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Tides Of Destiny ( Battle For Lorias )

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  1. OOC: Sorry, I was away at school. I will now make up for time, and get a post up! :)
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  2. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Basilica of the Emperor Ascendant - Papal Chambers
    Holy Synod of the Emperor's Light - Koroa City

    The once orderly streets were chocked with burnt out wrecks of the charred husks of PDF battle tanks. Red needles of light lit the path of the treacherous mobs of Chaos cultists and traitor PDF. They had ignored his warnings, the fools. He looked away from broiling madness below him, and moved towards his hand carved desk. Taking his seat, he smoothed out a large sheaf of parchment and took up his memo-quill. He began writing:

    "I, Gregorious Servantes, Cardinal of Lorias and Ponifex Maximus of the Parish of the Lorias System; by the will of our most Divine God-Emperor, and with the authority vested in me by the Ecclesiarchy; hereby declare that Alexis Kalvanis, Fabricator Marshall of Lorias, is a Traitor"

    His hand froze after the word Traitor. He struggled against the sudden tensing of his muscles. A sudden chill filled the room. His breath misted the air. He could feel the paralysis slowly starting to spread up his arm. "What was this sorcery?" He demanded of his empty chamber. In answer, the lights suddenly flickered and fell dark. Plunging his usually brilliant chambers into menacing shadow.

    "You said it yourself, your Holiness . . ." a cold, wispy voice stated, with sinister mirth. "Who dares to speak to me with such arrogance? Show yourself coward!" He yelled weakly, as the cold and pain intensified.

    "Arrogance? You sit here, secure in you palace of light and decadence, while your faithful die in the streets below. Cold and blanketed in darkness, their clothes soaked to the bone. You should choose your words more carefully, Cardinal!" The voice chuckled, its tone drenched with irony.

    "Who are you to accuse a Cardinal of the Ecclesiarchy of decadence?" Gregorious spat, despite the unnatural cold that chilled him to his very bones. "What do you know?"

    "I know more than you could ever imagine, old fool" The stranger’s voice taunted. "I am more than qualified to comment on the decadence of the Ecclesiarchy, if not your beloved Imperium as a whole!"

    "Ha, your own words betray your loyalties, Traitor!" Gregorius spat, accusingly. "You must be an agent of the Dark Powers, come to test my faith! The Emperor Protects!"

    "Your Emperor cannot protect you!" The stranger bellowed, his shadowy visage now appearing. The stranger had the vaguest shape of a man, swathed in black robes of shadow. Its voluminous hood an impenetrable void. It loomed over him. Gregorious balked at the sudden closeness. "Nor is he a God, foolish mortal. He is nothing but a lie. The greatest lie in existence" The stranger rasped.

    "No, he is not a lie! He is the truth of Mankind's divine right over the cosmos. His is the light that will banish you and your foul masters, from this world!" Gregorious declared, strength flowing into his aged bones. It recoiled at the old Cardinal's outburst. The creatures hold over him weaken. He shoved at the thing. It fell backwards into his desk, bursting apart into wisps of smoke. Gregorious pushed himself out of his throne and ran for the doors that dominated the far wall of his chamber. He moved as fast as old legs could carry him. He did not get far.

    Several large pieces of furniture scraped across the marble floor of his chamber and barred Gregorious from escaping. He spun round, as the laughter of his mysterious assailant echoed around his chambers. The wisps began to swirl together, like a dust devil. They came together and reforged the strangers robed visage. This time however, it was solidifying.

    The stranger's footsteps became audible, as the heels of his boots resounded on the marble floor. It was encased in a suit of light carapace armour, fashioned out of some dark metal, and overlain by his hooded robes. The hems of which were stitched with glowing runes. The handle of a force sword extended from the leather scabbard at his right hip. An ornate pistol was holstered on the other. Around his neck, a silver rosette of the Holy Imperial Inquisition.

    "You are an Inquisitor?" Gregorious stammered, unable to comprehend that one of the Emperor's most devout servants could succumb to the powers of Chaos

    "Yes Cardinal, once I was a mindless servant of your festering corpse!" The man stated, as he raised his right hand, splaying the fingers. Gregorious suddenly felt as if an invisible hand had grasped him around his chest and lifted him off the ground, so that he hung lazily in the air, several feet off of the ground.

    "I discovered first hand, how the Emperor rewards those that try to protect mankind from the murderous intentions of the Inquisition" He chuckled darkly. "I alone dared to object, when an entire system was to be laid to waste, to stop a Tyranid Hive Fleet from annihilating this entire Sector. Billions of souls were to be needlessly sacrificed. For my views, I was declared Excommunicate Traitoris!” The stranger pulled his hand closer to himself. Gregorious floated closer to the fallen Inquisitor. His body halted only a few scant inches from his terrible captor.

    "Despite their best efforts, I survived. I heeded the words of Tzeentch and he reforged me into his herald" The stranger told him, its voice laced with reverence. "To that end, I pledged my service to the Dark Apostle Jaral, of the Word Bearers Legion. It was he that instructed me to create the cults that now burn your precious city to ruin. He will snuff out your Emperor's light and tear down your precious Basilica. Lorias shall play part to the doom of the entire sub-sector. From here, we shall strike out at the damned Realm of Ultramar, and erase the terrible blight that calls itself the Ultramarines!"

    "Who are you, blasphemer, and why do you tell me these things?" Gregorious demanded, through the terrible agony that assaulted his body and mind in equal measure. "I am, or at least was, Inquisitor Heinzrich Balthier, of the Ordo Xenos"

    "You stand no chance against Lord Keralix!" Gregorious scoffed. "He and his agent will stop you and your pathetic masters. With the aid of the Astartes, you will all be destroyed"

    "What?" Heinzrich bellowed, his anger lending a feral snarl to his whispery voice. His jaw clenching violently at the mention of the Emperor's angels of death. "Yes, the Ultramarines come for you, and they bring the Imperial Fists with them!" Gregorious declared triumphantly. "What chance do you scum hope to stand against the might of two chapters of Astartes!"

    "Scoff as you will, Father, for they are already too late! Lord Jaral and his allies have already set into motion events that cannot be stopped. Not by the Emperor's faithful lapdogs or your beloved Inquisitor. This world is ours already. Our fleet already lies in wait. The Astartes will exit the warp and be set upon by our terrible warships. They will all die before they even have the chance to scream!" Heinzrich laughed.

    "You place too much faith in your treacherous master, fool. While his ships may have arrived, they were set upon by the remnants of the Tau Fleet! The Astartes will arrive in time to destroy both the Tau and your master's warships. The Imperium will prevail here, as it always does"

    "Ha, we shall see about that" Heinzrich stated, as he exerted his considerable will over the Cardinal. He Forced his mind into Gregorious's, replacing it with his own. Heinzrich released the old Cardinal, the old priest slumping to the cold marble floor. He stirred and slowly rose to his feet. Eyes blank and jaw slack, an empty shell awaiting purpose.

    "You serve me now, old man" Heinzrich commanded. "Declare Lord Inquisitor Keralix a Traitor. Have your Confessor bring him to the Cathedral! Use whatever force you deem necessary"

    "As you command" Gregorious replied, slowly. He walked over to his desk and crumbled up his previous missive. He took up his memo-quill and prepared a new declaration, calling for the arrest of Lord Inquisitor Keralix. Heinzrich's laughter echoed through the chamber, as he rejoned the shadows. The furniture returned to it's original positions. Gregorious folded the parchment, and poured wax over the fold, pressing his signet ring into the wax; sealing it. He strode over to a nearby bell rope, pulling it. A chime of many bells sounded, calling forth his Deacon. The man came charging into the private offices, his face flush with the exertion.

    "Take this missive to Confessor Zeb. It bears instructions of the direst importance. He must carry out a task that will test his loyalty and faith in equal measure. See that he receives it with haste. Our very lives depend on it" Gregorious assured him.
  3. With the sound of a thousand throats slit, and a thousand whips cracking in unison, the borders between Reality, and the warp, broke.

    The unmistakable flickering of the Geller Field can be seen, as the Vae Victus and Calth's Fist moved out of the Warp Gate, along with any other escorts, before it shut completely.

    Mikael Fabian looked out at the window. He had planned to jump just outside of the system, in order to gauge the strength of the Chaos Blockade. Standard Naval Strategy, he is no mere Ork Warlord who would be willing to warp in so close to a planet's gravitational pull, and not to mention the risk of crashing into enemy defences, causing needless casaulties.

    The Tactical Holomap flickered and changed to that of a globe, multiple enemy markings are shown above the globe's surface, indicating ships. The scans are quite accurate.

    The Captain glanced over to the Admiral, and nodded once. The Fleet moved in unison, to engage the Chaos Blockade...
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  4. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

    PDF Forward Operation Base-Command Tent
    Holy Synod of the Emperor's Light-Koroa City

    Cornelius Zeb paced at the entrance of the command tent in the, now enclosed, Holy Synod. Never before had his faith been tested like this. In one hand, he bore the condemning letter from his holiness, Gregorius Servantes. He had never questioned the wisdom of the cardinal, however now he found himself perplexed by the anchor that tugged at his heart. Just a few short days ago his Holiness had praised the arrival of the Lord Inquisitor; The sermons of the church had long preached of the great cleansing of all whom opposed the emperor and the rewards the Golden Throne would bestow on the faithful.

    He was alone. There were no guardsmen accompanying him and beseeching such an order on the Lord Inquisitor's own Sororitas was unthinkable.

    "The faithful will be rewarded..", Zeb whispered to himself as he straightened his robes and marched into the tent.

    Lord Inquisitor Keralix, his sororitas commander and retinue alongside him, were leaning over a large map of Koroa. Across from him stood the few remaining officers of the city's planetary forces. The Confessor began to sweat as his heart-rate mimicked thunder itself. Even though the Inquisitor was no longer in his power armor, the power radiating from him was as strong as ever.

    "Lord Inquisitor Keralix!", Zeb's intrusion drew the attention of the entire tent.

    Keralix's eyes met Zeb, and after a moment of silent inquiry, displayed sympathy. The Lord Inquisitor dismissed the PDF officers of the tent, only his retinue and Soroitas commander remained.

    "Yes Confessor?", Keralix replied as he faced the sweating priest.

    Castus shifted awkwardly behind him as he began to make his own analysis of the situation. The Confessor stepped forward and handed the sealed letter to the Inquisitor, the only action he could manage in his panicked state. Keralix accepted the letter after looking into the eyes of the Confessor once more. After reading the Cardinal's warrant, Keralix turned to face his retinue.

    "It would appear his holiness, Gregorious Servantes, has declared me traitorous.", noticeably taking time in announcing the writer's name clearly.

    "Very well Confessor, I will not risk having our remaining forces collapse upon itself. You may inform his holiness that you escorted me to the stockades personally...", Keralix's words were cold and commanding.

    Commander Lydia stepped in front of the Inquisitor, her face twisted with rage.

    "You can't be seriously doing this! It's obvious as to who is the real traitor!"

    Keralix replied in a voice as cold as the one he had used before, " I assure you. This will be over soon."

    Immediately Castus and his partner Victoria left the tent. Zeb knew very well as to what the destination of the assassin was, but something within the Confessor told him not to hinder them. Keralix was the only reason the Bascilia still stood, an accomplishment only the faithful could muster.

    Regardless of his darkest thoughts and the doubt that was now gnawing at his mind, Cornelius Zeb found himself leading the Lord Inquisitor into the dungeons of the Basicilia. A few of the less questioning palace guards assisted the Confessor in chaining the "heretic" to the walls of one of the cells. Following the binding chains and the hushed apology from the Confessor, Keralix found himself alone.

    A powerful chill, the likes of which he had not felt in a long time, wrapped around him.
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Planet Lorias - Orbit - Tau Forces - 5:10 Hrs Local Time

    "Shas'O! The Ultramarines are engaging the Chaos Fleet, they seem to ignore us as they Chaos are right between us and the Imperial forces." The Admiral reported immediately as the Ultramarines' efforts were visible.

    *I see* is all he thought during his Orca travel, after his prior mission on the surface it was now time to retreat. "I want this world to gain another day... Therefore we will retreat, but we have to make sure the planet stays in the hands of the Imperium and that they do not forget us easily. Engage the Chaos Flagship, fire all weapons and retreat as soon as we have caused enough trouble."

    The Shas'O commanded and so it was done, while exiting the orbit with the few remnants of the Invasion force the Tau fleet, still heavily damaged in comparison to their full repair state, but at least able to fight, engaging the Chaos forces to support the Imperium of Mankind.

    Though the Fleet was engaging the enemy, the Orcas already moved away from the system where they came from, not risking to lose the leader of this campaign.... Especially not with the important cargo they had on board.

    Doran'Ro turned and knealt down infront of the 'cargo'. "Anything I can offer you.... Farseer?"

    Planet Lorias - Orbit - Chaos Forces - 5:15 Hrs Local Time

    All Chaos ships started to spit Thunderhawks and Freighters out, accompanied by huge amounts of fighters and bombers.

    "Ultramarines and Tau are engaging us from both sides." A cultist-worker reported to the Warband Admiral.

    "I don't give a damn crap about who is engaging me from where! We will kill them, we will take the leftovers and we will expand our fleet from their scraps! Tell the Iron Warriors to fight the Tau with their Bombers, they are as good as broken! The rest of the fleet is to engage the Ultramarines, concentrate fire on the Nova Cannon of the Dominator!"

    And as demanded so it was done, the Chaos ships quickly engaged in formation, though faster than the most mixed Fleets. However Krisas got this warband organized... It was a well-done organization and to say the chain of command was well intact.... Would be an understatement.

    OOC: I just kick these things in to keep up the tension ;)

    *So ppl might post a bit more free from now on as we go towards end-game*
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  6. Mechaius Mechiaus Prefectus

    Basilica of the Emperor Ascendant - Hall of Repentance
    Holy Synod of the Emperor's Light - Koroa City

    The dank, musty corridors were dimly lit by promethium fed braziers. A party, consisting of a dozen black robed priests, strode quietly through the dimly lit passages. Their faces were cowled in black, pointed hoods. Each carried a burning torch that they held aloft.

    The party reached the cell containing the bound Lord Keralix.

    The black robed priests opened the cell and piled inside. They man handled the Inquisitor out of his bindings and dragging him out of the cell. They hammered him with blows, forcing him to the ground. They struck him with their fists and iron shod boots. Some even pressed their torches to his exposed flesh, adding burn marks to the myriad of minor wounds the Inquisitor had yet to have treated.

    They finally dragged him off of the floor and hurried him further down the corridor. They made several twisting turns and descended several crumbling flights of spiraling stairs, until they reached their destination. The narrow corridor suddenly ended in a pair of massive armoured doors. They were barred on the outside with a heavy black iron beam. Two more robed priests, armed with stubbers, waited to either side of the entrance. They unbolted the door with practiced ease, and ushered the party inside.

    Beyond the doors, a vast chamber of dark stone awaited. Its vaulted ceiling towered a hundred feet above their heads. An upper gallery circled around the chamber, packed with leering Deacons, Confessors and other assorted Adepts of the Ministorum. The dark clad priests hurried Lord Keralix to an upright table-like device. It had numerous gears and chains adorning it, with several turn cranks on the sides.

    A tall and woefully skeletal man awaited them, he turned one of the cranks, lowering the device to a horizontal position. The priests tossed Keralix onto it unceremoniously, and proceeded to strap him down and tighten manacles around his wrists and ankles. The thin man, Excruciator Kapplen, the Synod's chief torturer, broke into a predatory smile, as he loomed over the bound Inquisitor.

    Keralix struggled against the bonds, testing them, as a massive shape trundled into his feild of vision, Kapplen's Servitor, Brax. A multi-armed monstrosity, purpose built for inflicting pain on unbelievers. Brax was gene-bulked and had a black iron face mask, molded into the likeness of an angel. The pair had extracted confessions from even the most hardened of Heretics.

    "I shall enjoy breaking you, Lord Inquisitor" Kapplen hissed from the vox-speaker that jutted from his neck. "I hope you prove, resistant. I rarely have such versatile specimens to practice my talents on". He turned the crank again, returning the restraining device to a vertical incline. Keralix remained defiant, even as his eyes followed the craven man to a covered table. The cloth was slowly unfolded, revealing all manner of deadly instruments of pain. Kapplen took up several long iron poles that ended in engraved Aquilas. He thrust them into a nearby brazier and stoked it, raising a shower of hot sparks that illuminated Kapplen like a hell borne specter.

    Cardinal Gregorious Servantes observed the exchange with a cruel smile of contempt, as he reclined in his luxurious throne of gold and black satin cushions. He sipped at a goblet of savory red vintage, enjoying the spectacle. How fitting that a man who had judged so many, would now be judged in turn. Such was the fate of traitors.

    Before him, a raised pulpit lay adorned with the Aquila, surrounded by a wreath of thorns, embossed over a trio of sun rays. Emblem of the Brotherhood Illuminate, Gergorious's personal enforcers, tasked with ensuring that the Ecclesiarchy's will (that being his own, of course) was carried out and that dissenting voices were silenced. Permanently.

    Their work finished, the robed priests filtered back to the side lines, to observe. Cardinal Gregorious Servantes rose from his throne and took his place behind the pulpit. He fixed his cold, heartless eyes on Keralix. An unnatural darkness leering from within his pupils. He raised his gloved hands for silence. A hush descended, and despite the heat of the burning braziers, a sinister chill fell with it.

    "Brothers, we have come together once more, as our beloved Synod stands on the brink of annihilation, to see that the Emperor's Justice is served" He intoned. "For as you know, there is a traitor most foul amongst us. His name is Keralix, Lord Inquisitor of the Ordo Herecticus. Outwardly, the most devout and humble servant of our divine God-Emperor" Curses and jibes assaulted the Inquisitor from all side.

    "However, I have seen through his facade of righteousness. I have gazed into his soul and found the corruption that has festered unchecked. Too long has he stared into the darkness. It was but a matter of time before the darkness gazed back." He smiled at his own words, the darkness within his own eyes beginning to stir.

    "Lord Inquisitor Keralix, you stand before the Brotherhood Illuminate with charges of Treason and Heresy laid against you" Gregorious accused, channeling a portion of Hienzrich's power, raking it against Keralix's mind like the claws of a Genestealer. "How do you plead?"
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: I love what you guys (Mordicus & Mechaius) do, keep going! :)

    Mordicus please don't forget about your black strike cruiser in space which is there among the Ultramarines standing against the Chaos Fleet.

    Ares, waiting for your input in the space battle.

    Tiberius Publicus, you can kick in anytime with your few ships as soon as the fight between the fleets started.

    Mechaius: Don't forget, transporters and such are heading down from the Chaos to make planetfall in Koroa you might wanna react to that somehow xD
  8. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

    The Deimos Inquisitional Black Ship
    High Orbit over Lorias

    The engines of the customized strike cruiser roared to life as it began to move from behind the last remaining fortress. The crew had spent it's time monitoring the situation on the ground and awaiting the arrival of reinforcements. With visual contact of the Ultramarine fleet confirmed, the officers of the bridge decided to deliver their report to the Space Marines as quickly as they could. They had lost contact with their Lord Inquisitor, something few of them had experience. Those that had understood the urgency the situation called for.

    The large engines of the strike cruiser erupted as they ship swung from behind the fortress, straight to the friendly flank of the Ultramarines. The sooner they could make contact, the sooner this planet could be saved.
  9. OOC: For some atmosphere, music!

    Admiral Tiberius looked at the holomap of the system, a small amount of sweat going down his brow. There are battle alarms going on as the Vae Victus prepares for battle and war.

    Two Strike Cruisers, and a Battle Barge used by the Traitors are heading straight towards them according to the Holomap. The third one appears to be going after the Tau cruiser which seems to be firing on them... At least it helps even the odds for the xenos to draw the attention of the traitors. With the Black Strike Cruiser, that makes things even.


    The Communications officer replied with an eager "AYE SIR!" and executed his orders. Mikael looked at Tiberius - remaining silent, watching. He is certain that Tiberius knows what he is doing. This is his ship after all. He also took note of how eager the crewmen are, unlike crews of other ships...


    Mikael quickly issued orders over a comm-link, before moving to face the Admiral.

    "I will leave the Space Battle to you Admiral, I must get my brothers down to the battle below. I trust that you can handle this?"

    Tiberius chuckled, and looked over to Mikael.

    "Do not under-estimate the Vae Victus my lord, She can handle this."

    Mikael grinned. "Very well then, I will entrust the Space Battle to you. I must take to the Thunderhawks, and proceed to the surface. We will leave behind a token force, just in case the great enemy attempts to board."

    Tiberius nodded. "I would appreciate that, my lord."

    Mikael nodded in return, and headed off, donning the white MK3 "Iron Armour" helmet as he did so.


    The Vae Victus moved accordingly, It's weapon batteries primed. It fires the first salvo of torpedoes, which streak towards the Chaos Strike Cruiser. The enemy retailiated with it's own torpedoes, which too streak towards the Vae Victus.

    The Void Shields shimmer as the torpedoes detonated against the Vae Victus, But they hold, the Ultramarine Torpedoes also hit their target; The Enemy Strike Cruiser's shields also hold.

    Calth's Fist stayed behind, getting to position it's Nova Cannon, aiming at the large Battle Barge as it moved forward...

    The Vae Victus continued to fire volley after volley of Torpedoes as it closes in on the enemy Strike Cruiser, seeking to bring it's broadside firepower to bear... as it does so, Calth's Fist fires the Nova Cannon at the enemy Battle Barge, the shell smashing against the Battle-Barge's shielding. The Void Shield flickered, one of it's many layers dead. The crew of Calth's Fist begins reloading...

    While this is all happening, Three Thunderhawks depart from the Vae Victus, and moved down below the plane of the space battle, avoiding the worst of it. They moved on towards Lorias, heading straight to Koroa City...
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Planet Lorias - Orbit - 5:20 Hrs Local Time

    "Change of plans! As the Enemy forces focus with their main body against the Imperium we will take care of the incoming cruiser! Send Half of the Barracudas to intercept the Bombers, the other half is to stay close and destroy any that comes through, same for all our Mantas!"

    The Admiral yelled in passion, knowing that one mistake in this situation can destroy his whole fleet. His coolness from the start of the campaign being completely gone.

    The first salvos of Ion Cannons and Railguns started to open fire upon the incoming strike cruiser, flickering the void shields of the Iron Warrior Strike Cruiser, which spat out Bombers, those directly engaging the Tau Flagship, but the Barracudas were on their way, destroying the most of them easily, but due to lack of ammo not as efficient as it could had been.

    The Strike Cruiser starts to reply the attack with it's own weapons, concentrated lance fire crashing against the front shields of the Lar'Shi'Vre, it slowly drifting away, starting to turn for retreat while putting the more intact weapons into optimum position, the shields flickering weak on which the Iron Warrior captain smirks.

    The bombers engaging the weakened flagship, but the attack failing horribly for the Iron Warriors as the Mantas and Barracudas slaughtered them all among with the close-range Railgun fire of the Il'Porrui.

    That attack may have failed, but the Lar'Shi'Vre was enroute to retreat, after launching it's gravitic weapons that damaged the shields of the strike cruiser dramatically. "Keep firing until ammo is depleted, then follow us!" The admiral demanded, saddened that they could not weaken the invasion as hoped.

    He was looking on his strategical map to watch the fight further. The Il'Porrui was flying around the Strike Cruiser, flanking it with it's Ion cannons and the Gravitic Launchers firing straight into the open Hangar doors, shooting them into the core of the ship and then causing devastating damage. The Il'Porrui went to retreat, but was hit by a lance shot of the Strike Cruiser, the engines still too far damaged to evade, causing an explosion in the energy reactors, causing a chain reaction, which results in the explosion of the whole ship.

    The Admiral was saddened about the loss, but was glad at the same time that the crew did not die for nothing as the remaining Lar'Shi Cruiser brought vengeance upon the Iron Warriors and destroyed the Strike Cruiser with their Ion Cannons, penetrating the Bridge first, then more shots followed into the heart of the ship, hitting several machines which are to regulate the energy-flow within the ship, while the prior Gravitic Weapons harmed the ship already far enough to bring it beyond repair, chain explosions of the overload of power in the different systems started to wreck the ship from inside out.

    The crew was panicking, trying to get off but before anything efficient could be done the ship fell apart first in half and then in smaller pieces after the Generators fell victim to the situation as well, causing it to scatter all across space including the splattered Crew members.

    Now all the Tau ships were on retreat, no Tau looking back upon Lorias, but keeping it mind... Most likely coming back in several years with a bigger force to take what they have planned to make theirs....

    The Chaos Admiral growled. "How were the Tau able to defeat that incapable son of a b*tch?! THERE FLEET WAS DESTROYED!!!" He yelled angry and grabbed the next cultist, breaking his neck to get himself relaxed. "FIRE ON THE DOMINATOR CLASS! BRING THAT SHIP DOWN!!!"

    He yelled as the battle barge received the first hits from the Ultramarines. The Nova Cannon was first to hit with it's devastating effect, but the Shields were yet to hold as all Torpedos were succeesfully intercepted.

    One of the Chaos Strike Cruisers stood next to the Battle Barge, concentrating lance fire upon the Vae Victus while Torpedos were firing upon the dominator class ship. The other strike cruiser made a long turn to bring it's front against the side of the Dominator Class, flanking it extremely with concentrated Lance and Torpedo Fire.

    The Battle Barge shot half Torpedos against the Dominator Class, the other half against the Vae Victus in salvos while the Lance-Fires were aimed upon the Dominator Class.


    The Admiral yelled in anger as the Freighters and Thunderhawks were now in Orbit, heading for the Koroa Spaceport to deploy heavy weaponry and main forces as the Drop-Pods reached their destination already, spitting in total 100 Chaos Space Marines out and 1 Dreadnought. 70 Marines with Krisas in the west, the other 30 with the Dreadnought in the North for Mallar.

    Planet Lorias - Orbit - 5:30 Hrs Local Time

    To the surprise of all, the Imperial Fists fleet arrived, as if summoned by the God-Emperor himself to support their Battle-Brothers and the Imperial Population.
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