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Tides Of Destiny (wh40k Fiction Rp) [voting]

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Uriel1339, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I thank you for your concern but I had pre-determined RP's before and some worked of them really well as long as everybody plays by the rules. What I noticed in your RP is that it just sank into total chaos.... Iron Warriors coming from nowhere, Salamanders getting no support, Eldar and Tau suddenly fighting each other instead of the Orks which are the true menace, etc.

    I do not wish to badmouth you either, it is more fault of the players as everybody tries to push their own victory into it.

    What I just think to reach with this pre-determined set of rules is that there will be true Chain of Command and order. Roleplayers most of the time do not know WHERE they are on a systematic level. You must know your place, some are meant to be leaders, other are supposed to be servants / executors of those plans. That is why Novels are easy to read and understand, because stuff is actually pre-determined.

    But what I will leave completely open is the flow of events, every leader can use his faction and resources as he likes. And people can also interact with eachother for treachery, getting rid of a greater evil, etc. Also I pre-set goals and objectives / want to know them of the leader so that the roleplayers know what they are fighting for.

    Why fighting if you don't know why? Imperium will fight for their world that is the only one we REALLY know. Eldar, Chaos, Tau, Orks can all have other agendas.

    So this will not just be a clash of factions but you will have to beware of strategy, tactics, resources, etc. I simply try to re-create a Scenario which could be even executed as a Table-Top games.

    But I would appreciate if you would join this RP as you are one with a lot of experience and apparently know how to play some good authentic orks ;)
  2. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    ((No Apoc game could ever contain something of this magnatude... Ever. From any RP. It would take a massive Campaign in a completely different medium with which to get something even close to what you're saying.

    Also, knowing what they're fighting for is sort of the responsibility of the RPer themselves. Pre-setting lore down kind of takes that away from them, and takes away a lot of the fun.

    Another bit. Putting people in charge of other people within their own 'factions', not usually a good idea, especially in this sort of setting and style of RP. Not everyone has the same mindset, same style, same imagination(Which is a double-edged sword, as you can probably tell).

    All in all, I stick with my first post on here.

    Yay more RP

    Boo structure.))
  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    1. There is no time limit theroetically we have 2 years till EC comes out

    2. All I set down in the lore is the world and the cities, otherwise you have cities growing because other players want to invade non-existing stuff that is still somehow there or hunt down relics which are not there

    3. Regarding the mindset, that is what it will make interesting. If you have read Wh40k novels you noticed sure also the conflict of interest between people. Some may choose to switch sides or become renegade and follow their own agenda. Or some still belong to their faction but do not listen to orders and make their own thing.

    4. Giving it a try doesn't hurt and to support imagination AND the lack of imagination I pre-set the minimum so they might only work with that or expand.

    5. I respect your opinion, but without structure no game (including RP's) can work well. That is why every game comes with a manual or with guidelines and that is also why the rulework of Wh40k table-top is so damn hardcore and why so many people after all play it, because of the fun you can have with it and how tactical you can be.

    6. Most RP's lack in depth and I try to give this, perhaps you might not see it but this scenario offers much of in-depth, just think about how many different ways there are to approach this scenario, as a Space Marine of course not so much, but as an Invader / Attacker you have many ways to join in. Also I do not pre-write anyone's agenda, I only gave everybody ideas in my first post (e.g. why chaos should attack, why Tau would attack, etc.) It is no rule-setting, it is giving mere ideas.
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  4. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

    I'm just looking for a way to RP in between Dark Heresy sessions, I'm fine with whatever!
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Though you don't care really about what's going on, you still casted vote for the Sororitas :p but I still hope you read post 1 & 2 to understand the scenario and the rules :)
  6. Hey there another vote for the word bearers, although Iron warriors are my favorites i like to mix it up and being a word bearer in this would be cool always wanted to say "your faith is like your face, soon to be smashed!". :cool:
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ohhhh the Chaos is uniting.... could be quite interesting! Especially... who may be the leader then? ;D
  8. I would say darkapostle to be leader, my character in this is no leader of men, just ready to lay down his soul for someone who will tear down the emperor from the golden throne and desecrate his dessicated remains.
  9. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Hey Hey now all calm down, okay? ^^ I was just mentioning the leader thing because it's the first faction which has 2 votes on the same legion / warband / chapter, etc. Also... leader votes follow later (see post #2) vote times can be eventually edited in case there are not enough. But I will see into it tomorrow and tuesday morning (EST)

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