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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Avrielle caught her breath and looked even more surprised as the crew gave her a round of more or less hearty thanks. She looked disconcerted.

    "I - that is, I didn't know I would have an official position," she said, "but I will gladly give my best." She stood up a little straighter, and nodded. Still keeping one hand on her box of gear. "With your permission, Captain. I'll go and stow my things."


    Iktomi could hear the familiar sounds of combat in the practice chamber - by the sounds of it, three fighters. He sometimes used the room himself - it had enough space for a decent dive with a flight pack, and that was perfect for training for ship-board combat. Not so great for outside, but then when does a Corsair usually fight outside small spaces? Three familiar voices, and two more - the Warlock from Ulthwe, and Kortana the Ranger. Introductions being made. And here he was, ready to join in or observe as he pleased.

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    Irlityra stayed quiet for the walk. She was content to let the corsair show her around the ship and his pleasant chatter was a nice companion for the journey. Nodding sagely at the correct times and smiling when he made jokes, or when he thought he did. She made a mental note of where the Scroll-room was she would visit it later when she had some time.

    As they passed the practice room she ran her hand through the many folds of her layered robes subconsciously. She needed to practice at some point, and perhaps learn a new thing or two from one of the corsairs because she was by no means a talented warrior, but she had made herself look strange once too many times today already.

    As they approached the final room on the tour, Irlityra thought to herself as she saw the stylised runic script ‘Isha? How curious’, yet that thought barely had time to occupy her mind before they entered the room itself. As he released her arm, Irlityra tried to take the entire room in at once. It was a wonderful little place; you could almost forget where you were while here. She was brought out of her thoughts when Juri said:

    Irlityra tried to look serene as she walked over to a couch near the fountain. Sitting down she kept the most elegant posture she could muster, and as she rearranged her flowing clothing she said

    ‘A drink would be lovely, thank you’ a polite smile grew as she regarded the corsair, ‘and some company would also be appreciated.’ She’d never met such a polite corsair before, and besides she had some time before she’d have to meet with the Felarch. ‘My name is Irlityra. It’s a pleasure to meet you…’ she deliberately hesitated and waited for his name.
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  3. Amriel laughed softly, a strange sound to be coming from such a large Eldar.

    "Forge with the mind? You speak as if the two are separate. When I forge my mind and body are as one, and what I see in my mind is what happens to the metal...usually. Sometimes it is the ones that do not cooperate that are the best, for it is a challenge to figure out the ebb and flow of the metal's soul, to shape it in such a way that it realizes you are the Master but it accepts this, and works with you to be shaped into what you desire."

    It dawned on him that she might be referring to a psychic method of forging or creation, but he had no experience with such things, and left his answer as it was.
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    Slightly confused by the rapid torrent of changing questions he answered as quickly as the questions were asked. "Saurids, and I am a Lugganath native, and the little drone is probably more deserving of your talent than I." He said with a chuckle. "Orthelya is this how you spend your free time? Ensaring passers by? Haha"
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    Kithaere, for her own part, immediately noticed that among the three children of Isha within this house of Vaul, she was the most feminine and seemed to have the best sense of dress – a fact of life for the Aspect Warriors, certainly, but this other crafter, she regarded with a sense of pity. Especially since this berry-eyed one seemed familiar with her, and, by extension of course, her most splendid work and most graceful beauty. The maven could only imagine how hard it was for many a woman to be overshadowed by her, and internally shook her head at the cruelty of being unable to even attempt mitigation of this effect, bound by a need for a practical appearance through the demands of forgebound crafting.

    “Well met indeed...” She barely paused, taking an Eldar's moment to take a look at Nyshalla's handiwork, “ring-maker. And though my kind may not be a common sight, I hope you will tolerate the Maven Sheolis of Iybraesil in these chambres.” Politely, she inclined her head and left it at this at first, moving further inside as not to stand behind this Fire Dragon. She let the two converse, looking around the chamber and feeling her own little, garish rings tingle around her delicate fingers. The white ones, especially – barely decorated, and only inscribed, decorating her blue left. Inferior in the presence of Starmetal, they felt. Closing her hand quickly, the silken wraith silenced them.

    Kithaere barely caught this child of Fuegan's comment, but chuckled at the sweet, childish naiveté contained within. Of course, there was a difference between working with the fingers of flesh, and the fingers of mind – or song, t'was a broad field after all – and widely grinning, she leaned forward to examine the broken armour.

    “So are you to mend this with a hammer, Dragon?”, she asked mirthfully, not really paying attention to his own rationalisation, “There is the crafting of the mind and the crafting of the body... and this definitely requires a mind.”

    “Perhaps. A song.”

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  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    @Jorimel @Kalle

    "Greetings Corsair," Imaldris said and inclined his head in greeting, "My name is Imaldris of Ulthwé and to answer your question - at the moment as a passenger and a guest of your commander. I must say, Arcadia is a fine piece of an Eldar vessel, just what I expected of it. However I am now more interested in the souls walking through her corridors. The mission we have embarked upon requires a certain...composure that each and every one of us must possess if we are to succeed, for such is the gravity of the situation."

    "And where else to reach to the root of it but on the yellow sands of the ship's training grounds," stepping into the "arena", Imaldris smiled and created a semi-circle in the floor in front of him, before looking back at the trio of Corsairs and Kortana beyond. Despite his helmet being left at his hip, Warlock was still wearing his rune armor in combination with black robes, perhaps in a bit of an advantage (or disadvantage?) compared to the rest of the combatants?

    "Shall we?"
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    @Colapse @Kalle
    Iktomi took in training grounds, the sand recently tiled. 'Must remember to thank the crew for keeping this place kept while I was away.' The felarch thought to himself.
    "I am humbled by your pleasure Warseer. You won't find a more daring or capable Crew of Void Dragons this ides of the Stellar arm." Iktomi said before turning to the Ranger. "Kortana my friend and pathfinder, would you be our witness? Wouldn't want to hurt our newest friend too badly. It is after all only our first meeting. Plenty of time to earn new scars in the days to come. Where are my manners?" Taking his wide brim hat off and moving into a short bow. "I am Iadanna Iktomi, Void Dragon Felarch of this Ship and formerly of Beil-Tan."
    Iktomi removed his great coat and hat. His red sash still wrapped comfortably wround his waist. Unsheathing Cycle Ender, the Void Saber earned while aboard the Hope Worldship, Iktomi entered the circle at Imaldris' invitation.
    "After you."
    Taling the Saber in both hands, Iktomi took a defensive stance. Raising the blade to run parallel at his side. Leaving his right exposed.
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  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    @Colapse @DaKaptin

    "I am honored by your offer, Imaldris, but it seems the captain of this vessel has other plans for you," she answered with a glance Iktomi's way. "I will be your witness, felarch," she said. It was natural for the rather unassuming ranger to move away from the center of the room and stand vigil by the walls - she wasn't one to draw attention to herself by boastful means, if she could help it. Of course, her people-shy nature was probably noteworthy in and of itself, but at least she wasn't the center of attention.
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    @Kalle @DaKaptin

    Instead of a reply, Imaldris only gave the Felarch a smile before charging forward towards his opponent, moving the spear in a circular pattern in front of him, while the weapon started glowing in cerulean blue. Warlock used the weapon more like a fighting stick, exploiting the fact it had bladed edges on both sides, and came at Iktomi.

    First stab was aimed in a downward diagonal arc towards his left shoulder and chest muscle below, after which the Warlock continued with his half pirouette and brought the other side of his spear in a horizontal slash aimed right below Felarch's right knee.

    Depending on his opponent's movement and the success of his own strikes, Imaldris would end his pirouette somewhere on the right from where Iktomi was standing at the moment, the position from which he would continue with his dueling. Of course, all of his attacks were aimed at the nerve centers on the tendons, the Warlock aiming to cripple and incapacitate his opponent rather than to wound him.
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    "Juri," the Corsair replied, smiling at her once more. "Of the Void Dragons, and before that - well, it is not our custom to speak of life before we sailed the stars. I would say, though, that it left me with a fine appreciation of tea." He drew water and set it to boil, his movements studied and precise, with an elegance that spoke of a very formal learning indeed. Wherever the Corsair was from, he was not without formal teaching. He selected two tea-bowls, almost translucent in the fineness of their porcelain, and in due time he brought them on a small tray to his waiting guest. He set the tray down, and took a set himself, not so close as to crowd the Spiritseer's personal space. He sat in a formally upright stance, yet not too stiffly - one of the poses that invited conversation.

    "If I may be so bold," he said, his smile flashing a little wider for the barest moment before he took a sip of his tea, "and I have been called bold, along with a hundred other, more disreputable names - I would like to ask you something. It is, one might say, a point of etiquette, yet how is one to begin with such a subject without breaching the etiquette in question?" Juri sipped his tea. The pale green liquid was fragrant, a sweet and subtle taste on the tongue. "So perhaps I will begin with another question."

    "How did a soul-dreamer come to be with such a group as ourselves? And - if it isn't too impertinent a question- how did one so full of life come to dedicate herself to speaking with the dead?" He indicated the symbol of her profession with the utmost civility. "It has always fascinated me, the way such Seers dance between the life without and the life within. But no Eldar should mindlessly indulge their curiosity. I am happy to answer anything you might wish to ask me in return."

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