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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Kaptin Primorkagorka DaKaptin Well-Known Member

    All Iktomi could do was smile at Imaldris wordless reply. The spear glowed cooly with focused energies, the bright blue used to disguise the Warlock's next move. Pulling his clenched fists in close to his chest, the Void Saber hilt held tight withe blade pointed skyward to parry. Blade struck blade as they met just above Iktomi's left shoulder.
    Pushing out with his saber, Iktomi attempted to force the spear away from his face and person. Imaldris spun on the spot and without missing a beat struck again. This time it was Iktomi's turn to make a fancy move. Engaging his jump-pack, the Felarch leaped high to avoid the low aimed attack. "Now, you're just full of surprises!" Iktomi said happily in the air. "Let me show you how Corsairs duels."
    Disengaging the jump-pack and turning midair with the momentum, Iktomi aimed his void saber straight down. Then rocketing back towards the sandy ring. Sped up by the thrust and his old enemy, gravity. After the initial thrust and counter, Ikotmi follows with a series of three slashes. None had the intention of hitting Imaldris, but to test his grip on the Spear. 'A spear will always be longer than a sword, but that amounts to little if you loose your spear!' Iktomi thought excitedly. His smile holding strong upon his lips, teeth threatening to dazzle those within the training area.
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  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Orthelya smiled, sitting back on her heels as she contemplated first the Ranger, then her work.

    "Why, do you have time for such a epic suite of work as that sounds as if it would require?" She brushed back her hair from her forehead, fortunately without getting any of her pastels on her face. "I would like to chronicle more than I do. It's only in times like these, in between reaving the void, that I get time for creative work. Such is the life of a gunner."

    She bent back to her drawing again. "What do you do for fun? What does a Ranger do to pass the time between ... well, unless it's all work for you, so to speak?"

    "Or is it all play?" Orthelya grinned as she chose another crayon.

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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @Kalle | @DaKaptin | @Colapse

    As graceful as always, the noblewoman entered the room. Glad that the corsairs did not mislead her to their amusement, she smiled widely on the display of skill. Of course Iktomi was duelling one of the newcomers, he was not thinking for too long either to fight Lord Serontine - on his own soil. Standing next to familiar face of Kortana her eyes were focused on the fight. She watched Iktomi's moves very detailed, not so much caring about Imaldris, beyond the response that would come from the spear-warrior. It was orthodox versus untraditional, and the latter usually had the upperhand, due to the element of surprise. No swing was the same, and there was always an ace up the sleeve. Especially with someone as rich in tricks as the Felarch.

    Making best use of the idle time of spectating, Yareli decided to ponder on the words of Reevia. She had been in right in many degrees. To challenge Saarania or even demand independence and challenge her, that was too much where they were now. It would need to become a more century-long plan, rather than decades. Build up alliances, trust, friends. Only a Commorite like Vect or Sliscus would dare to make such grand plans and utilize them within even years. Then again, their methods were always.... Extreme. In her diplomacy training, the history of Comorragh was part of her education, one of the less... Enjoyable parts. Shaking her head she re-focused. There were three clear steps ahead that had to be fulfilled. Regain the ancient blade. Complete the ceremony. Make a name amongst the Void Dragons. Simple enough.

    With the goals set, her mind wandered off on less important events, rewinding a bit. A winking corsair. The dark uniform was the only thing that made him distinctively different. She would ask Iktomi later about his crew. For now, there was blade clashing. "Channel the power of Khaela Mensha Khaine and strike unpredictable like the Laughing God!" She motivated Iktomi.
  4. kanila kanila Subordinate

    "Well if you enjoy what you do is it truly work? To explore beyond what is known, to see what has been forgotten. What better excitement could be found!" The peace between adventures was fleeting at times, and he would be lying if he didn't admit to enjoying it, but the hunt was what he truly enjoyed! "Myself personally though, hmmm? My down time is often spent searching for the next great adventure or contemplating what has since passed. One must always hone ones skills. But if you are referring to relaxing, viewing the void from a place such as this." He did a grand sweeping motion with his hands gesturing to their current surroundings. "Then yes I do enjoy the rest between adventures... And of course a drink and some company never hurts." He smiled as he returned to his earlier pose, unsure if it was necessary or if she had already finished the major details and was applying the finishing touches.
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "No - go back! Like that -" Orthelya gestured as she frantically looked for a new sheet of paper. "Hold that pose! It's perfect! Your enthusiasm -" she scribbled away on the blank space, hurriedly sketching the pose before it could tire the Ranger out. "That's what I need. That's the heart of it!"

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  6. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    Juri’s reply surprised Irlityra and the honesty of this surprise was clearly expressed to Juri when it flashed across Irlityra’s face for the briefest of moments. She was torn between the honesty of this man showed and the wildness and hurt others who shared his path had inflicted upon her in the past

    ‘Well’ Irlityra began hesitantly, but her voice gained confidence as she spoke ‘I will begin by saying that you are not insane.’ She gently placed her hand on Juri’s, in a manner that was used as a comforting gesture between friends on her craftworld. It was a little too forward for their current situation and she realised this but kept her hand there to support him. His silence to others about this must have been difficult for him, she thought, and he probably hasn’t been this open for quite some time. His honesty was slowly breaking down her assumptions of corsairs and their ill-considered life choices.

    ‘My first suggestion would be that you take up the Path of the Seer on a craftworld of your choice so that you could learn the skills of the Seer in a safe and nurturing environment,’ a soft, musical laugh swelled in her throat ‘but since I think you would shudder at the thought and we won’t be arriving at a craftworld for quite some time we will have to adapt to our situation.’

    ‘I will meet with the felarch and the others of my company to plan our mission soon. Once that business is done I can begin to teach you to hear and understand: the words, the thoughts and the desires of the dead; if you so wish.’

    Irlityra’s expression softened ‘But first, you have many questions that need answering. ‘I cannot promise that I will have all the answers, but I can promise that I shall try to answer all of them.’

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  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Imaldris was pushed on the defense after the Felarch launched his counterattack, each of his strikes being harder and harder to deflect while the spear reverberated in his hands both from the attacks that threatened to disarm him and from that part of his mind which responded to these assaults with fury of his own.

    Dancing on the thin line now, the Warlock stabbed his spear in the sand and vaulted backwards using its length to push himself higher and thus create the greater distance. As he landed, his eyes flashed with cerulean blue and the rune saying "Wind" lightened up in front of him. He never claimed that he was the best spear-master or the most agile of the warriors, actually despite his perfect physique he was quite average (although he wasn't about to admit that to just anyone) when it came to martial prowess. However, there was another discipline he was much better at, the one this Felarch was about to see with his own eyes.

    The air swirled around Imaldris' form as he bent the element to his will, the shapes both beautiful and dangerous as his soul spoke through his art. He rose his palm and the current suddenly flew outward, followed with the metallic tang that was usually present when the spells were being cast, and went straight at Iktomi. There was a loud "crash" as if the air buckled and stiffened as it went like a tsunami towards the Felarch. If it hit him, he would feel as if someone smashed him with a particularly heavy object and would either knock him off his feet or probably send him flying through the ring.

    As much as this was a friendly duel, there was definitely no holding back this time from Warlock's part.
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Yareli placed a hand just below her abdomen to keep her skirt from not revealing all too much. "I have anticipated a duel of blades, not a tornado." She joked playfully to Kortana (@Kalle ) who stood next to the Noblewoman. She only glanced for a moment to her ranger-acquaintance before re-focusing on the combat. They moved fast, perhaps too fast for Human eyes but not for a banshee-aspired diplomat.

    It was a ferocious battle and somehow it made her smile, to know that neither Warlock nor Felarch held back. Though the motivation of both sides made her curious. Iktomi's were pretty clear: Having fun. But the Warlock? Perhaps similar to Morvan, Imaldris did not know how to hold back?

    "If we Eldar had a currency, I would bet it on Iktomi. He has experience fighting with the neverborn and thus experience with the warp. Whereas I would say that Imaldris has not so much experience with unconventional combat techniques, equivalent to what the corsairs utilize to survive on a cycle to cycle base. Then again, I have to root for our dear Captain, don't I?" She chuckled softly, keeping her robes still in place with one hand, while the other straightened her hair a bit out.
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  9. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    In what passed for the forge, the flame might be eternal; but conversation ebbed and flowed as all such activities must. Nyshalla bent once again to her miniature anvil, tapping out a bell-like rhythm on the tiny circlet of starmetal that lay under her expert shaping.

    Kithaere kept her own counsel, but the pause for reflection did not last long unbroken as Nyshalla finished up the last stage of her work at the anvil. She set the cooling ring aside and walked over to stand beside the Fire Dragon, looking at the armour he held up and examined.

    "It was damaged in a fight with Sslyth - do you know of the serpent-bodied mercenaries? - we met them outside a place we'd been set to guard while others did a deal within. There is a tale there, of course. and even heroism should you desire it. And at least one fine new pair of snakeskin boots." She tapped the armour lightly, and listened to the sound, wincing in sympathy with the damaged battle-plate.

    "But it sounds as if your trial by fire was rather more than figurative. A tale of your own. I have a suggestion." She nodded over to the contemplative Bonesinger.

    "Let us swap our tales over something to quench the thirst. And if tales of battle are not to your taste, Madame Spirit-Weaver, then perhaps you will be the judge of who has the best story to tell." She smiled at the Maven Sheolis, and there seemed to be no malice in it. Just the simple if gauche charm of a Corsair including the new guests. If Kithaere was any judge. Which she most certainly was and could be.

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  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Juri listened with tension apparent in his posture and nervousness emanating from him despite his best efforts at being controlled and calm. It was a big step, this admission to himself and another, and the Corsair looked almost childlike for a moment, as if he were afraid that he had transgressed some ancient law and would be punished. But the Spirirtseer did not move to condemn him, nor did she ridicule his tentative suggestion.

    "Well, I should probably go to my quarters," he said, smiling slightly, but his relief could not be hidden entirely. "So that I can pack up my belongings and see if the good Felarch will give me leave to return, for I couldn't dream of taking up so much of your time as you will need to school me. I'm told I'm a disobedient student, quite unruly, far too apt to take to flights of fancy when I should be learning."

    "Of course, I have no idea where I could have picked up such a terrible reputation, but it has been my burden all my life," Juri sighed, then he set down his tea and dropped both his gaze and the frivolous lightness of tone. Looking into Irlityra's eyes he spoke again.

    "I - well, thank you, truly. I was at a loss. I did not know if what I ... thought I knew ... was a good sign. Or even if it was a gift. But if you are willing to teach me, then on my honour I will learn everything I can and I shan't shrink from mastering myself and my gift. To do otherwise would be sacrilege. For the spirits of the dead guide us still, do they not? Through the counsels of the Farseers and more directly, to those with your powers. I have always had respect for such things." He smiled, and again Irlityra could see a youthfulness under the bluster and braggadocio of the buccaneering Path.

    He is an open mind, Tantharal's ghost-speech drifted across her mindscape like a summer breeze. Not so long sailing the void as he might wish others to see. I see a shadow of myself in him. There was a faint, shivering sound, the slightest trace of psychic mirth. The guide-spirit was laughing. Without malice, he continued, Though that was some while ago.

    Should you need one to speak to him whom you know, whose existence you can confirm for him, then I am willing.


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