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Thoughts On The Pvp Gameplay Mechanics

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Partisan, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. The problem is that SM's are not going to be an elite class, they're going to be a base class. And you don't want a horribly long timer on someone's main class. Also, I see what you're saying about mechanics but the fact is that one bolter round kills an Ork while it still takes concentrated fire to take down a SM. So free to play players will be frustrated. I don't see a lot of free to play Orkz being around that long. Which means the Ork ranks will be thin after the word gets out that its not a good F2P game.
  2. Whiskey Whiskey Subordinate

    1. I am usually polite in the extreme, however in the face of your uninformed comments I did get a bit carried away. So how about you do some research before you post.

    2. I stand by my comments to you. If you had in fact played PS1 or 2 you would realize that adding NPC's in will do nothing but kill the server, pretty much instantly.

    3. As to your 'solution' they (the devs) have already said there would be a PvE area, the underworld. Again, research.

    Frankly mixing PvE with PvP is a very hard thing to balance, add in all the extra poly's and you make it tough on anyone with anything but FioS and a very top end machine to run. Some times impossible.

    I can pretty much tell at this point you and I are not going to see eye to eye on anything, so I will stop responding to your posts. If you feel like continuing this conversation I highly recommend you PM me as we will not further any of these points in public chat.
  3. Jeros New Member

    Everything in BOLD, reminds me of DOTA or LoL. o_O
  4. I wasn't going to touch this until your PM pissed me off. So now it's time to tear into you.

    I have been following the game as closely as most... I was completely aware that there was going to be PVE Tyranids and the Underworld and such. My points were more oriented on expanding things a little to diversify.

    I didn't play PS1 because I was in Iraq and then busy being an RI after that. But PS2 was hard for me to get into because of my lack of time to commit to a solid team. So, I didn't get into it too much and as a result only saw cookie cutter one size fits all tactics. I can't give an accurate assessment past that. I sincerely hope we don't put off the fresh players in this game in the same manner.

    Have you ever played Space Marine and more importantly the Exterminatus mode? Not hard to get players and a lot of NPC's in an arena. I can understand the whole open world problem... I can foresee players kiting masses of mobs to one location to bog it down and such.

    Furthermore your attitude towards me was unwarranted. Now it is justified as we will never be brothers. I'll keep it clean and end it there.
  5. Shas'o monat Azkaellon Subordinate

    Well, according to someone obviously playing the tabletop and having given me some stats, a marine kills a guard in rather 2 bolter shots (1,5 actually if I well remember). Thus I think orks being naturally tougher than guards, they wouldn't get killed in less than 3 to 4 shots maybe. If devs add a capacity to jump over upto your enemy, as ork boyz can do in Space Marine, for dealing severe damage : I think an ork boy has decent chances to kill a marine, if he attacks him by surprise.
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  6. I'll buy that. I think Ork players are going to have to be more tactical than most people think.
  7. Shas'o monat Azkaellon Subordinate

    Unless the WAAAGH!!! effect gives them some damage mitigation, speed buff and damage buff, which should be the case in my opinion, rendering ork squads able to charge mindlessly on marines, without having too many casualties, before being at melee.
  8. The NPC idea was my dream for a massive mode if they ever did Space Marine 2. Basically, a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of real players and NPC's on a big map. So you would have, say, 90 Gaurdsmen vs 90 Cultists, with 30 Space Marines vs 30 Chaos Marines. You could do that sort of thing in Eternal Crusade, but a reduced player count would be necessary. 1000 players is a lot of network and hardware data, add a 1000 NPC's, and you've got trouble. To be honest, 500 real players plus 500 NPC/F2P players a match (not side) might actually be a better formula, because of the fact that Premium Players are using (at least in the case of the Marines) the galaxies Elite, and its pretty rare to see half a chapter fighting on a battlefield. Then again technically the Marines should be limited to 5000 players tops, but I guess sacrifices must be made for the sake of gameplay...

  9. Two things

    1. PvE is a distraction, it won't be a core gameplay path like in other MMOs. It's a very small part of the game that you do every so often rather than something you can really commit to.

    2. NPC Arena combat, No. Takes away from development resources for not a lot of gain, again taking away people from the core PvP gameplay that the game relies upon. It's a distraction that doesn't benefit other players which is a core concept of these games.
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