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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

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    Once the departure was a fact, Kortana saw no further reason to linger, instead finding someplace else to pass the time until the group was summoned to the Arcadia's chart room. The departure of the warlock from the bridge drew her eye and, after a moment's deliberation, she elected to follow him. Though the ranger had long since abandoned the warrior's path, many of its instincts were ingrained in her, and her keen eyes were compelled to take in the warlock's posture and equipment. She herself carried her power sword and its wraithbone counterpart at her sides, though the blades were obscured by her long ranger's coat. No doubt, she was putting him under the same scrutiny he was going to subject the corsair crewmen to.

    All of this, naturally, was done in the same time it took her heart to beat twice. She quickly moved to catch up with the warlock and fall in step, matching her pace to his. Though she trusted his awareness, she allowed him another heartbeat's time to perceive, before she turned her dark eyes on him. "Well met, Imaldris of Ulthwé," she greeted him, inclining her head politely to the warlock after speaking. "I am Kortana of Alaitoc."
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  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Irlityra could feel the faded realm of the senses returning. Tantharal's presence was still with her, and her skill on her chosen Path enabled her to perceive the world of the spirit at the same time as the Pirate crew moved solidly around her, very definitely in the physical.

    "Are you all right, ma'am?" one of them was asking her. Perhaps the Corsairs were not so used to seeing one on the Path of the Spirit-Seer. Yet Irlityra could recognise this one - his face a mask of concern for her wavering form despite his insouciant bravado earlier. He was perched on the edge of one of the consoles next to her, watching her exit the trance. "Can I get you some water?"

    "Leave the lady alone, Juri," one of the crew mumbled, hands gliding over co-ordinates as the ship banked.

    "I'm sorry you have forgotten what chivalry looks like, Estranel," said Juri, sounding wounded, "but if you'll forgive me, I am still able to remember how to function in civilised society." He ignored the cough from another crew member and offered Irlityra his arm. So far as the perceptive Seer could tell, it did not seem to be offered in jest.

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  3. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    A wraith of azure textile gently moved through the corridors of the corsair ship, her eyes speaking of unfamiliarity as if bearing it proudly, so easily it could have been read. But even though she made a conscious effort to silence her footfalls, the maelstrom of fabric (with an eye of Eldar) held aloft through determined forward motion walked with as much haste as was possible without appearing dogged, or, the Gods forbid, making a mess of oneself.

    Sheolis, the Maven, had initially wanted to find some manner of room where her arts could be appreciated, and she could find listeners for mundane music – as far as the song of her strings could be considered mundane (not at all, she would say). But the skeins of fate were a complicated web of possibilities, pathways, and portals, and this ship did the best to follow its example!

    In other words, she was hopelessly lost.

    Not yet familiar with the ship's layout, or its inhabitants, the bonesinger lacked a port in this storm to return to, and instead possessed a pride too powerful to ask for help. And so, she walked on. Eventually, the discovery of a familiar room, familiar Eldar (where was that Warlock?) or even familiar corridor would be inevitable, would it not? Though, Kithaere noted, the corridors were seeming fairly familiar by now...

    Eventually, and abruptly, the woman stopped walking. A tower of arrogance, frozen in the middle of another hall, between some doors, she sighed. And in her sigh, the follower of Vaul (overtly in a somewhat Lileathan hide as she may be) surrendered, but for her moment, her concern for her self. And in doing so, she heard singing, music through voice, of course not foreign to the Bonesinger though Kithaere's was not the most beautifully crafted in spite of her title – she would weave aural constructs through her fingers, not her tongue primarily.

    T'was a simple tune, a craftman's chant, she could tell, and served as an acoustic beacon to her. Where one would hear artisans chanting, one could also find artisans chanting, and the blue handed one was of course certain all fellow followers of the forge father found her friendship a fortuitious fate. Or somesuch – as always, this marterial spectre of cerulean silk doubted not at all, and even less her own charisma.

    Guided by song – another section of her edda that was writing itself splendidly, the artisan moved to enter this Chambre of Crafter's Remembrance, shameful insecurity quickly washed away by a tide of arrogant belonging. Standing taller than before, she entered this sacred place, but remained quiet as not to interrupt this singing. Instead, she hoped that her psionic presence would announce her quite well enough, though she did throw an elegant bow and a friendly look towards this Aspect Warrior who too seemed to approach the forge, noting mentally that it was of little surprise that a child of Fuegan would be drawn to the anvil.

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    Irlityra looked up at the definitely corporeal Corsair who was offering her his arm. It wasn’t the first time she’d come out of the world of the incorporeal while saying something bizarre or looking strange, but she still felt a strange sense of shame overcoming her. Her first impression on many of the crew most definitely wouldn’t have been a good one.

    ‘I… um’ she said hesitantly, trying to think of something to say quickly. ‘A quite place to sit would be nice.’ It wasn’t the most elegant thing she could have said, but she’d panicked.

    Taking the proffered arm and she smiled, slightly hesitantly, at him. Her past experiences with corsairs had made her wary of their capricious attitudes, but a helpful guide around this new and unfamiliar environment wouldn’t go amiss even if he was a corsair.
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    It was a short while before the labouring artist looked up from her work, and it was easy enough for Faenkon, as a Ranger, to wait silently. He could even amuse himself by finding cover points in the small observation space if he so chose. But when she did, the glint in her eye was sudden and followed by her swift rise.

    "Aha! You will be perfect," she said, taking Faenkon by his arm and turning him slightly so that the light caught first his profile, then his full face. She held up her crayon in one hand and measured the air against him from a slight distance, as one might sight up on a distant landmark. She directed the Ranger to take up a stance in front of the sprawled collection of half-done work. Whether he obeyed or not, she was deep in whatever her purpose for him might be.

    "Stand there, if you will. I need a reference. You're a Wanderer; I can tell by your gear. You embody the principles of the Seeker, and are clear of the machinations and simplicities commonplace in the Fool. Back straight," she commanded, "eyes on the distance. You are searching, you are seeking down the space-lanes, you are following the tracks of your quarry."

  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Moving into the Chamber of the Crafter's Remembrance, Amriel could easily find the source of the sound. A woman stood at the side of a small anvil, not the huge form of a smithy but the delicate tool of a jewelsmith. It was this that rang under her hammer-blows as she worked at a tiny circle of precious metal. She was working at a ring. The plain band was glowing from its recent tempering in flame, and the kiln was close by, the heat from the little furnace an intense blast to one not walking the Path of the Drake. To Amriel, the scent of brazure and burning was a breath from home.

    She tapped at the band with her hammer, widening it infinitesimally with each musical tap. As the hammer rose and fell, so did her chant, the sound a counterpoint to the forging. The melody danced, but the hammer blows were constant and even. After a short time, as the metal cooled, she set aside the hammer, took the ring up in her tongs and looked at it against the light.

    She glimpsed the tall form of the imposing Aspect Warrior, and sighted on him through the circle.

    "A fortuitous meeting, an omen of wonder no doubt, Son of the Dragon," she said, smiling as she set aide the ring with care and wiped her hands on a rag. "What brings you to the Chamber of Vaul? I do not know you from Felarch Iktomi's crew."

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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    It was simple for an experienced Warlock to pick up the psychic currents around him, and the Seer of Ulthwe could easily read the broad outlines of the crew's thoughts without ever needing to pick them up. Excitement at a new venture, the chance of great gain or glory, simple curiosity about the newcomers in their midst all flowed around him like the ghost of a tide. Apprentice-work, really. It would give him a little diversion to look further but to see the depth of what the crew had to offer, he should look from other angles.

    Striding away from the bridge, Imaldris caught a farewell nod from the other Warlock stationed there, pale Morvan Jain. The slight figure was occupied looking ahead at the star-whirled charts laid out before the relief pilot, but his gloved hand strayed down to pet the head of his gyrinx. Llyr purred softly and nudged his Seer on the knee. A couple of the crew acknowledged him with polite respect, but none sought to question where he was going. Iktomi was talking to someone else, and raised a hand in a cheery gesture of 'see you later, river-saurid'. Away from all this without hindrance, then, and on to the practice-chambers. One knows a Corsair crew by its ability to fight as a team.

    The corridors were largely empty, only one or two of the Void Dragons working here and there or themselves in transit. It was easy to get directions, or he could simply follow the thread of martial feeling emanating from the practice room. The work of Khaine was never far from a Warlock's mind if he did not guard it.

    Instincts honed by such battle alerted Imaldris to the footsteps coming up behind him. Two things stood out to his keen senses: that the step was light - no overconfident, cocky stride of a Corsair on their home ground - and that the sounds of the footfalls had been designed for him to hear. Someone conscious that it might not be polite or wise to sneak.

    "Well met, Imaldris of Ulthwé," the Ranger greeted him, inclining her head politely to the warlock after speaking. "I am Kortana of Alaitoc."

    The two Eldar could hear the sounds of sparring from the room just ahead, the dull ring of unpowered blades against each other. Occasional cries of effort or still more rarely the sting of a hit peppered what sounded like quite a spirited melee. Across the open doorway, an Eldar in the livery of the Void Dragons flashed past at speed, followed by the darting figure of another. More blows rang out, the music of Khaine in the time of Kurnous.

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  8. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Reevia smiled and took a sip of her wine. "I know you would have a plan, no doubt," she said, neutrally, "and I would not suggest that anyone fit to be betrothed to my Felarch would not be able to fight, either with words or with a sword."

    She traced a little line on the table with a drop of spilled wine, and then looked back into Yareli's eyes.

    "About that."

    "I had heard that Iktomi had found himself a bride, though Juri and I couldn't quite believe it. I mean no disrespect. Well, not to you, anyway. But it did come as a bit of a surprise." She took another sip and regarded her glass for a moment.

    "Dear Tomishka is an impressively valiant soul, is he not? Daring and bold, quite the contrast the life of a Farseer's daughter from Mymeara with its formal ways no doubt. I am proud of my band, but we are Corsairs and there is no sense in denying it: we are wild. We do not follow the Path. We," the Void-Dreamer grinned, taking another sip, "are the Eldar your parents warned you about."

    "Especially a charismatic, adventurous, charming bastard like Iktomi."

    "We follow him because we know him and we understand the necessary illusions and interesting pretences that come with such a persona. Or at least, we enjoy the results. Myself, I would follow him into the Eye of Terror if he commanded it. I could not believe that he'd found himself a bondmate from such a highly-placed lineage.Yet there you were. Manhandling my Captain in front of the whole crew."

    "So my question is," Reevia paused, and her eyes were searching, "who is playing a game this time?"

    "If you are genuine in your love for my Felarch, I'll dance at your wedding. But if you seek to toy with his emotions as a mere spice to your privileged existence, I'll execute a czárdás on your grave."

    She smiled brightly.

    "Just, you know, so we all know where we stand, Princess. I would hate there to be any misunderstandings between us. After all, we may soon be almost family."

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  9. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Faenkon gave a quizzical look to the strange Eldar, but nonetheless did as he was asked. He struck a pose he thought befitting of a corsair, or atleast he imagined to be so. The drone hovered mere inches above the ground, and gently so as not to cause harm, he placed his foot on top of it. Striking the mon'keigh Captain Morgan pose, a balled fist on each hip dutifully staring across the void at a distant treasure trove. "Will this do? Sorry I didn't catch your name, I am Faenkon. But I guess introduction can wait, I don't want to interrupt your brilliance!"
  10. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Greetings Ranger," Imaldris replied as the newcomer spoke, "How kind of you to show yourself." It was a game of course, one he loved to play. "I was just going to visit the ship's training area, would you like to join me?"gesturing towards the room ahead with his spear, giving Kortana an enigmatic smile.

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