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To Sail Amid The Seas Of Fate - Jorimel's Eldar Rp

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Jorimel, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Crack! The Khaine-rune whirled into the languidly-drifting rune of Travel Among Distant Stars. There was a shower of sparks as the Travel-rune resisted and was sent flying into the orbit of Far-Wandering Loec. The Hunter's Moon moved arrow-straight to join the Lady of Fate, hovering protectively over the White Crescent of the Maiden. Around the little tableau, spinning counter-clockwise, the rune of the Corsair Prince met Heavens Filled With Ancient Song.

    Warlock Liasethanil - an imposing figure, resplendent in fluttering Seer's robes that moved in an unseen breeze and the gold-set soulstones of Seers long dead - stepped back from the casting and pondered. His long dark hair fell forward from its high topknot as he tilted his head to examine the reading. The Warlock brushed it back with a gloved hand, distracted.

    "Zamenath, I would have your wisdom," he said, taking off his glove and touching one of the soulstones lightly. The blue glow from within intensified.

    Two enter under the sign of Khaine,
    One has the spirit of Lileath.
    Two swift hunters follow Kurnous' trail,
    One casts the Runes of the Crone,
    And two are Sailors of the Void.

    "That makes eight, Zamenath. There are seven." Liasethanil murmured, taking a sip of the nightvine liqueur. He brushed the edge of the rune-field with his hand. The mind of the companion-Seer, supposedly providing him with the wise counsel of the dead, shivered a little in the way he had come to interpret as Zamenath laughing.


    Much help you are, the Warlock thought privately, skilled after so long on the Path in keeping his own ideas separate from those he wished to broadcast.

    "I see the Fate-Weaver, The Crone Morai-Heg, and Khaine and Kurnous both," he said, musing. "Will they answer our need, do you think?"

    All that and more besides, Zamenath replied. Surely you see this, yours is no first step on the Rune-Path.

    "Any Eldar can see. The real gift is to understand," Liasethanil said, reaching into his rune-bag once more. "And the way is occluded."

    Of course it is. Look to the rune in your hand.

    Liasethanil looked.

    Cegorach, the Laughing God.

    The Warlock finished the last of the nightvine in a single draft.


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  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member


    The vast form of Craftworld Lugganath was never alone. Vast swarms of smaller craft always sailed around it, looping in practice attack runs, shoaling in ordered flotillas. The Pirate Craftworld, some said. Little more than a haven for thieves and vagabonds, ne'er-do-wells and rebels, the Outcast dregs of proper Craftworld society. Others, perhaps more temperate in their view or with a vested interest in martial splendour, referred to Lugganath as a free port, a place where like-minded souls could meet and plan and trade. Corsair Princes often sat with the Seer Council, lending their wild minds to the chorus of thoughts that led the great worldship onward. Lugganath was free, certainly, compared to Black Ulthwe; lively, compared to Mourning Iyanden. Its warlike demeanour was less regimented than stern Biel-tan, yet less wild than the Warrior-Kindreds of the Cosmic Serpent. Lugganath's outriders were more likely to be Corsair bands than secretive Rangers. Yet for all this, Lugganath was a Craftworld, its people hewing to the Path and wary of the ways of Excess.

    As such, it had its Council of Seers, and that was where the news had been brought. A ship had been spat from the void. No hulk, this. No vast, unholy conglomeration of parts of Imperial ships or Orkoid monstrosities or worse. The small scoutship brought news of a vessel that had been sighted on the edge of a routine patrol, just at the limit of the space the stately worldship reserved around it as the absolute limit tolerated for enemies and risks to security.

    Here was the paradox: it was an Eldar ship, but it was in the wake of Lugganath's course. The Craftworld was leaving it behind. It was old, so old that no pattern could be found for its type in the archives of the vast Dome of the Scrolls of Hoec until the very oldest crystals had been consulted, dull with age. It was well-shielded, as if it had been constructed in that last, terrible flight from the Eye of Terror. And it was not empty - there were the unmistakable pulses of souls, tiny pinpricks against the vast blankness of space, though no hail could be raised. And it was connected. Farseer Andirath had sensed the presence of at least three webway portals aboard the ancient craft, though open or closed, the old Seer could not tell.

    The Council had been divided. Lugganath had no need for space-debris. There was risk, risk in something from so long ago. But what of lost Altansar? Had that not come back to the Star-Children? But what of the taint of those times? But how could souls be abandoned? How then could one risk the living? The argument had raged, now, for three days.

    Farseer Andirath - grey of hair and eyes, dressed in the barbarous splendour of his Corsair kin with the runes of the Seer's calling on his belt, his robes and around his neck and wrists - raised his staff and thumped it hard against the stone floor.


    The voices in the chamber stilled, and everyone looked at the Farseer.

    "We will choose a small band from the many that surround us. We will ask for those who wish to risk this task. And we will make sure," he said, holding up a hand to the Seer next to him before he could protest, "that they are fully informed."

    "We still risk much."

    "But we will gain much, too," said Andirath.

    "If they are successful, Wolfkin," said the oldest of the Farseers, crystal-veined Caithas. He and Andirath had fought together in the Corsair bands where the Seer had earned his nickname, and he was one of the few permitted to use it. His pale eyes held Andirath's for a moment.

    "If they are successful, ta-aesthir. But if they are, they will bring us one step closer." Andirath turned to one of the Warlocks at the edge of the chamber. "Warlock Liasethanil, if you please ..."

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    Warlock Liasethanil bowed to the two Guardians who had escorted the small band of Eldar to the chamber. The gentle glow of lamplight and the sound of running water made the chamber a peaceful one. The soft scent of incense wafted gently across the cushions and low tables set in the centre, arranged in the Exodite style to receive guests. Not that any Exodite would really recognise the soft silks, fancy inlaid wood and plush surroundings as belonging among the Dragon-riders.

    "Welcome to Lugganath," he said, gesturing for his guests to take a seat. "I am Warlock Liasethanil, and I am here to brief you on the mission we have asked you to perform." He took off the high helm, the seals hissing gently as they were released, and his gloves, offering his hand in a sign of friendship. The ancient gesture showed that he held no weapon in his hand.

    At the edge of the chamber a young Eldar on the first steps of the Witch Path came forward, bearing tray of glasses and some small dishes of food. Liasethanil thanked him with a nod and he retreated, leaving the group alone. He poured water and wine from decanters on one of the tables and indicated that everyone should help themselves.

    "Some of you know more than others," he said, with a glance at the Lugganath natives, "so I have been asked by the Farseer to brief you."

    "We are looking for a small group of Eldar who can be relied upon to enter a ship, report back what they find within - including a map, if possible - and the status of three webway gates that are known to exist upon it. The vessel is large, Eldar in design, but old - very, very old. There are signs that indicate Eldar souls upon the vessel, but it is shielded and we cannot gain too much from the surface scans the patrol ship made."

    "I will be plain: this vessel dates from the time of the Fall and we are not sure what we will find within. The Skein of Fate is occluded, and we are fast leaving the area. Many of the Council would have us abandon this ship and all it contains to safeguard what we have."

    "Farseer Andirath Wolfkin and I disagree. We want to see what secrets it contains, and reclaim them if possible for the glory of Lugganath and the furthering of our Craftworld's design." He sips his drink. "We can get you there, but the Craftworld is leaving this sector and we will have a limited time to retrieve you. The ship does not seem to be moving under its own power. The growing distance and the psychic shielding mean that keeping constant mind-contact with you is not something the Council will sanction, but we will open a psy-channel to you once a day at a set time so that you can report in."

    "Please, discuss this among yourselves as you wish, make your introductions and - ask any questions." The warlock seemed to brace slightly, as if he was expecting a lot of those.

    [over to you]
  4. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Faenkon stood near the back of the group, still trying to piece together why such an assorted group was selected. Or for that matter how he was able to count himself among them! He could understand both the importance of this expedition as well as the danger it could place his home in. "My apologies Farseer for starting with the worse case scenario, but if this vessel is found to be a danger to the Craftworld what action should we take? Something this ancient being lost would be a great step backwards for all Eldar." While he spoke he moved to the front of the collected group so as not to be rude.
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  5. The young Eldar by the name Rael took a glass of the wine and emptied it quick. Perhaps to numb his nervousness, perhaps it is even as far as anxiety? Or he just enjoyed a good drink.

    "An adventure, fit to me." He announced and shrugged, seeming more excited than having any concern or so.
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  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "No need to apologise," the Warlock said, looking the Ranger up and down. Though he'd never taken the Wanderer's Path, Liasethanil appreciated the desire for adventure. "though I am no Farseer, only a Warlock."

    Did the youngling see something he himself had missed? Liasethanil took another sip of his watered wine. Surely not. He must focus on the briefing. No sense in fretting needlessly about becoming lost on the Path at a time like this. His concentration needed to improve.

    "Your task is a fact-finding mission as much as anything. If the vessel is a threat to the Craftworld, inform us as soon as you can. We do not expect you to -" he glanced at the Corsairs, and decided that a caution not to take risks would be like asking a gyrinx to not chase something small and fluffy. "deal with the threat if it should be significant."
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  7. kanila kanila Subordinate

    "As you wish Warlock Liasethanil." He bowed slightly before venture to the food and drink. Surely others of the group would have questions and insight. He was glad that he had a fellow Ranger to travel with on this adventure. He chose to take water and a small portion of food. After all he didn't want to muddy his mind even in the slightest, it could cause him to miss out on some of the details of the mission. He stepped closer to his fellow Ranger Artar, "Interesting group we have here huh? What do you think the council sees in us that makes us ideal for this mission?" They had worked together over the years and he had an honest respect for his thoughts and opinions. Especially in matters such as these.
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    Artar was right behind his Ranger counterpart. He grabbed Faenkon's shoulder to pull Artart upfront. He looked to the Warlock before speaking.

    "Have you already thought of the consequences of this action? Maybe the reason this ship had been cast away before the time of the fall, was to stay exiled. We saw it when we arrived here, it is not designed from our time and truthfully. It might not be of Eldar design at all..." Artar mechanical voice hissed. His helmet had noticeably changed the pitch and tone of his true voice.

    "Something are better left, undiscovered"
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  9. "May I ask, what is to happen if we find Eldar on-board the craft? Are we to extract them or avoid them at all? I am certain that if I had been lost for that long, I would be rather enjoyed to see a young, handsome mans face." He chuckled slightly, pouring another drink as Rael smiled with his flawless lips. The youth being more evident in his behavior than his skin.
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  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    The Warlock nodded in response to Artar's words.

    "Yes, we have considered this. In fact, as you may imagine, it was one cause of the Seer Council's ... lack of unanimity." He paused, surveying the group.

    "I shall not lie. You have been asked to go on this mission because something in you answers to the call of adventure, and is prepared to take such risks as the Seers would not accept for a unit of Aspect Warriors, for example. But the flipside of this - the reason I, myself, urged us to recruit this way - is that you have at your fingertips a much wider range of skills. There will be - no, there are unknowns. But I can assure you that the vessel is of an Eldar design."

    Liasethanil smiled slightly at Rael's youthful enthusiasm. He was young, this one, perhaps younger than the Seer would have liked to send on a mission such as this, but something about the youth's irrepressible nature made even the tired Warlock smile.

    "Well, we are not expecting a long-lost colony of wide-eyed maidens," he said, with a twinkle in his eye that spoke - perhaps, to the perceptive - to having had such youthful daydreams himself, "but should you find Eldar there I would expect you to approach only with caution. If there are living Eldar aboard, it is highly likely in my estimation that they will be held in some kind of stasis or cryogenics. If not, they may be held - in spirit form," he touched his own waystone lightly as he spoke.
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