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Throwing Grenades

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Ideas_McGee, May 24, 2014.

  1. I personally like the way Gears of War handles grenades, where it shows you the arc/landing spot/bounce of the grenade but you don't get the full distance if you're hiding in cover. Since you're already sticking your head out to throw one of these things, it is annoying when you throw it and it lands right before the cover the enemy is hiding behind.

    As for grenade types, there is the ever hilarious Hallucinogen grenades, a gas grenade which the contents causes anyone who is affected to, well, hallucinate. In game terms it could cause major interface screw, your HUD lying to you or your controls being reversed.
  2. Nah, jump pack with melta gun is better for that because it makes everyone wary of jump troopers.
  3. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    EC has some interesting existing game ideas they're borrowing and tweaking but I hope crazy stuff like hallucination grenades make it in. If not right away then as a DLC/skill unlock. Hilarious to charge a trench and watching the enemy lose control, and likewise very disturbing to be under that effect knowing someone is coming for you *panic rocking* .
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  4. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    Lemme fix that for you. Seriously, DLC will most likely kill this game (like any game before). Buy some expansions, buy some additional class unlocks, buy some additional race unlocks, but don't hide little pieces of gameplay content behind a paywall.
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  5. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    I'd accept the correction (happily) except for races. New expansion races are purchased according to Miguel a month ago. I'm fine with that. If Tau and Dark Eldar packs keep the studio wealthy and eager to develop that's fine. Profit ain't an evil unless it's profiteering for profits sake. Prophetic.

    Grenades, definitely no pay wall. Unless it's Tau, Nec, DE specific of course.
  6. Slurpeeking Slurpeeking Active Member

    I had a thought somewhere in here someone mentioned suppression. do grenades cause suppression? cause a whole squad of tacs or assaults dropping grenades on you RIGHT before a charge is a very realistic strategy and Miguel keeps saying they want to have a very "real" experience of being a soldier in the 41st millennium.
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  7. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    I really hope so but no word as of yet. It's a good question though. Devastators holding a trench is my number one fear aside from were-sharks. Nicholas was going to look at the Qs but the end of month was coming up so hopefully he gets around to it today. Once he's done prettying up the Eldar founders packs :D

  8. It depends on your definition of suppression. By military definition, suppression or covering fire is anything designed to prevent an enemy military force from advancing/attacking/completing a mission due to psychological programming for self-preservation. That is the definition by NATO Military Command. This can include projectiles, ordnance, and IEDs so in a way, yes grenades do count as a suppressive weapon in large numbers because the enemy would stop to think on whether or not their lives are worth wasting to advance until you run out of ammo or have to reload.

    Real strategy sometimes doesn't work well in video games. What worked in real life may not work in a game because of balancing, glitches, and timing. Throwing a grenade that you see on your screen and watch it explode may not damage an advancing enemy because they are either lagging through the explosion or latency didn't even render the grenade thrown even though you physically saw it. It's what in videogames is typicalyl referred to as bullet lag. A projectile that would/wouldn't have killed you still can(t) because your character is/isn't where you think it is due to latency/lag.

    Trust me, I've seen some really weird shit in Battlefield on the PC where a person who took a tank shell to the chest survived because he lagged through the explosion and by the time he stopped lagging, the explosion was already over. I've also seen grenades that should of killed me do zero damage because the person who threw them was killed almost immediately and the projectile was rendered harmless due to some stupid mechanic requiring the player to still be alive in order for their weapons, regardless of them being live or not to deal damage.
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  9. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    I'd hope that applying the same principles as with the HB would apply. Some consequences that may directly affect your movement, vision and aiming speeds at the very least.

    I know Miguel said you can chain-suppress someone with HBs, but any reasonably explosive weapon or grenade should force the mechanic imo. Just not sustained suppression.
  10. Nicolas Brunoni NicolasBrunoni Lead UI/UX Designer

    At last, here are answers to Lannshor's questions:

    1. Will it be hard targeting with a visible projection, visible ground target indicator, blind throwing (up/down with the crosshair) or some combination of the 3, like GoW3 ?

    - Our first implementation is w/o indicators, so we are blind shooting them for now (as we add more types of grenades we gonna see if we change that system or bring in special systems for certain grenade types)

    2. If there will be projection arcs or ground markers will it require us to hold buttons down for a time to achieve the accuracy or range indicated by the HuD graphics ? i.e If I tap the button will it be less accurate than holding it down for 2-3 seconds.

    - We don't have any markers now so cannot say.

    3. Will Assault units be able to throw them mid-air ? I expect so but it's interesting nonetheless.

    - I think so. If I'm not mistaking we are able to do so right now. You can expect Swooping Hawk to be able to do so for sure :)

    4. Can we customize our grenade fuses ? If so: Will that be more likely a feature of the loadout/gear UI or via manual controls on the field ?

    - I dunno about that - I don't think we gonna allow Grenade Customization or Upgrade.

    5. Supposing we can take multiple grenade types per loadout, can they all be visible on the HuD without tabbing-through them ? i.e 2xFrag, 1xKrak, 1xMelta icons all at once rather than toggling/rotating 1 at a time.

    - Right we only show one grenade/consumable at a time on the HUD and it is because we fear it might become overcrowded - But it is not final, we will readjust based on the needs of the players who use them a lot.

    6. Again presuming multiple grenade loadouts, will they be WYSIWYG on our models for the enemy to see. I really like the idea of a Tactical Chosen with an 8-10 grenade bandoleer, Khorne mark and a Chain Axe. I don't even like Khorne and I still recognize how intimidating that'd look :D

    - I think we will see them on the Character Model, I'm sure that's the plan. In the end, it all depends on how much stuff needs to be there and also how much we can place while staying optimized. To be able to pit 1000 of players against each others we need to make visual sacrifices on each models.

    7. Any ideas of how effective Eldar Haywire, EMP, Plasma grenades and Ork Stunbommz will be ? I know they've been asked after but seem incredibly challenging to balance, Haywires particularly. Is it going to be a period of immobility, a short flash-bang style effect or something else entirely ?

    - The different grenade types are being designed and implemented slowly - we are still tweaking our main Frag and Krak grenades :p Once we have more details I'm gonna post them. Grenades complement the core gameplay elements and since we are still tweaking the core, we need to wait a bit before building on top.

    8. The pre-Alpha footage showed a grenade proximity warning icon on the HUD (looked good), has any thought been given to allowing players to 'attempt' kicking the thrown charge away like in some games ?

    - The first thing we wanted to try was throwing it back but we never took the time to implement it. Kicking as well. So, one day we might finally try it out :p

    9. Are grenades going to be moddable in the same way as weapons ? Can we adjust things like their bounciness/stickiness profile, effective blast range, damage and other affects ? That's a really interesting avenue of customization even if it's a post launch goal.

    - I don't think we plan on modifying/upgrading our grenades. They are consumables, so you buy grenades of a certain type (and there could be several variations of Frag grenades you could buy for example) and slot them in your Loadout. Once you used them up, you need to buy more. Consumables, since you are constantly consuming them, won't be upgradable. You could, though, gain some perks through Advancements that might affect your ability to throw Grenades - not sure if this is designed or planned but it would be more likely that we modify a grenade's behaviour that way.

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