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To All Guilds, Alliances And Crusader Groups !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MathieuFecteau, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. Romulous xDAx Romulous_xDAx Well-Known Member

    Name: Dark Angels xDAx
    Faction: Space Marine
    Sub-Faction: Dark Angels
    Members: Around 150 at last count plus inactives who will re-activate for EC.
    Language: English

    The xDAx is a multi-platform clan that strives for excellence in all that we do. We are an Ultra-competitive clan that is seeking to build a 300+ strike force for EC to which end we will use mass organized combat to send the Heretics packing. If your looking for a clan who accept nothing but victory and will strive to no end to make that goal come to fruition then look no further. Your Die-hards have arrived.​
    We are a clan born of Space Marine on xbox to which end we dominated the community. We will be pushing into Titan Fall on Xbox while we transition as a faction to PC for EC.​
    If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me.​
    "When you see the steel rain of Green drop pods above you.... let there be no mistake as to who's coming."​
  2. Name: Forgotten Sons
    Faction: Chaos
    Sub-faction: Black Legion
    Members: 20-30 core, ranks expected to swell as game approaches
    Website: (placeholder)
    Language: Primarily English, but several EU countries represented

    The Forgotten Sons are a guild created specifically for Eternal Crusade, but fielding a core of players who have battled alongside (and against) each other in a series of MMOs including Warhammer Online, The Old Republic, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, Mechwarrior and World of Tanks.

    We're one of the relatively few openly-declared RP guilds at the present time, and consider part of our aim to inject flavour to the Chaos side of the server as well as supporting the in-game war effort. The guild ran RP-PvP campaigns during Warhammer Online where the story adapted depending on the success or failure of in-game objectives and, mechanics willing, we plan to resurrect a similar RP campaign to run alongside the main campaigns during Eternal Crusade.

    The Forgotten Sons comprise remnants of the 13th company of the Sons of Horus and other traitor marines that have joined their ranks over the millenia since the end of the Great Crusade.

    When Abaddon sought to reunite the broken Sons of Horus at Maeleum, the 13th company remnant believed that he was more likely to lead the legion into annihilation than glory, and along with other thrice-cursed traitors decided to scatter into the Eye of Terror rather than submit to a new Warmaster.​
    Electing to join the first Black Crusade, they avoided direct contact with their former legion for most of the battles but, during the retreat back to the Eye of Terror they were betrayed, their ship fired upon and crippled by one of Abaddon's emerging lieutenants. Falling behind, with an Imperial strike force closing hard on their heels, they vanished and were assumed to have been destroyed.​
    Four thousand years later, during the Ghost War of the 7th Black Crusade, the warhost reappeared at the helm of a captured Blood Angels strike cruiser, turning an almost certain Imperial Navy victory into a crushing rout. On discovering their identity, one of Abaddon's chosen referred to them as the "forgotten Sons of Horus". Although intended as an insult, the warhost later adopted it for themselves out of perversity.​
    During their long period of exile, most of the other thrice-cursed traitors had either been destroyed or reabsorbed by the Black Legion. Some stories tell that Abaddon offered them a similar choice, others claim a vision of the ultimate victory of Chaos drove them to end their exile, a few say they are merely pursuing their own unstated agenda.​
    All that is known for certain is that they rejoined their former legion brothers, but their long exile led them to remain a force apart. Beset by infighting and internal intruige, the Forgotten Sons remain a ragtag group of traitors, exiles and outcasts used to surviving on their own, united only by a common desire to bring the Imperium crashing down into ruins.​
    Despite their fractious nature, they are recognised as a lethal force on the battlefield, and are one of relatively few sub-factions of the Black Legion to have been formally identified and noted in Inquisitorial records.​

    The years have not been kind to our brethren
    Many have died in battle on forgotten worlds during the Long War,
    Others lost themselves to corruption and became thralls of the Dark Gods
    But those who remain did not forget,
    Nor have we forgiven the betrayals of the past
    Amidst the ruins of Mackan, we who were the forgotten Sons of Horus
    Stained our armour black in admission of our greatest defeat
    For the Primarch, greatest of all his brothers, had failed to destroy the Emperor.
    Though his moment of weakness almost doomed us,
    We rose again, reborn, unforgiving,
    We became the Black Legion
    From the depths of the Eye of Terror
    From dead worlds and darkened moons
    From the warp storms of the maelstrom
    Our ships emerge to prey upon the weak
    And bring our wrath to the Imperium of Man
    What was started by Horus continues with us
    Across shattered hills, the eight-point star of Chaos is held high
    And as the loyalists falter and Arkhona burns
    The call of our defiance echoes across the stars
    Death to the False Emperor!
    We are returned
  3. XRuinX XRuinX Preacher

    Name: Word Bearer Hosts
    Faction: Chaos Space Marines
    Sub-faction: Word Bearers
    Members: 71 members prior to recruitment for Eternal Crusade
    Eternal Crusade Thread:

    Brief description: If you want the details and specifics just go to our thread linked above. Otherwise all you need to know is that we accept all Word Bearers and the intention of our group is to create an environment where fans of the legion can have easily find and play with each other. We have rankings as well and intend to have a strong force of warrior-brothers within the group to turn the tide when called upon.
  4. Name: The Committee
    Faction: Space Marine
    Chapters: ALL
    Members: 40+
    About Us:

    The Committee is a hardcore PVP/RVR guild with player base deriving mostly from Croatia and the Balkans, but has over time expanded recruitment channels throughout Europe.

    The guild was founded back in 2007 for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) by a couple of people who met in Age of Conan, a game that was very short lived for most of the players, so full focus fell on WAR as the new big thing in MMO world. The Committee recruited players mostly from Croatia (recruitment was being done on various gaming and IT sites) at that time and was considered the unofficial Croatian WAR community. Later on, however, we started recruiting players from all over Europe and even outside the continent, and since then, The Committee slowly grew into international gaming community it is today.
  5. Valtrius Valtrius Subordinate

    Name: Blood Angels
    Faction: Space Marine
    Chapter: Blood Angels
    Members: 20+ core team

    Founded since before Space Marine (xbox) to take part in the highly anticipated 40k game that brought together fans of the franchise in numbers only the Emperor could dream of. The Eternal Crusade is eagerly awaited by us so we have something from which to quench our lingering thirst. We also hold DW RPG games along with Only War and the Ork one, who's name escapes me. Any who wish to join are free do to so in the link above ;).
  6. JC 042 JC042 Well-Known Member

    Name: Sons of The Fallen
    Race:Chaos Space Marines
    Chapters/Legions: All
    Members: 30 approx
    Website: Gothic Wars community forum
    (Note: Gothic Wars itself has over 2,000 members. It is a website dedicated to hosting clans)
    Website Recruitment Thread:

    A Chaos Warband made to unite all followers of Chaos under the common cause of bringing down the Imperium. Accepting all heretics from Traitor Legion and Chapter alike, we are host to Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Fallen Dark Angels, Thousand Sons, Black Legion, World Eaters, the list goes on and continues to grow.

    Founded several months before and in anticipation of the release of Space Marine on PS3, now anticipating the release of Eternal Crusade on PC.
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  7. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    Name: Renegade
    Main Faction: Space Marine
    Chapters: ALL
    Members: This is N/A for the moment since the release is so far away, based on the current interest amongst our members I'd say at least 10-15 players.
    Language: First: Hungarian, Secondary: English
    Interests: Casual/Semi-HC PvX
    Platform: PC

    About us:

    The founders of Renegade are a small community of Hungarian gamers who joined arms and play together since 2003. After a while (a long while) we got fed up sticking to other guilds which lost their leaders and/or got disbanded after every single game, so we decided to have our own headquarters and thus Renegade guild was born.

    Our main goal is to have fun in every game we play, and to have a good community with members following each other if the guild moves to a new game. We are not planning this community for one particular game, on the contrary, we plan to play a huge list of games with a community of reliable, friendly gamers from Hungary.

    We expect our members to be mature, to respect each other, and to be helpful in any way possible. The main source of communication is our TeamSpeak server, but we regularly post articles, use the forum topics and the chatbox on the homepage as well. We also expect our members to know (the limit of) their manners even in the heat of a PvP match, or a raid.

  8. Feuerteufel New Member

    Name: Battlegroup Vermillion
    Main Faction: Space Marine
    Chapters: ALL
    Members: In recruitment
    Language: English, German, Spanish, Dutch
    Website: Under Construction
    Interests: RP-v-P
    Platform: PC

    Mature Gamers ranging between Age 21 and 50.
    We love the Lore and RP
  9. fklm fklm Subordinate

    Name: The Knights Of Blood
    Size: 40+
    Type: Clansite
    Factions: Space Marine (for now) probably multi
    Language: English

    About: Relatively new Xbox Space Marine chapter. We do play other games together but none competitavely like Space Marine. Mainly just about having fun
  10. Decmk3 Decmk3 Scribe

    Name: Strikeforce Ultra
    Faction: Space Marines
    Members: currently ~ 55, Recruiting.
    About: A 2 year old group of players looking to recreate a united Ultramarines chapter for the Eternal Crusade. Friendly group of gamers playing more for fun first than anything, although squad emplacements are in effect. New blood is most welcome.
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