detunes from the nature of unreality just around and above it. There wasn't anything of the fate-touched in the radiotech's words, but Morvan could feel something shifting in the skein. Something unrelated, but present. Llyr didn't seem to react. He nudged Morvan's topknot and batted at a loose strand of hair with a paw.

    "If it's not an imposition," Avrielle continued, emboldened by the presence of the playful gyrinx - or was it something more? - "I was about to eat. You would be welcome to join me. You do look as if you might be thirsty, at least," she offered, the simple guilelessness of her words an open book. Avrielle was concerned.

    Across the ship, Warlock Imaldris was similarly aware of the shift in the skein of possibilities. It was not a major departure from anything he had foreseen in his everyday casting, but the ripple was just a little too large to remain unnoticed. The arena sand was soaked in martial thoughts and ambitions, the fervour of a hundred fights - all sub-lethal? It was hard to tell. But it was a place of Khaine. A place where the mettle of the Void Dragons was tested for the love of combat, the joy of using one's own abilities to the threshold and beyond. The kind of place a warlike Eldar would find a welcome and a sharpening of the edge of their psyche.

    But while all this trickled through his gloved fingers, the twitch in the currents around him did not come from the practice chamber. Imaldris was experienced at sifting psychic emanations, and he could tell that it came from elsewhere. The webway? Was the current borne along the Labyrinth Dimension, or did it percolate from one of the gates? The flicker was gone too fast to tell as yet.

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    "If it's not an imposition, I was about to eat. You would be welcome to join me. You do look as if you might be thirsty, at least," .

    Warlock stared at the parchments that,now rested in Avrielle`s hands.He did not wish to offend the master of the ship or the keeper of the library - or whatever they called it aboard Arcadia - with losing or damaging such priceless relics.As a Iybrasilian he would not dare to even think of such an act...but in her hands.... was safe.It will be safer.

    And with that thought,Morvan eased.Only now did he start to appreciate the bonds he was making with the rest of the group and how that is having an...effect on him.

    Cluless as to the possible nuances underlying beneath her proposition...but also persuaded by simple,all-to common for Avrielle honesty in her words,Morvan strangely accepted,even though he was never one for more social calls.

    That and he was hungry.

    "Food...sounds good."spoke Morvan in his usual monotone voice,not bereffet of strange warmness that now radiated from the Warlock.He was glad that young radiotech actually bothered with him.

    You missed me...haven't you?Or you have felt something from my meditations?I guess I was careless...

    Pale Warlock enjoyed the moment of soft tenderness between him and his gyrinx by cuddling Llyr over his spine,letting his white fur mingle between his fingers.He started to enjoy the benefits of his fledgling bond between him and the psyhic feline.It was already strong.

    As he prepared to depart he mused whenever he should leave his weapons behind, but ruled that it would be probably for the best to leave them in his personal quaters.He would not wish to offend his hosts by coming armed in a simple cafeteria.Besides...he was hardly harmless without them.

    Closing the doors,he gestured down the hall with his white glove,not stranger to common etiquette when in presence of a lady.One can say such behavior is ingrained and to be expected of,from all males of Iybraesil.

    Looking down on his robe,he could still feel the crystalline matrix pulsating through the runes interwoven within the fabric of his attire.Luckily he left the helmet behind.

    "Apologies Avrielle...but I all to often forget of the life outside of the Path.A fact that Yareli has already reminded me of.I am afraid she does have a point." spoke Morvan as he tried to recall when was the last time he actually went out for a drink or allowed himself more then a moment of simple laxity.A stray thought recalled the memory of Kethellion...hopefully a would-be Warlock,but he reined his thoughts in,an easy thing for his regimented mind.

    As he walked...he was not numb to the twitch in the ether.Something was changing...or was pregnant with the potential to do so.Something around his companion.Something around Avrielle.

    It was not only was him also.
    Without scrying the portents of the runes or gazing into the raw Empyrean he could see moments happening before they do.A smokey mirage of objects falling moments before they do,gestures made before they are,smiles shining and eyes gazing before they were even intended.

    It was new to him not strange or unknown...but new.Has the moments of deep introspection and fighting with the demons as is within and without have given him a new form of clarity.A new power?
    For the first time in his life...he felt he needed guidance for his own lack of answers...and that chided at him.

    Even so...Morvan did not allow for the moment to be ruined for as Avrielle has said herself...they are rare.If not for least for her.

    "Thank you again for returning Llyr to me.It seems I am not the only one who is the object of his attention."added Warlock as he noticed Llyr glancing at Avrielle from time to time.
    "I do believe that is gratitude,no?He is a curios little feline.He finds you interesting...that or he enjoys in the touch of your hand.Tell me do you spend time on Lugganath when not on duty?" - queried Warlock...his hunger for answers almost carnal...coming to the fore.

    He looked a her with his azure blue eyes expecting an answer.Or if the Crone was generous...answers!

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    OOC2: Perfected to the omnissian standards!
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    @Jorimel @Uriel1339
    Iktomi, Broken Reflections
    With the friendly duel complete, Iktomi had done what he set out to do. The first test of the new blood's metal. The scattered sand was pulled back into the ring by an automated force. Returning the floor to it's previous state.
    Hearing of Yareli's gamble had brought a smile to his face. 'Such confidence in my abilities is worthy of reward.' He thought. However, learning that his conceding meant that she would be sharing a drink with one of his crew did cause a twinge of... 'What was it again? Oh right! I'm being solicitous... That's new.'
    "The End Times itself couldn't keep me from attending. Sharing a drink doesn't mean you can't have company." Iktomi says calmly, sneaking glares at Vytharion all the while. "Until half cycle then. The next drink is on me, I have something special I've been hiding away for just such an occasion." Give Yareli one last look of assurance, and with that Iktomi left the training hall for his living quarters. It had indeed been some time since he last had been within his chambers.
    'Maybe I should get a cleaning drone in there to check for traps? Wish I had borrowed some from the Hope when I had the chance. Missed opportunities, but not a lesson unlearned.'

    OOC: Sorry I've been silent, just gonna start up at the party. Might make a stop at the Core for spiritual purposes, but am still getting over some serious writers block. Should post more tonight.
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    "Whichever way suits the etiquette of the Arcadia and Void Dragons." Yareli noted to Iktomi with a reassuring smile as her legs led her out of the halls of Khaela Mensha Khaine and back into the civil hallways of her new temporary, or perhaps permanent, home.

    @High_Adept_Zeth & @Jorimel
    Wandering through the halls, and remembering the way at least to some degree. She passed her own quarter and wondered what to do with her small belongings still in there. They would have to get moved to Iktomi's cabin, soon. The only items in there at the moment only her Ocarina and Las Pistol. Her Dynasty Dagger residing secure on her waist for self-defense purposes, trusting Iktomi but not the Void Dragons. A paranoia that survived her absence from Mymeara. Mymeara.... Should she finally prepare a message to be sent? It was probably far too late anyway, there was a chance back on Lugganath, yet her mind spent no moment to think of her birthplace. The only thing keeping that connection alive was her blade, ocarina and robes. Yet, they felt... Awkward. Out of place. New clothes had to be made soon, perhaps a tailor was on the Arcadia - or someone with decent skills at least.

    She shook her head and walked past her room. There was a mission to be completed. Not needing to change or prepare otherwise, the sapphire-eyed individual walked purposefully, almost in a hurry. The silver-dyed hair moving a bit back and forth, the very tips tapping rhythmically against her back. At this pace for roughly a minute, finally her goal was reached. Exhaling nervously, as if she was to confess a mistake to her parents, she straightened her clothes and knocks on the door. "Avrielle?" And so she waits on their intended meeting spot.
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    "I am merely here to observe", the mistress of musica replied, sitting down and reclining in the silence of her alcove. Not that it was truly silent. No, gossamer threads of conversation carried on the scented winds of Corsair made their own orchestra of sensation and impression, even if it was only barely aural and much more olfactory in this case. And of course, Kithaere could not deny the pleasantness of the warmth within the air. Truly, these outsiders had a culture worth calling it such.

    "But feel free to speak and regale me and this... Cousin under Vaul of mine, Ser Amriel."


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