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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Reevia paused. For a moment - quite a long moment - she weighed the words, as Asuryan with his scale might weigh a plea for justice. Not that Yareli made any pleas. Indeed, her independence of thought and honesty were what seemed to impress the Void Dreamer the most. She took a drink of her wine, and smiled broadly.

    "Then, a toast to your arrival! Iktomi could do with a good woman to straighten him out. Only, not too far down the straight and narrow, if you please," she grinned, showing that it was a jest - "we like our wicked Corsair ways. So you and I, we shall be fast friends I am sure."

    "Welcome to the Arcadia, then, Miss Yareli, and I hope you find the adventure of your dreams with us. i won't lie and say that I've never regretted a second of my time here. But all in all, I've grown fond of life under the reign of the Void Princess and wouldn't wish for any other life. The stars call me. And you - that was quite a tale. Facing the Neverborn. I salute you, though I can't recommend such a dangerous ploy. Still, as things often do where Iktomi is involved, it seemed to work out."

    "Perhaps you can tell me where he got that fancy sword? I will ask him, of course, but he'll never give me a straight answer." Reevia paused.

    "Two bits of advice, though, if you want to mix with the crew. One, I wouldn't refer to Prince Yriel as a bastard - I mean, he is, of course, but not knowing one's father is hardly a sin of the son. And we have quite some respect for him and what he did against the Tyrannid menace. I don't suggest that you meant any disrespect, but rather I seek to protect you from being misunderstood by some of the more wilful elements. Some Eldar will find any excuse for a fight."

    "Two, I would most definitely NOT suggest that Felarch Iktomi could do very well for himself if he broke away from Princess Saarania. We Corsairs take our oaths seriously. And I believe he likes her, anyway."

    "Not, you know, romantically," Reevia added hurriedly, her hands gesturing to add another layer of sincerity to her words.

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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "I shall take your advice regards the former Autarch to heart, Reevia." Yareli bowed her head. "But if anyone dares to pick a fight... They shall apologize for believing my heritage is equivalent to an incapability of fighting. I may dress, walk and even talk like a noble born, nonetheless I know how to swing a sword." She smiled softly on the thought, perhaps it would do well to make sure everyone understands that? Then again... Let them figure that out for themselves.

    "As for Saarania. I saw the glimpse of pleasure of being in control in her eyes. She is aware of her power and enjoys to show it, I am not too fond of such... Personalities. And you never know what fate will bring if you challenge it. That is how Iktomi seems to work anyhow. Announcing challenges to the greatest threats of the galaxy and miraculously not just surviving but besting him. As if Cegorach himself was smiling upon him. Then again, perhaps he is an agent of the Laughing God." Yareli said serious, before giggling softly. The thought alone being far too ridiculous.

    "I have seen Corsair bands falling apart and if the time comes, I wish the best for my soulmate. Not that I hope that anything was to happen to the dear Dragon Princess, but we both are aware of the potential perils in the life as Corsair. And would those perils catch up with her, there are realistically only two outcomes. Either someone everyone respects with similar influence takes her throne and leads the dragons. Or..." Her face darkened a bit as she let her finger run across the rim of her glass. "The Dragons disband and everyone is left on their own. And if such thing was to happen... Well... It is my duty as Iktomi's partner to ensure that even in the darkest night, that there is a flame of hope for our family, which of course would extend to the well-being of the Arcadia's crew." She finished her drink.

    "Speaking of that. I better tend to him, not that he thinks I ran off, got lost and need someone looking for me." She smiled, trying to convey it was a reference to the 'damsel in distress' stereotype. "It is my pleasure to have made your acquaintance, Dreamer, and may our both paths intertwine with fortune for the greater well of the Arcadia and it's crew." Yareli rose from her seat and delivered her empty wine glass to the bartender and offered him a smile. "Your service is appreciated."

    And with those words said, the Mymearan put her hands within the sleeves of her robe and made to look for Iktomi. He is not much of a commandeer so he wouldn't be on the bridge. He was not here, so he didn't grab a drink... Where else might he be? Without much thought, she explored the ship to perhaps meet a familiar face, or find the secondary goal of the Observatorium.

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  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Orthelya started to sketch again as she spoke, her hands moving rapidly, taking up colours now and adding detail to the sketch.

    "Just - there, that's it, straighten your back just a little - you look as if you could almost lean forward and taste the void - have you been inside for too long, Mr. Wayfarer?" She didn't look up from the work, but her teasing was good-natured as was her tone.

    "So where have you been amidst the stars? Why would someone so famous for being self-reliant find himself on the ship of a wild Corsair band like ourselves? These are your tales, and they will be the second strand to the painting - the bass to the tune, as it were, with ever-present war the percussion. Have you seen the drakes of the Exodites? The burning ice world? The double nebula we know as Cegorach's Eye? I have so many questions ..."

    The Artist looked up from her sketching.

    "Perhaps I should give you some time to answer them all, hmm?"

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  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Kortana found the limelight a trifle too bright when focussed on herself, as naturally quiet as she was at times like these. It was interesting to observe the others, and to be a part of the gathering in a low-key way, and that was enough. Let more martial spirits enjoy the melee! Such was the way of Kurnous after all - to observe, then to hunt. The Laughing God's Fools rush in.

    Iktomi took up the stance he knew so well from a hundred engagements, from playful sparring to deathly encounters none walked away from unscathed. The sand under his feet was cool and pale, like the temperament of a shy maiden. Or of the good Warlock Jain, come to that. Where was the little Seer with his adorable furry companion? But these were surface thoughts, and Iktomi knew enough of both his crew and the War-Seer to know that he would be all right. Llyr too. If he wasn't spoiled to death by some of the more impressionable starsailors. The Felarch could feel a familiar resonance from the chamber, a sense of the martial pride it had witnessed and the familiar touch of home. The three crew members stood respectfully to one side to allow their Captain the full range of his abilities. All in all, a good place to be and a fine chance just waiting to be taken.

    Cycle Ender hummed in his hand. The fell blade wanted to taste something richer than the tainted blood of the neverborn on which it had recently fed - was it really so short a time ago? - and here was an opportunity to drink of something numinous and powerful.

    Imaldris knew the value of wise counsel carefully considered. One of the benefits of studying such ways, lesser known to many Eldar, was that it brought one the ability to leap into action at a moment's notice, having learned to trust one's instinct. He did so, spinning the war-spear artfully, pirouetting with speed and grace. Iktomi was quick on the draw, but Imaldris could leap higher and faster. It was turning into a match that would challenge them both.

    One of the watching Corsairs leaned over to Kortana and whispered, re-tying his high topknot as he spoke, one eye always on the combat.

    "The War-Witch or the Pirate? What do you think, Ranger?"

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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Nyshalla smiled at Amriel's words, and shook her head slightly.

    "I speak of the mind-song, the wraith-craft, the light-made-manifest, the hammerfall of the lightest touch, the Breath of Vaul," she paused but barely, "the Subtle Music, the Wordless Song, the Immaterium immanent."

    "Wraithbone," she supplied, playfully poking the Aspect Warrior on the forearm with her ring-hammer. "Not to say that there is no place for heat and flame, but you do not walk around clad in iron like Khaine of old."

    "Do you?" she asked, looking up at him, still teasing him slightly, but in good spirits. Sometimes it is the ones that do not cooperate that are the best. Corsairs were famous for their wild temperament, but also, it seemed, a pointed sense of humour.

    Literally and figuratively apart from such amateur sparring, it was easy for the Maven Sheolis to summarise the couture and the posture of those present, for hadn't she always had an eye for such things? If one knew beauty, one knew truth. And if it didn't take a genius to know one from the other, only the truly skilled could sift and weigh the measure of each. When dealing with making the abstract concrete was one's everyday habit, then why settle for less than one's full potential? And the crop-haired Crafter, well - she could do more with herself. Just look at that apron, for one.

    Kithaere knew better than to voice such opinions, of course, at least until open ears were receptive enough to receive them. Really, it was very much like forging - the precise nudges to someone's persona, the little adjustments only a knowing friend could provide. Not that she would consider her a friend, certainly not after so slight an acquaintance. But, this hefty muscle-girl could make rings of starmetal. That bore investigating. That deserved a certain tithe of patience. This allotted, she turned to the strapping figure of the Fire Dragon.

    “So are you to mend this with a hammer, Dragon?”, she asked mirthfully, not really paying attention to his own rationalisation, “There is the crafting of the mind and the crafting of the body... and this definitely requires a mind.”

    “Perhaps. A song.”

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  6. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    Picking up the near translucent porcelain tea-bowl from the presented tray Irlityra took a moment to admire the corsairs work. The fragrant liquid’s smell merged wonderfully with the lingering smell of incense in the air, each highlighting a different favour the other possessed and complimenting each other’s smell.

    A thought crossed her mind as she took her first delicate sip of her tea, ‘Was Juri nervous? The roundabout way he had gone to asking his questions brought to Irlityra’s mind the image of a nervous young child, unable to ask the question they wanted due to nervousness. This thought was strange to her because of her preconceptions of corsairs, backed up by many years of being on the wrong end of their attentions in Lugganath. Corsairs were dashing and fearless individuals that laughed in the face of emotions, and pretty much anything else. Not nervous people who feared the seers of their ancestors.

    With the subtle taste of the tea on her lips she said ‘It is not your custom to speak of your life before you sailed the stars,’ as she indicated the tea tray with a subtle nod of her head but her voice had a surprisingly defensive quality to it that surprised even her as the words came out ‘yet you ask me of my life before I arrived on this ship?’

    Realising the accidental steel to her voice, she lowered her tea bowl to her lap and softened her expression.

    ‘But you are right,’ as a wiry smile crossed her face and the steel in her voice faded quickly ‘Just because the dead are dead, it doesn’t mean they don’t have life’. It was a phrase that she had been taught as she first walked the Path of the Spiritseer to help acclimatise the learners to this radically different world view. ‘and you are bold indeed.’

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  7. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Faenkon chuckled, it was a game of twenty questions, and he was on the receiving end. "So many questions, where to begin? Well, the reason I am on this beautiful vessel is because, sometimes the final destination requires a less direct route. And what better way to travel than a corsair ship?!" He stared absently into the void thinking of past travels and adventures. "I have been to many places, some long since forgotten. You aren't trying to catalog my life story now are you? That would probably take a while haha."
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  8. "I do not craft with the mind as you do then, for it is not among my gifts."

    So he had been right initially, she spoke of bonesinging, summoning the essence of creation from the Immaterium and so crafting much of what defended the Eldar. He had briefly tried his hand at it, and failed miserably. Metal, heat, and flame were his elements, and he made excellent use of them. He walked over to the armor on the rack, and even he could see that it would in fact require more than his abilities, at least given the available facilities here.

    "I have walked clad in iron as Vaul did once, it was part of my trial and not an experience I care to repeat."

    3 months in the Webway, seeking the destroyed remnants of ancient armies, clad in iron enchanted to protect from marauding demons and wielding nothing but a forge hammer, wreathed in flame, and a fusion pistol. He winked at the bonesinger before responding about the armor, picking it up as if it were nothing and examining the damage within.

    "I could not repair this by hand. At least not to full functionality. But I could restore it to a point at which it would be beneficial to its wielder, and it would be that much easier to repair it after. What manner of beast did this damage?"
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  9. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Reevia shrugged. "Knowing one's own power is essential to finding one's strengths, I'd say. What you object to is someone displaying their power, maybe? But either way, you don't have to like my leader. Though it's better to get along with the in-laws, mm? Just remember that as Corsairs we're here because we want to be. No-one compels us to remain. At least, not in the Void Dragons. I can't speak for those damned Commorrites. But then, who would want to?" She sipped her wine.

    "As for underestimating you, well, then the fools get what they deserve, don't they?" She grinned. "Just don't leave a trail of bodies. But then, if you know our Felarch, I don't need to tell you much more. Enjoy your stay on the Arcadia, Yareli, and I .... well, I guess I should break the news to the crew officially."

    It was with a fairly good grace that the bartender accepted her thanks, though Yareli could tell that she hadn't yet made a friend there. But no-one else in the rowdy bar gave her any trouble, or paid her much mind, except a tall Corsair in dark uniform whom she could have sworn gave her the broadest of winks over his wine glass as she passed.

    Enquiries among the crew led her easily enough to find her betrothed (though of course, there had been no formal ceremony, nor did either Eldar bear a token ...). Iktomi was in the practice-room, or at least one of such. And indeed the corridor approach to the large, vaulted chamber rang with the familiar sounds of sword on wraithbone. Inside, she could find the Ranger Kortana, standing next to three of the Arcadia's crew. They watched a fight: Felarch Iktomi against the Warlock from Ulthwe, Imaldris. A contest worthy of the name.

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  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "Well, what you observe is true, of course; but you are not a Pirate, are you, karanye?" Juri sipped his tea. "Still, there is the heart of the matter: a gauche Corsair, a genteel Craftworld maiden. I can only offer what I am, shorn of pretence at what I ought to be. Hoping that you will respect my honesty." Juri's words were light, and his manner was confident on the surface, but Irlityra was right: he was nervous. Some of the expression flitting about his eyes gave him away, if one were skilled at reading people. The Spiritseer's skill with reading the complex emotions of the dead had not blunted her to those who still walked in life.

    "I do not wish to offend you. I have a lot of questions," Juri added, then smiled. "And I have absolutely no right to expect them to be answered, so I do not. But ... well, if Kurnous had not taken his first step upon the track of the Star-Drake then he would never have found it."

    "I think I might be able to catch glimpses. That is, I can - sometimes the crew of the Arcadia talk to me. Not the living. The dead. We have a Circuit, of course, we're a large enough vessel to provide some succour for the dead, though mostly we try to take them wherever they called home. Unless they're born to the life, you know? Or embraced it. But I'm digressing."

    "Miss Irlityra, I think I hear our dead speaking sometimes, but I'm not a Seer. I have never taken a Witch Path and I don't know how to - induce it? To start anything? I tried ignoring it, but that seems more than a little rude." He smiled again, though his posture was tense. "I have not tried to talk to them, but sometimes I could swear they start talking to me."

    "Of course the other problem, the megasaurid in the room as it were, is that if I'm not hearing the dead, then I might just be crazy." Juri took a sip of his tea.

    "That's why I haven't told anyone about it, you see - not even Reevia. Well, especially not Reevia if I'm honest. Or, well, anyone. Certainly not Iktomi."


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