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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

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    With the swift breeze ruffling the dress of his audience if not the feathers of his opponent, the Warlock skilfully deployed his mastery of the Mind to try to gain an advantage over the Felarch. After all, Iktomi was on his home ground. In so far as the Corsair utilised the ground in his side of the duel.

    The combat flickered like lightning, a speed and poise unique to the Eldar lending the grace of demigods to the two fighters. No wonder some of the more savage races in the galaxy viewed the Star-Children as something more than mortal. Of course, the temptation to the ego of the proud once-masters of said galaxy was something best avoided. Iktomi fought with his usual flair, something that did not escape his sometime bride-to-be as she watched the combat unfold.

    "We do not have to bet currency," the tall Corsair replied with a smile. "There are many ways to wager. But let us keep this light, for the match is not an honour duel and we have no need to prove more than they."

    "I suggest that should my chosen champion win, then you shall agree to share some good Iyanden wine with me." He grinned a little more widely. "We came by it honestly. We may have an eye for the main chance, we Corsairs, but we do not prey upon our sorrowing kin."

    It seemed that not every Eldar aboard the Arcadia had heard the news.

    To Kortana, it looked as if Iktomi and Imaldris were still fairly evenly matched. But then, what would either of them be if they had revealed either their full intent or their full range of tricks at this stage? It was clearly still very much a contest. At least this time, Iktomi was not in danger at the claws of the Neverborn.

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    "So you traded it most likely from Yriel after his recent aid, mh?" Yareli deployed her knowledge to some degree, and with Cegorach's will she was right. She replied the smile and offered her hand. "Should your champion win, we shall share that wine. But if mine wins... Mhhhh let's see... Then I may have dinner with you under one condition. You shall seek approval of your captain, if he agrees, then we shall share some wine either way. So no matter what happens, you will get your chance." Yareli smiled upon the stranger, having to raise her head to meet his face. But only to get a glance, before turning back to the combat. At heart, she wondered what Iktomi's reaction would be and thus hoped he would win. And if not, she gets at least a chance to learn more about the Arcadia's crew.

    "If you win, you better have another friend, because I just might bring a jewel of a lady along. And she is impressive enough to have earned the Felarchs hat once." One of the many rules that her father had put upon her: Never share dinner with strangers alone, even if it was a diplomatic mission. And a certain radiotech was after all what she would consider a close friend and probably would not mind to share dinner with some corsairs.
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    Irlityra barely moved as Tantharal’s words drifted across her mindscape. She heard every word Juri said and sat in a studious pose as if pondering her next actions when in fact she was projected her thoughts in a way that Tantharal could understand; each projected thought was a concise bubble of information presented by the double-image of girl and woman combined through words and emotions. ‘I am unsure Tantharal.’ Her thoughts were hesitant as she spoke to the musician. ‘You are right; he is young but his open mind is a danger to himself and others. I worry about his lack of experience with any of the Seers Paths.’

    ‘I wish to see how he’ll react when his current unruly lifestyle of freedoms and desires is challenged by the restrain and discipline needed to be a seer before I introduce him to actual spirits such as yourself. If he can understand and show skill with the basic skills of the Paths of the Seer then I will take you up on your very generous offer. If he can’t…’

    Her thoughts drifted to a darker place for a moment. ‘… well that is why I worry for him.’ she thought as she regained her composure.

    She wasn’t sure if Tantharal had been on the Seer’s Paths during his lifetime or knew the risks of the Path, but Irlityra was unwilling to throw Juri into the deepest nebulas quite yet. Returning her active attentions to Juri, Irlityra smiled at his enthusiasm and energy before saying ‘You’re right,’ she took a delicate sip of her tea and looked absentmindedly at the tea pot ‘you should ask for permission from the Felarch to begin your training.’

    Irlityra was laying a choice out before Juri, unsure if he would notice the test. If he ran instantly to tell the Felarch of this change in him it wouldn’t be a good sign. On the other hand the tea was very good and it shouldn’t be wasted in an unrestrained rush, they had all the time in the Webway after all…

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  5. The way the armor was damaged it must have been a hell of a fight, and certainly a story worth sharing and hearing. His trial by fire usually made for a good story as well if one was in the right mood, and so he nodded his head in agreement.

    "It's a wager then. Best story gets their drinks paid for by the loser, as determined by the bone-singer. Though I generally like to know the names of the people I drink with before doing so, makes it easier to find them if they drink too much. I am Amriel, Fire Dragon of Yme-Loc, though I think that last was already made apparent."

    His tone suggests that the name lesson was one he had learned from experience, having to drag several comrades out by their ears when they ingested too much during his time working the forges.
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    "What a lovely attack." Iktomi said, looking straight into the soul conjured gale. His lens covered eye feeling the pings of arena sand. Moving quickly to drive his void saber into the floor where he stood, Iktomi also unclasped his left great coat sleeve. It feel open to reveal a personal force shield generator, humming to life. The wind smashed upon the shimmershield, the wind no less forceful. Threatening to carry the felarch off his feet.
    When the tsunami abated, Iktomi returned to a standing position. His hat secured by a strong grip. "Seems you're more than just a fancy spear." Sheathing his blade, Iktomi bowed in respect, resting his right hand inside his coat. "I yield. I would risk blood or bone in a friendly duel, but I cannot continue to endanger my hat." Iktomi said with a smile. "Come now Imaldris, you cannot hide that Banshee shrine training. Already pushed to use your limit with a sword. One must fight with their strengths I suppose. Let's do this again in the future. See if you can't learn some swashbuckling."
    Sensing the familiar presence of Ice and Duty, 'Yareli'. "I didn't see you come in my dear! Care to test your skills?" Pulling out his obro inhaler, revealing his blaster pistol easily within reach. Winking to Yareli from behind his lens. 'You don't bring a gun to a sword fight. That's just unsporting.' He thought.
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    Assuming that this ring-smith's story had been true - which the great artisan had no reason to doubt - and that Nyshalla could provide another of this caliber - which Kithaere took the liberty of doubting - the azure bonesinger already considered her colleague to be ahead in this proposed contest. Sslyth were formidable foes and foul beasts, each capable of being more than a match for her kind, easily explaining the darker kin's predisposition for using them as guardians against their own.

    Well, she hadn't met one, of course, but she was fairly sure all the stories were true. Or at least, partly.

    Folding her hands behind her back and growing a few inches as her pride was fed, Maven Sheolis inclined her head and affected a slight smile. The smile of a teacher humouring students, as smugly assured of superiority as everything else about her.

    "A tale of battle and a story of a quest, a venture, a tragedy and a dirge, no story should be like any other and whichever you think you tell the best should be the one you choose", she replied, more to Nyshalla than the warrior, though extending her arms in a gesture that included both, notifying the pluralisation. "It is agreed then. Let us have a contest. But I insist that I pay for myself."

    Still convinced that everyone present knew her by virtue of reputation, she turned her inclusive gesture into a sweep towards the exit. "Shall we get to it?"

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    Wondering whether he gave up because he couldn't win, or because he was sincere she simply approached Iktomi. Seems like she had to enjoy a bottle of wine with a stranger corsair, him giving up like this she after all did not anticipate.

    "If there is someone who seeks contest in the ways of the blade I shan't decline." Yareli responds to the 'offer' with a smile and straightens his hat and wiping his shoulders clean off dust - if there was any. "You fought well, though holding back? I am not used to that side of yours, dear captain." The noblewoman smiled. "I did actually wage on your victory, you know? But with your forfeit I fear you have given me away for the evening to have a drink of Iyandi wine." With discretion she gestured over to the dark-armored corsair behind her. "I might bring Avrielle along, if she is in the mood."
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "If your crew fights as well as you do Felarch, then there is hope for this mission yet," Imaldris made a slight bow, the light dissipating from his spear as quickly as it arrived, "I will remember your offer and I might even consider it after we are done with the quest. After all, I never missed a chance to learn more about the various forms and styles of combat."
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    (OOC: RL got me busy!)

    Faenkon attempted to resume the same pose with as much enthusiasm as before. Such a demanding artist/gunner! "Here? This way? How long have you been with this crew? And do they let you sketch them as well. Or is just when you get a chance to catch one off guard?" He chuckled with a friendly grin.
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