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To Rise to the Top

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Vulpas, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Navan, a hive world of scum, Villiany, gangs, mutants, and wildlife that would give some guardsmen a run to there Thrones, A world everyone starts from the bottom and have to fight for there survival, A world where houses rise and fall nearly yearly, and those that do survive have to fight every day to keep there place at the top, A place where even the strong, and smart have to watch out for themselves, lest they catch the interest of the astartes recruiters of this world, to be either recruited or to possibly face there wrath.

    Navan under hive a place of pollution a place where the world, worst, lowest and those unfortunate, to live within these regions often fight daily for there meals, rations and foods, This is where our tale will begin, and with a group of gangers, all banding together, no name, no identity, no icon to fight under, But with one goal in mind that mind them all together. To Rise to the Top.

    Under hive - @BuriasDempsey @bossaroo @Tamu
    The Gangers had gathered, Three of them leading their groups, all of them currently with an objective to cement themselves as a gang, and to get them some permanent territory, and contacts that would be vital if they were to grow. A intel agent that knew the ins and outs of Hive Zeta-five, A expert in information and one that could acquire missions, and intel without the gang dangering there hide until they performed the mission, A technomat, an expert within the smithing and rumored, even vehicle business providing gangers weapons, armor and vehicles all for a price if they got them the goods they would be able to make it, something vital for growing gangs, and finally Doc, A simple doctor that keeps people going when they get led, las, poison or anything else in them.. All of this was in the gangs sights as they came upon the base of the Street Cleaners, a Gang who had fallen from grace once being so high as having some of there members rumored to have joined the angels of death, In when they were at there height, now only stories of yesteryear, The base the gang could see from there positions, was one of there last holdings. A single heavy stubber, over the garage, had one ganger as well as another watching the garage and front entrance, while it seemed in the back two Jueves seemingly near the back entrance guarding the back. of all, they could inside they see were lights shine out from cracks in boards on the windows as well as a single light dim light coming from an upper room.

    With there objectives in sight, it would be up to the gang's leaders to decide on how they took the base of the Street Cleaners as well as the intel agent, the technomat, and the Doc they all inside there hideout. whether they try to rush the front and go in guns blazing or try the back entrance, possibly going in silently, or maybe having a look around to see if there were any hidden tricks up the street cleaners sleaves before they deploy.
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  2. Crowley looked on indifferently at the headquarters of the cleaner gang, wondering how such an illustrious group fell from their lofty position of power. It mirror his own passion life a little too much for his liking so he mentally changed subjects before speaking with the other two leaders he worked with. "Hm, even with these sorry clods nos sitting there wasting away, I still believe its prudent to make sure that what we see is infact all that they have when we strike. Thoughts?" He asked, opening the floor for quick discussion. Unlike the other two, while he did posses a good number of junkies and addicts to act as fodder, they were just that, and are only really good at taking a bullet for someone more important.
  3. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Saccharine whistled at how far the mighty had fallen and at the lucrative oppurtunites their rapidly cooling bodies would offer her and her cohorts. "Well that big ol gun will be damn near useless if we come at him from behind but that aint my main worry. Looking at our little crew here i become almost embarrassingly aware we are lacking in muscle and with what these folks are packing i think they've got it aplenty. Now my good friends what holds a gang together ?" She would ask gesturing extravagantly "a cause ? A shared expierence ? A hunger for more ? Well maybe but what really holds it together is a leader and they have one of those. If we get to him i may be able to pull a trick out from my sleeve and make him and his whole motley gang our own" Saccharine smiled languidly and leaned back tapping her cane against the floor "those are my two cents , combat wise i could have a few of my boys and girls lure those two off the back door so we could slip in and wreak whatever mayhem you all have in mind"
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  4. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Thora sat with her back against the wall sipping some recaf as she heard the others talk. Unlike them, she was prudent enough to be a bit behind the front lines so that she had time to get away and bodies to use as shields. Rolling her eyes, she sighed before saying her piece loud enough for those two to hear.

    “They have more stuff inside, no clue what exactly but its heavy weapons and more slag head’s. Don’t bother asking me for how many because they recruited more people recently and I didn’t have the time to scout out the whole place again, “she replied when the bloke that was supposed to be their muscle piped up

    “We do have muscle lady but as you heard our doc here the muscles aren’t worth much against heavy weaponry. As for the whole beheading thing go ahead if you want but be aware that I have little to no info on their so-called boss if they even have one. Far as I can tell few people in their own gang have seen him after their fall, heck it’s so bad I can’t even say if the boss is male or female. Now combat wise I can have a few of the shadows act as snipers but that’s it. Were the eyes, ears and dexterous fingers not battle junkies”
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  5. Crowley listened to Thora as she shared what she had know about the particular gang they were facing. It was worse than what he could see, glad to have the informant among them. And while the idea of using the old tactic of cutting the head off the body was a good one, it seemed no one knew who the leader was anymore over there. If they were going to try a battle, they will need to do it to manipulate the enemy than just one of brute force. "Well have to draw out their leader. It how that I'm wondering." He spoke now as ideas formed in his mind. "Thora, do you think your snipers can eliminate the two on the gun above the garage? If they can take them out as the battle started, with my people of course, we could draw out more from inside and let some of either of your or madame saccharine's people go in through the back to clean up from within."
  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Thora pondered for a moment before giving raising her hand and gave some hand signals to let the shadows get into various spots. After the signals she got up, taking care not to drop her recaf Thora tried to smell whatever faint sent she could from the remaining recaf before sighing and finishing off her drink. Crumpling the container and putting it inside her cloak she glanced at the various location before glancing at the garage.

    After mumbling to herself inaudibly Thora turned her focus back to the doc and gave her answer.

    “Yep they can hit the slag head’s and keep the gun from being manned but they can’t do much for any heavy weapons set up inside the garage except suppress em occasionally. The backdoor can also be taken care of and the codes for the door should still be the same. If they aren’t then one of mine can crack it in a minute or less but I doubt the slag head even know how to use the door properly let alone how to change the password. As for going inside, that’s a no go. If it's sneaking it then we could but during a battle, it’s a no go.”
  7. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    @BuriasDempsey @bossaroo @Vulpas

    Thora mumbled under her breath some more before turning her attention back to the doc and the lady

    “I will head on back and help with the back entrance. As soon as you and yours start charging doc my shadows will take care of the heavy guns. As for you lady, you can stay with the doc or follow me with your forces to the back. It’s up to you when you start the assault doc but do it soon because I will start going inside in around 10 minutes”

    With her piece said Thora gave a nod before running into an alleyway and using a ladder to disappear into the shadows. Once out of their view she would make her way to the back entrance with four other gang members armed with silenced auto pistols and knives. Eight minutes later she was at the back entrance ready to go in, regardless of the situation up front some one had to get things started or they would all be ilding around. Thora would attempt to get inside the building as quietly as she could with her squad.
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    -Shots in the dark @Tamu @bossaroo @BuriasDempsey
    The two Juave gaurds in the back had been there for hour both of them board and talking slopily doing there job. It would be Thora's gang set up that would start the attack, As the sniper took aim at the gunner he fired, Alerting them all, as the bullet found its mark a loud Dink would be heard to the man on the roof his head hand would go to his flak helmet as he suddenly realized it caught a bullet for him and he was still standing the sniper trying to reload another shot would find there sniper jammed, Thora's guards open fired as they heard the shot. one of the juaves going down in a hail of silence fire as he was about to speak about his thrash ball team, the other juave stumbled back rounds slaming into his chest, But his flak armor taking the hit, it would only be several seconds after this before the yell went out. "WERE UNDER ATTACK." The heavy gunner at the top would begin firing back at where he thought the shots came from the sniper shots went wide and the Thora's sniper would be safe for now. The secound ganger took cover with a moltov attempting to light and throw a he threw it at the dark it would crash with a less then effective hit missing crowley and his men by a mile away and expsoing none of them to the lgiht.

    The juave at the back would raise his his auto pistol up and fire back at Thora and her men as he fell back inisde. one of thoras men would be winged a bulelt finding itself directly in a lads shoulder blade wounding him.

    Inside lights would begin coming on, at the back the sound of another ganger coming towards the doorway was heard before a shotgun began letting out rounds at thoras men, shots going wide, At the front in the garge the sounds of a motors were heard, a sound similair to that, of a small jeep, or motorcyles, at the front two figures could be seen taking cover nearby a window readying themself for a fight but seemingl waiting to return fire instead of opening up like there heavy stubber friend.

    Heavy stubber 5/5
    Ganger 5/5
    Ganger 5/5
    Ganger 5/5

    Juave 2/4
    Ganger 5/5

    Thora's crew

    Sniper - Weapon jammed
    Juaves 7/9 One wounded due to Juave counter attack.
    Status within one round whatever in the garage will be able to leave.
    Two Gangers are on overwatch and atatacking or exposing one to the front will allow them to conter attack.

    Both Crowley and Saccharines forces are still in the dark allowing them to maneuver without being seen unless attacking, producing light, or being spotted by the enemy gang.

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