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Tides Of Destiny (wh40k Fiction Rp) [voting]

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Uriel1339, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. I'll revise my vote to avoid confusion. Seeing as I'm RPing Salamanders in the other thread, I'll vote Minotaurs for the Astartes forces this time. It'll be interesting, as they're forbidden from entering Ultramar as per Calgar's orders. Besides, if the High Lords say got to Ultramar, that's where the Minotaurs would go, Ultramarines be dammned.
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Okay I cast your vote as Minotaurs. We sure got a whole bunch of different chapter choices...
  3. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    ELDAR - iyanden

    that's my vote :)
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    To clarify on the minimum votes and the 10% rule.

    It is calculated as followed:

    (Eldar + Tau + Orks + Chaos + Inquisition) = total votes (space marines are not counted as they are required)

    (Faction votes / total votes) * 100 = can play if result 10 or higher ; can not play if result 9,99 or lower


    (Eldar 3 + Tau 2 + Orks 1 + Chaos 4 + Inquisition 1) = 11 total votes

    (Orks 1 / 11) * 100 = 9,09 => Ork Faction won't play
  5. I personally don't think a canon world is the way to go but I suppose it's not my decision really.
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    It is no Canon world..... i made it up myself, lol just resembled after Tarsis Ultra, one of my favorite worlds.

    See post 1:

    1. The World: it will be a non-lore existing world in the Ultramar System called "Lorias", so it is a complete fictional world. It's temperature is similar to Terra's. The spring is rather cool to warm, with a few rainy weeks. The summer is pretty hot, making it exhausting to work in the mines, factories and the fields. The autumn is similar to the spring. And in the winter it snows and gets very cold, sometimes avalanches from the mountains bring damage or delay transports close to the space port city, Koroa.
  7. Ah, I see. When someone posted a wiki article a bunch of red flags began to spring up.

    Also another question: How do you plan to manage things such as people posting or what they have under their command. We of course don't want it to turn into number crunching (Gods no) but at the same time it could get silly if it turns into a "who-has-the-biggest-dick contest" if you catch my meaning. Also I'm guessing you want there to be some sort of posting order so that people don't just keep posting again and again if one participant isn't on for a few hours, correct?
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    1. The Lexicanum article was regard the Fabricator Marshal

    2. Before the RP starts the leader will decide what they have but also I will limit there a bit (will contact them via PM so I am aware of the numbers but the other roleplayers are not, except they share that information of course) For example the Space Marines will be limited due to which chapter is sent and the ships they have, etc.

    3. I keep emphasizing that the RP will be turn-based and a time limit will be 48 hours. Since we are all working or in school or what not but if after 48 hours the one who's turn it is does not react, I will cover that.

    4. Resources will be limited for everyone not like in the other RP (A Beautiful Day...) where it just seems to me as more and more and I will certainly prevent that kind of stuff, all leaders have to be upfront with me during the PM of what they will get granted. They don't have to deploy all their possible resources at start and keep stuff hidden (Eldar for example on the other side of a web portal or Space Marines in the orbit in their Strike Cruisers).

    5. Regarding destroying troops and fights I will keep a close eye during the battle-posts to keep everything balanced and not that a single Space Marine Assault Marine kills 100 Orks without getting tired or starts to be overrun or what not. Though I hope that many people will use their common sense to judge of what parts of their troops fall and which survive. If you want to learn more about Player Character's deaths see 1st post on "10." Regards important NPC's most likely I will be the judge of that.

    6. If I should be draconic or unfair so I hope that player stand up to me regarding my judgment, I want to make this fair for all!

  9. Well I have all confidence in your abilities after reading this. And if you're not being draconic/unfair then you're not portraying the Grim Darkness right. :p
  10. Krol'jas Krol Subordinate

    ((Yay, more RP!

    Booo, limitations to RP and putting people into pre-defined roles!

    *Note: Not trying to come off as a bit of a D-bag with this post*

    I'm all for structure, sometimes, I do RP Orks after all... But, This sort of thing is the problem I see most when it comes to people RPing in the 40k Universe. -Everyone- like to think their Races/God/Warband/Whatever is the strongest. It's the one they like, and that's who/what they want to win in whatever inevitable conflict there is.

    The big problem with putting a pre-defined structure to RP is, it's pre-defined. That's what makes a lot of RP either boring, a cess-pool for mary-sues, or just straight up OP to one side.

    A big problem I've been seeing from just a couple other people on my original thread, is what I mentioned above. People thinking their races is all powerful, and that they're destined to win. I set the stage -REALLY- big, I admit that, but I left it open for everyone to get in. Everyone could contribute to the war on Antaris IV, not just being one of the pawns on a giant, explosive chess board of doom.

    Again, not trying to badmouth you or what you're trying to do, just sharing my opinion from years and years of RP.

    Also, all of the other races drool, Orkz is da best.

    -Krol'jas da' 'eadchoppa))
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